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t88 <!An ExPOSITION ~Kingdom, as the Roman Empire did the Reveal~ng of Antichrift, that Man of P A KT ll. Sin, and his Kin<>dom. And fo, both thefe Typtcal Refurrelhons are m the end ~ to be fwallowed"up by a more real and more glorious Refurrecrion, which fi1all begin that New Jemfalem and Kingdom of Jefus Chrift. And thus may the Refimection of the European Witnelfes be (as was faid) the Preparation to the compleat pouring out of the fifth Vial in the Ruining of Rome. Even as (on the other fide) the Converfion of the Jews (which is their RcfurreCli.on) is the Preparation to the Ruin of the Turk, which is the fixth Vial. And,that the Jews £hall be called, before the pouring out of the fixth Vigl, (which is faid to make way for the lCings of the Eajl, Chap. 16. that is, for the Jews coming into their own Land) both long fince been the Opi– nion of Mr. Brightman and others. And many alfo do hold, that that Call of theirs, (hall begin 45 Years before the compleat crel1io~ of the~"' Jemfalem. And fo, thofe 45 Years after that firfi Call of them, (ere they can obtain the full polfeflion of their promi(ed King~om) do feem to a?fwer unto thole 45 Years .which they Cpent after their commg out of Egypt, ere they got poiielfwn of their promifed Land of Canaan, (for fo long Time it was e're they were let– led in it, if you take their 40 Years m the Wddernefs, with the Time wherein Joflma fought his Battels, as himfelf expreOy counts it, Jofh. 12. 10.) Which 45 Years do begin at the end of the 1290 Years; and at the beginning of that Time falls out the RiGng of the Witnelfes, (according to the Interpretation for– merly given), And now, to give that other Interpretation of that Claufe, [The [ero11d Wo 1< p<ljl] which follows upon this Refurrection of the Witnelfes here, verf 14. (which I before referved unto thiS Place). [ The fecond Wo 1< pajl (lays the Angel) behold the Third Wo cometh q11ickjy.] May there not in this Palfage be tacitly intimated (as the Calling of the Jews llill ufeth to be in this Book of the Rcvclatio11, which is chiefly written for the Gentiles) the Foundation of the Totrk.,s Ruin, by the Converfion of the Jews; as being that which was now tof.1ll out together with the Refurrecrion of thefe WitnefTes? For the Turkiih Empire being the fecond Wo, or fixth Trumpet, with whofe fundamental declining be– ginneth the Jews Cail, (as Finch and others write of it) ; why then may not the Angel's meaning in that Claufe be, that now, when he had, in his Narra– tion, brought us to the Times of the Riling of the WitnefTes, (contemporary with which, the Jew's Calling is to be, which is the firft Foundation of the Se– cond Wo's declining); then to pronounce this, [The Second Wo 1< pajl, &c.] that is, The Foundation of the Turk's paffing away, and Ruin, is now laid, as is the Ruin of Rome in the RefurreC!ion of the European Witneffes. And furely, then when the Jews are called, the Wo of that Turkiih Tyranny may be reckoned and accounted of as paft ; for that the height and bitternefs of it is paft, (although the Empire it felf may for a while !till ftand); the Wo of it lying in its Let and Hinderance of the Chriftian Religion, which now among the Jews £hall revive in his Territories. Yea, in th~ ftile of the Prophets, and alto of .thiS Book,. when the Foundatto? of ~he Rum of any State firft begins to be hnd, when tts Emp1re and Domm10n 1s paft the Meridian, and once be– gins to decline, it is C1id t~ be pajl, (as you heard before). As when Things begm but to be accomphihd, they are then fa1d to be finifhed. Which was the learned Obfervation of Mr. Mede upon that PafTage in Chap. 14. (which alfo I have inferted in the Expofition of that Place there), when the fecond Angel cried, Baby/on is follen, when yet the firft Vial was but then begun to be poured out, and the open ddcovery of Annchnft made. But becaufe at that Time, his Declenfion and Ruin began, he is t~erefore p~ono.unced as then already fallm, (though agam, afterwards, when h1s Deftrucr1on IS compleated in the Ruin of the City it felf, his Seat, chap. I 8. the fame Phrafe isufed ). Even as in the Pro– phecy of lfaiah, (which Inftance Mr. Medc alfo cloth there bring) when the Medes firft revolted ftom the Babylonifo Monarchy, (which was done at the Time that J,faiah uttered it, he having many Years before prophefied the Ruin of it) ; Yet becaufe that Revolt was the foundation of Rlbet's Ruin, (which was by thofe Medes when revolted from tt, to be effeCted) therefore it is then Caid by the Prophet, (Ifa. 2 t. 9.) B,,bylon is fallen, &c. And fo fay I; The meaning ofthe Angel