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of the RE VEL A T I 0 N. us, (as E!ij!J., Gid to his Servant, 2 King. 6. 16.) for they are all olir Guordians ~ tOO. ~ 2 • For their Station; They are behind the Elders, yet round about the Throne, having nll in a Ring as it were. Thefe are the Guard of the Q\leen of Heaven, the Lamb's Wife, the Church. SoPfal. 34· 7. T/Je .Ant/Is of the Lord encompafi' 1 ·o 1 md dboutthem that fear him. And Heb. 1. 11/t. tt ts fatd, They arc fent out to minijltr for the good of the Saints. The Song f(,llows in the next Verfe, IVorthy is the Lamb that was jlain, to re· Vi>f. 12 • uive Power, &c.] Here obferve: 1. That Chrill, though he were worthy by Inheritance, yet he was ;orthyby PurchcifC alfo; fo the words [that was flain J do imply. 2. As he bath feven Horns, and !even Eyes, fo he hath a feven-fold praiie. 3· To exprefs their fhong defires to give him fufficient Praifes, and (uch as were due unto him; they heap up many good things, of which they pronounce him !VOrthy. 4· None is worthy to be the King ofall the World,but only Jefus Chrifl:. And indeed it were too much for any Creature. The Angels themfelves were top– heavy of theit· Glory, which made them reel out of Heaven; but Chrifl: hath the Godhead to poife him. No Beafl: is naturally a King of Beafl:s, but the Lion, ( f<>ys the Philofopher ); neither is any worthy to be King of all Creatures, but this Lion of the Tribe of ']udah. The Things they attribute to him, are, r. P01ver; that is, Authority over All. So C1ys Chri£1:, 'John 17. 2. To me aU Power n given. 2. Rides ; that is, po!feffion of all Creatures; AU things are Chrijl's, and t;, Oltrs, 2 Cor. 8. 9· Riches of Glory, Know!edg, all are his. ' ' 3· Strength, joined to his Authority. He is able to work any thing; not as other King•,who though they have Authority, have yet no more perfonal fl:rength than other Men ; but Chrifl: bath !even Horns too. 4· Wifdom; and this as large as his Power and Dominions. He knows all that God means to do; and fees all with his own Eyes, not with other Mens, as other Kings do. 5· Honour; that refpeCl:s what all Creatures bring in to him. They all adore, and bow the Knee to him, Phi!. 2. ro. 6. Glory; both in his Perfonal Excellencies, and olfo what his Father gives him : He fits at God's right Hand, and governs with him; and in his Perfon, is thebrigl,tr.cft of his Father's Glory; and efpecially fhall be made manire£1: when he 01all come to judg the World. 7· Blcj}ing; which refpeCl:s that Glory, which for hisfpecial goodnefs to them, his Saims do give him. Others (yea even the Devils) do give honour to Chri£1:, but not Bldftng: That the Saints only give; for that refpeCl:s in God the com– munication of Goodnefs. They onlyblefs him, whom he ble!feth fir£1:. Take notice therefore, that Chri£1: bath all defirable Excellencies in him ; Power, Riches, Wildom, Strength, Honour, Glory, and Blef!ing. .And every Creature]. Every Creature in its kind fhall worfhip Chri£1:, Phi/. Verj 1o. 2. 10, 1 r. Every Creature comes in here, bccaufe when Chrii\'s Kingdom is ~ fet