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of the RE VEL A T I 0 N. 45 Year,s or thereabouts) (for fo many Years the latter Account, verf. r 2 . adds~ w the former verj. I 1.) is allotted as the Time wherein thofe Things propheGed Chap. 7· of by him to fall out in the Jafl: Ages of the World, lhould,_ e3ch in their order,~ be accomplifh'd, And fo, from the firfl: Period, fhould begm the great turn towards the accomplifhment of them, and the Immediate Preparations thereunto. And in the Interim of that intermediate fpace of Time between 1650, or 56, and 1700 fball follow the orderly performance of thofe Things which are to end and c~nfummate all, before the glorious Kingdom of Chrifl:. As firfl:, the Ruin of Rome, and fo, the end of Antichrifl:'s Reign; and then the defl:rullion of the Turkifh Empire; after which, fball begin that great RelurreClion, even atthatlafl: Period of 1335, falling out about 1700, which is theconlummation of all. Now the Qgefl:ion is, What that Occurrence fbould be, which the firfl: Pe– riod of 1290Years, falling out between r6so, and 1656, cloth point at; as then, either to begin, or to be ended ? Whether it be then that Antichrifl:'s Time, Times, and a half ( wh1ch the Angel bad fpoken of, verJ7.) fhould expire; or what elte it is, that he would have our Eyes efpecially upon in that firfl: Period? It feems unto me, that in the 7th verle of Dan. r 2. the Angel mentions thete two Things as difl:inet, though he names them together.. Firfl:, For Amichrifl:'s Reign, that it {hall he for a T1me, Times, and half a Time. And then be adds this lecond thing alto, as a Note or Sign of the expiring of that his Time ; with which, all thole Things foretold befides, fhould begin to be accomplifh'd, (namely, when he fbaU have accomp/if/)d to Ji'atter the P01ver of the Holy People); as fpeaking of this very lafl: and eminent i<illing 'Of the Witneffes; with which all their fcatterings fbould end, and for ever be accomplifh'd. Then, namely from that Time, fball thele things begin in their order to be finifhed, ( namely, Amlchrifl:'s Ruin, and the Turkifh Empire's Defl:ruCtion, &c.) For thus I un– derfl:and thole words, [and when he fball h•ve accompliflid to Ji'attcr the Power of tbe HolJ People, all theft things fballbe finifh'd J namely, thefe two things there prophefied of, even Antichrifl:'s Ruin, and the Turk's; he mentioning this lafl: Scattering, as the Sign, or the beginning of the finifhing of all. For it is hard to think, that all thefe things fbould together, and exaCtly at one Time, be fi– nifhed. So that, indeed (as it feem• to me) the Angel's Scope in that firfl: Period of I 290Years, (beginning from ']ulian's Time, and ending between 50, and 56) is not fo much to defign out the End of Antichrifl:'s Time, Times, and half a Time ; as it isto point out the firfl: Turn of Things, preparing to the King– dom of Chrifl:, which fball begin from this lafl: Scattering the Holy People, ( whicli is all one with this killing of the Witneffes here). And fo, that fome Time within thefe 45 Years (that are to run out between that Time and the End) fhall be the expiring of that his Time. And the Reafons making me think, that Daniel's firfl: Period of I 2 90 Days, do rather thus refer to the firfl: Turn of Things, towards the Accomplifhment of all, (which is to begin with this Accomplifhment of the Scattering of the Holy People,·or Slaughter of the Witneffes, (and fo, that to be made the eminent Occurrence that does Periodize thefe 1290 Days) are thefe: 1. The Angel's fixing the latter Period of 1335Years for the final End of all. And his leaving 45Years fpace between, doth argue the former to be the Ptm– i:l~tm, that begins that Time allotted for the accomplifhment of thefe Things du– ring that Space. So that, thole, 45 Years are indeed the fpace of Time for the fulfilling thofe great Things ; whereof Antichrifl:·s Ruin is one, and a great One. And fo the ending of thofe 1290 Days, is the beginning of thefe 45 Years, and the expiring of thole 1335Years, is the ending of thefe 45 Years, which bring in the rooo Years of Chrifl:'s Kingdom. For to what end fhould this fpace of 45 :Years be thus let out, and meafured, but as to be made famous by being defigned for the fulfilling of thofe Things, namely, the Ruin of the Pope, and of the Jew's Enemies, the Turks, in the interim of it, whereof Da11iel had there prophefied ? Bb 2. In