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Jn ExPOSITION ~ pretation of that Chapter). And withal, there is a Signal given, of fuch emi– p A K T I. nent Occurrences befalling the Church, as fhould be moll: proper and fuitable LIV'-J Signs of the dawning of Chrifl:'s Kingdom fhort!y after to follow ; and lo, of the ending of the Time of both Prophecies. That as the Old Hiemfalem before it was defl:royed, had Signs given of its defl:ruetion imminent; So bath the New Hiemfalem alto, before it is reared. Now that thefe Pa!L1ges in the I Ilh Chapter do belong thus unto both Pro– phecies, appears; I. In that be [peaks of Matters contained, and afterwards mentioned in the Book-Prophecy, chap. I3, and I6. as likewife of Matters mentioned in the Seal-Prophecy; namely,ofthe ending of the found ofthe fixth Trumpet; which is declared in verf I 6th of that I uhChapter, and called, the paj]i>~g away ofthe [ec011d Woe. . . . And, 2. the Angel therein menttons bow and when the exptrattons of the Times of both Prophecies do meet in the fixth Trumpet of the Seal-Prophecy, ending about tbe time of the date of the Beafl: in the Book-Prophecy. And thus to infert a Chronological Table (as it were) between both Prophecies, ferving them both, and knitting together the Times of both, in one Period ; how agreeable is it to the way ofHill:orians, who when they run over much Time, and leveral Matter>, ute to affix a Table of Times unto that their Hillory; and fo doth our Hill:orical Prophet John in that I rth Chapter. The third General Propofition, or Head, !hall be an enquiry into what is tbe Matter or Argument prophefied of in this whole Book: as allo (more particu– larly) what are the differing Subjells of the{e two foveral Prophecies, the Seal, . and Book.:;Propf,ecy. I !hall unfold and clear this by teverall'ceps and degrees, in thele Propofitions following. r. It is certain, thatthe Snbjell of both Prophecies are the Fates and Defli– nies of the Kingdoms of the World, which fhould be after Chrifl:'s Alcenfion, until he take the Kingdom to himtel£ Therefore at the end or conclufion of the Seal and Trumpet- Prophecy, there is an acclamation that the Kingdoms of the World were then become Jefus Chrif\'s, (chap. IJ. IS.) as having all that while before been under other Monarchs Hands, and of which the former part of the Prophecy had tpoken all along. And therefore he fays, Time foaU be uo lon– ger; that is, for the Kingdoms of the World, (that is, not for their Worldly Kingdoms) unto which he oppofeth that of Chril'c's. And therefore the Book– Prophecy alto, which begins chop. I 2. when it came to be firfi given, chap. IO, verj.laft, hath this Prologue or Pre£1ce unto it, Th01t nmft proph~(ie again before King' ond Natio>Ji, &e. [before Kings J; that is, about Kings, (as the Stile of the Prophet is) ; and that word [again J implies his having prophefied about them before, in the Seal-Prophecy, although other Occurrences in them, and alto his being to do it again in this other Prophecy following, in new Oecurrenc<s that concerned the Church. ' The fecond Propofition is, That the whole Prophecy concerns only fueh I< in~doms or Monarchies of the Gentiles, as had to do with the Church of Chrill:. For, I. At the beginning of both Prophecies, the Church is made the Stage or Scene upon which all is alled; and fo the Prophecies extend to no other King-, doms than where the Church hath been. And this you may obferve through– out both of'them; as in the fifth Seal, ch<~p. 6. you h,we bleffed Martyrs then calling for Vengeance for their Blood; and under the Trumpets, (which are Miferies upon Kingdoms) there are Men lealed, as being Servants of God, tcat– tered and mingled amongflthole Nations, upon whom thofe Trumpets blow. And the like may be obferved in the following Chapter. So that they extend Lut to fuch Kingdoms or Monarchies in the World, where the Church in all Ages