Goodwin - BX9315 G6 v2

of tbe RE VEL A T I 0 N. Angel here, is, to pronounce the Second Wo, or the fixth Trumpet, or (which (;t;"'-'~ is all one) the Turkifh Empire to be now paO:, then when the Revolt of the ~ Jews, in their Converfion unto CbnO:, cloth firO: begm. Tins their Revolt being the Foundation or Preparation unto the palling away of thiS fecond _Wo; and that, moO: truly, in the ll:ile of the Prophets, 111 that It now begms to pals, &c. And fo the Angel goes on, to give warning unto us of the Third Wo's approach; adding, [The Third cometh quic41y J that is, the feventh Trum' pet, or the Ne!v]emfalem and Kmgdom of ChnO:. - And both the endmg of the BeaO:"s Reign now fhortly follows, togetherwith the Rum of 1i!_me, (the f oundation of, and preparation unto which Rum, IS lmd 111 the R.efutrcLbon of the Witnelfes) ; and alfo the fixth Vial, or the breaking in pieces the Turkifh Empire, is after that to follow; the Preparation unto wb1ch, rs the Callmg of the Jews. And thus this 1Ith Chapter of the Reve/uti011, does mcleed become a compleat Comment on that 12th Chapter of Dame/, and makes mention of all thofe Things that are therein mentioned, as was at firO: obfervcd. Add unto all this, this fmall Obfervation. I obferved before, That God did ufe_to fulfil Prophecies, and the Computa– tions of them, over and over, in feveral degrees of Accomplifhmcnt. For In" fiances whereof, I gavethisofthe 1290 Days in D"niel; and this alfo of thefe_ 1260 Years of AntichriO:'s Reign: as in like manner thofe"three Years and a half of the Witnelfes Killing, and then their !:tiling again ; whereof _tome gradual Accomplifhments are already paO:, at feveral Times in Em·ope, within the R.evo– lution of the Century of Years laO: paft : And yet, I have withal proved, that another far greater Slaughter of them is yet to come. Now it may be, thit the Obfervation of the Revolution ofTime in the hundred Years la(l: paft, in which the former Killings of tl1e Witnelfes did fall out, may indigitate, and put fome note upon the Time when this great and la(l: Slaughter in the R.evolution of this Century of Years now running on ( fince 16oo) may fall out. That is, As thole partial and fmaller Killings of particular Witnef!es, fell out in Anno 1547, (as did that in Germany, which ended in 1 550) and in 15 56, (as did that in Engla11d, in the Days of QQ_een Mary); So accordingly about the Time of the Revolution of the fame term of 100 Years, now running on in this next Age after that, the Time of this!aft Killing of the Witnelfes may alfo be. I have long fince obferved it, (though not fir(l: to this particular purpofe ), That the Revolution of 100 Years bath produced ( efpecially in thcfe latter Days) new Motions and Altemions in the Church, like unto thofc that ftll out 100 Years before. To this purpofe that of John HM is remarkable, who filf– fering Martyrdom at a Stake, A1111o 1417, or thereabouts, pojl centum Am10s,&c. After an hundred Years (lays he) you PapiO:s !hall be called to an Account. (A Speech [o memorable among the Bo!Jemidns, that they O:amp'cl it-upon their Coins). And accordingly 100 Years after, Am1o 1517, did Dtther ~rife, and with him, the Gofpel in Germany. And then again, if we defcend to the Revo– lution of the next 100 Years, we !hall find (and our Eyes have fecn it) tbat 100 Years after L11tber, about the Year 16r8, began thofe notable Changes and Alterations in Germany, which frill go on unto this Day. From which Year 16 t8, I reckon, that the War of the Bea(l: again({ the Witnef!es, and the Gen– tiles treading down the Outward Court, did begin; and fhall O:ill go on till It end in this great Slaughter of thofe Witnelfes there. And this hap'ned in an oppofite correfpondency to what fell out 1 oo Years before. For as An. 1 517, began Luther's Preaching, and the workings towards that Keformation that fol– lowed: So in Anno 16r8, began the like workings towards the Deformation of th7 Gofpel (as I may [o call it), which hath gone on with as firange a Hand a– gamO: the Church, as that other was carried on with, by God, for the Church, And to thefe I could add many other InO:ances. So that, I confers, that I am iri like manner fufpicious of the R.evolution of roo Ycars from thofe former (men– tioned) Killings of the Witnelfes in the Century laO: palt; IeO: about the bun" dr~dth Year from then~e, fhould be the Time of this other great and laO: killing of them, (as yet to come, and whereof thof~ were but gradual Fore-runners), And