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of the R EV EL A T I 0 N. neffe,, here in this Chapter: And alfo upon this their R.di•rretlion. For this is~ placed as the Poll, or Ter111in111 a q11o of r_he Race or Stadium of tho0 4S Years Chap. 7· wherein thole other great Thmgs !hould m the1r order be accomphfhd. ~ And this R.elurretlion and Alcenfion of the Witneffes from under this th<ir Jal} Scattering, (they being now to die no more, as Chril1 did not after he arofe) bearing (as was f.1id) a Shadow and Type of the Relurretlion, and New flea- . vens to come at the Thouland Years; and lo, being a glimple and lcheme of the llleffednefs then ; how fit in this refpeCt, was the Time of this Relurretlion pla– ced at the fir11 Turn of Things, bal1ning to the bringing in•that New World; and made the firl1 P11nt111m, or Moment, beginnimg that 45 Years, whole End 11Jall be the great R.elurretlion, and the Thouland Years of Chrifr's Kingdom. So that (to conclude this) that interim of 4 5 Years, is a Time which begins with a R.elurreCl:ion, and alfo ends with a R.elnrreCtion ; and that, an infinittly more glorious one ; and in the middle courfe of which Time, the greatelt Things are accomplifhed (as Preparations to that Kingdom of Chril1) that ever were done upon the Earth; even the R.uin, both ofthe Pope and the Turk. Yea further, to make the Harmony herein yet more full; This firl1 Period of 1290 Days, endingbetween 165o,and 1656,ismade by thofe who have pitch'J upon it, to be the Time for the Jews firfl: R.ecallmg and Converlion; and lo of the Foundation of the declining of the Turkilh Empire, (as I !hewed before ). And their Reafon is, becaufe tho Angef, m the firfl: Verfc ofthis Chapter, makes mention of this their Call, as one thing to be accomplit11'd allo, (But for this, fee p;,,cb, Bright11~an, and others). And that may be one R.eafon why he pitch– eth on the taking away the Jews daily s,crifice in ]11lian's Time, (as then be– come abominable unto God ) as that emment Mark and Pofl: (as it were) at which he would begin this Account ; even becaulc it was a Paffage that would more conlpicuoufiy occur to the Jews as a Mark, in a way of oppofitenefs, an– lwering that which was to fall out at the ending of this Time. For their letting up the daily Sacrifice in Jltlian's Time, was their lafl: attempt to ereCt their Tem– ple-Worfhip, unto which they ( refufing the unto this day do [o cleave. Which Attempt of theirs, God from Heaven fhewed his Hand againfl:, by an Earthguake,overthrowing the Foundation of the Temple then by them laid ; fo more fully fulfilling that Prophecy ofour Saviour ; for not only above-ground, but even under-ground, was there not lo much as one Stone left upon another. And therefore when he would hold forth unto them the Time when they !hall turn unto the Meifiah; typified om by that Temple and Sacrifice, he reckons from the taking away that their daily Sacrifice, which was made lo remarkable umo them. And becau(e he mentioneth the beginning of a Bleffed Time, ( blefled in its beginning, both unto Jew and Gentile, of both whom the Angel in that 12thof Drmiel cloth !peak, and of the Rum of the Enemies of both) which is to be compleat.ed by the New Jerufolem, as the Accomplifhment of all: Hence therefore this Period may alfo feem to refpeCl: the fidl: Call of the(e Jews, as be– ing that, which is the preparotion unto their Kingdom. And if thele Two lhould then at that Time fall out together, (namely, this famous R.efurreCtion of the European Wimeffes,and the Converfion of the Jews) how would this reconcile all thele Opinions together; and fhew a further reafon why that Period of 1290 Days was lo eminently held forth unto Daniel, '"that which was to be made f.1mous by two lo glorious R.elurreCl:ions of Jews and Gentiles at once; when the Jews long fcattering, and the Witneffcs am01w the Gentiles, their lal1 Scattering l110uld both end together! And how harmo~ious were it, that in one day, as it were, the Foundations of the Ne~v ']emfo!eiJJ to come (which is to be made up of both) fhould be thus laid together, and in a glonous f\.efurreCt10n of them both! For luch IS that Revival which thefe Eu– ropean Wimeffes here have, from this their Death unto Life, and is fo here reckoned. And luch, and no lefs, !hall be the Converfion of the Jews, even no other than (as Pa11l (peaks, Rom. 11. 1 5.) a Rijing .front the Dead. And thus !hould the Preparations to that Rlorious Kingdom confi11ing of both, fall out to· gerher, at the begummgof thefe 45 Years. During which interim and (pace of Time, the Enemies of them both are to be removed out of the World, who only do now fl:and in the way, and hinder the Revealing of Chrifl: and his B b 2 Kingdom,