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J n ExPo s 1TI oN r~\.&"1 And (it may be, that ) if Ensland, and Scotland, &c. be that tenth Part of P A "T 11. the City, which is to be the eminent Stage of this their Killing and R.ifing again, L.fV""'U as hath been argued ; then this Period will fall upon the hundred Years a![er that former Trial of England. And let me add this, That as upon the Rifing of .Ensland and Scotland, began that Glorious Harvefl: of Bleffed Times, which Lrfl:cd till thefe German Wars began : So in this Revolution of another hundred Years after that Time, (according to the Conjecture held forth ) are like to arife unto the Church, like Times of far greater Bleffednefs (if that hold true, that then thofe 45 Years (before fpokcn of) do begin, which are allotted for the accomplifl1ment of All ). But to put a fl:op unro too much Curiality in thefe Matters; A11 thefc Noti– ons and Conjectures ( though as probable as any of this kind ufually given), 1 give up to further Light, and Cecond Confiderations, knowing that Cuch have often failed, and deceived others. And conlidenng alfo, that m fixmg the Times and Sea[ons for God's grea; Works of Wonder, there is the greatefl: Modefly that may be to be expreffed. For, if. tho[e 70 Years Captivity of the Jews in Baby/on were [o exprefly defigned out by God, and are now long fince expired; and yet when to begin the Account of thofe 70 Years, is not agreed upon by the learned'fl: Chronologers unto this day : How much more difficult then mult it needs be, to pitch the certain Time of any Period, before the accomplifhmem of it? But however, let an indefinite Warning, that thefe Things are approaching, and we within the reach of them, fuffice, for to move us to prepare for them; which is the only u[e of knowiug them. It may be l:1id of the Time of the[c Things, as it is faid of the Day of Death, Latet hie Diu, ut obfervetur onmit Dies; The Day and Year of the Accomplifhment of thefe great Matters are hid from us, that [o each Day and Year we may be found ready; when-ever they fl1all come upon us, (as in this Age wherein we live, they are likely to do ). And although we may think this di[mal and black Hour of Temptation not like– ly to come fo foon, ( feeing the Clouds rife not fall: enough fo fuddenly to o're– cafl: the Face of the Sky with Darknefs); yet we are to confider, that we live now in the Extremity of Times, when Motions and Alterations being fo near the Centre, become quicke!t and Cpeediefl:; and we are at the Verge, and as it were, within the Whirle of that great Myfiery of Chri!t's Kingdom, which will, as a Gulph, Cwallqw up all Time; and Co, the nearer we are unto it, the greater and more fuddain Changes will Chrifl: make, now hallning to make a full end of All. And for the Jew's Call, which is conjuntl: with this Killing and Riling of the Witneffes : As it depends not upon ordinary Means to effect it, fo there are like to be no Preparations at all unto it, umil it comes, (as there are not for Things extraordinary ) ; but a Nation fhaU bring forth in a Day, (as the Prophet !peaks). And Co, in the very Year before it, there will be no more outward Appearances, or Probabilities of it, than there are now, or than there have been many hundred Years lince. ·And therefore our Faith need not be put off from this, by the feeing as yet no Stirrings or Motions at all unto it, or towards it. And the Truth is, both the Killing and Riling of the Witneffes, and alfo the Calhng of the Jews, may fall out fooner than we are aware o£ F I :A( I S,