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···•;to-_. ··. ·;· 14 dn ExPoSITION ------------~------------~------------- ~ good Scribe is faid to bring forth of his Trea.fore, New Things and Old : So in ~~ Tbankfgiving, we are to fing the Old Song, and the New. The Matter of the Song, is Praife to the Lamb : where we have ; Firft; The Perfon praifed, the Lamb [ Tho11 art worthy J fpoken, in anfwer to the Proclamation afore made ; Who is worthy! ThoH, and Thou alone : for by him, and for him, are allt/Jings, Col. I. 16. Secondly; The things for which they praife him: As, I. For his Death, that he died to redeem thent. 2 . For his Re.forretJion, intimated in this, Thfll [wal1] flain; the one ma– king us Priefls, the other Kings; as follows, Rev. 5· 10. And to this end Chrijl died and ioft, that he might be Lord and 1\jng, Rom. 14. 9· The word here, which is tranilated [Redeemed], is liy0e.9'"'" [b011ght] in the Original. For tto" waft flain, and haft redeemed 1# to God by thy Blood, out of every l\j11dred, a11d l'eople, and Tong11e, and Nation]. Rev.5·9· From hence obferve: Obfcrv. I. I. That the Blood of Chrifr was paid as a Price to God, for the purchafing of our Redemption. So 1 Cor. 6. 20. [bought with a Price]. And in . 1 Tim. 2. 6. it is called a Ranfom. Obferv. 2. 2. Yet Chrift hath not redeemed all Men : for it is not [ eveT) Nation and People], but [ o11t] of every Nation the Elect only. Obftrv. 3· VcrJ ro. 3· In that they f:1y, Chrift is worthy to receive the Book._, becaufe he wtU flain:; it argues, this Book of the Revelation, is a fpecial Fruit of his Death, ·and fo fhould be the more prized by us. BeforeChrifr's Death, we have his own Word for it, that he knew not when the Day of Judgment fhould be : But now, fince he was flai11, he dotb, for he is pronounced worthy to take the Book, and to open the Seals thereof, VerJ 9· .Ad hajlmade w, unto our God, Kings and Priefts, and we fha/l 1'eig11 on tf:e Ea,.th]. Chrift was before fet forth as a Lion, for a King, Co as a Lamb, for a <J>,.ieft. And both were mentioned, to !hew the Ground of our being both Kings and Priefts, [We fbaU reig11 on Earth]. From hence obferve ; I. That this comforted the Saints of Old, even the confideration of Chrift's Kingdom on Earth: And ~ow peremptory are they! [We fba/1 reign]. They mention that, becaufe that 1s the end and fcope of the Revelatzon, and the con– clufion of this Book, when the Seals are off, and the Contents of the Book ac– compli!h'd ; and therefore they have that in their Eye. And feeing Chrifr un– dertakes the accomplifhment of all, (whereof this is the Hlue) they are con– firmed in the Faith of it. 2. That this Kingdom of Chrift on Earth to come, is a far more glorious con– dition for the Saints, than what their Souls have now in Heaven : for thefe here ovcr·look that Condition which yet they were to run through ; and their Thoughts fly to this for ·comfort, [We fhaU reign on Earth]. VcrJ I r. In the uthVerfe comes in the other Company of Angels, and their Song: Who, r. For their Number, are ten thoufand times ten thoufand, and thortfmds of thou– fond,: So likewife, Dan. 7· ro. where the fame Throne and Kingdom of Chrifl: is prophefied of, there is the fame Number of his Guard of Angels mentioned ; .A fiery jll'eam ijfited and came forth from before him : thoufand thou:fmdf minijlred ~mto him, tmd ten thottfond times ten thoufond fldod before him: the Judgment WtH fit, and the Bookf 2vere opened. Obferve from hence, that God bath another World of R.ational Creatures which we fee not. And what a Story then will the latter Day produce ! And what need we fear, when there is fo many for os,