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of tbeREVELATION. :n Chrifi's Enemies, and fo of their R.ule ; and together with them, of all their ~ Tim~ ~~ And, 3· the fame things are fJid to be done in the pouring out the feventh Vial, (which is the lafi of Plagues) that are prefented to be done at the found– ingo~ the fevemh Trumpet, (whtch IS the lafi of Woes) : Thus at the foundtng of the 7th Trumpet, chap. rI.Io. there are foid to beLightni11gs, Voices,Thunder– illgs, Earth·qna}.ss, a11d a great H<til: And fo hkew1fe upon the pounng forth of the lafi Vial, chap. I6. I8. there were Voices, a11d Thunderings, and Ligfitni11gs, a11d "" Earthqn"}.s, jilch as never were on Eartb before; and fo grettt an Hail, that every Stone weighed aTalent. But you will fay, If there be an end of all when Chrifi's Kingdom comes, ObjetJ, then what do the 17, r8, and I9 Chapters contoin? and to what Time will you refer them ? feeing the Defcription of the Kingdom of Chrift begins but at the 2oth Chapter, and fo on. The Anfwer (in general) is, That they contain a larger Explication or Vifi- .Anfwer. on of fome eminent thing< that f.1ll out under the Ttme of fome of thefe Vials. And therefore, the Iith Chapter begins thus, [--One of the fivw .Angelr wbich had tbe fevw Vials, tal}.sd with me, and Jhewecl me, &c.] as implying that what follows belonged to their Times. But more particular! y ; I .. The 17th Chapter contains an Interpretation of what was fpoken concern– ing the Beafi in ch•p. I3. and fhows who that Beaft IS. And as in the Prophe– cy of Da11iel, the manner of the Holy Ghoft was to interpret the Vifions there made; fo here. And of the Whore carried by the Beaft, he f.1ys plainly, by way of Explication, ( verf I8.) it is that Great City that reigneth over the Kings of the Earth, namely Rome. And it was neceflary that the Holy Ghofl: !hould give an Interpretation of Come things in this Book; and of this efpeci– ally, as being that which gives light to all the refi; which therefore firly comes in after all. 2. The I8th Chapter, and the 19th, to the nth Verfc, doth contain a more Poetical Defcription of the ri'lining of that City, the Scat of this lafi Monar– chy, and therefore is but a more copious Explication of the 5th Vial, (which, chap. 16. 10. is i:1id to be poured out upon the Seat of the Beafi ). Together with a triumphing Song of the Church's concerning thole Times, lung at the Whore's Funeral, and for the approaching Marriage of the Lamb. Aod this, dJap. I 9· to vc•f. II . 0 . From thence to the 2ot1J·Cha!'ter, is a more full dcfcription of that lafi War of the Beaft, anq all the Kings of the Earth, and their overthrow by Chrift: which is therefore all one with the lafi Vial, and the preparation there– unto; as none that !hall read from the I 3thVerfe of the I 6th Chapter, unto the end, and compare it with chap. I9. from verf I r. to the end, will be able to de– ny. For fo it pleafed the Holy Ghoft, towards the latter end of this Prophecy, to give a more full explanation of the two more eminent Vials, and the Times ·of them ; after ke 1\ad firft (for method's fake) briefly fet them together, with the refi, in their order: as in like manner, afrer he had compencliouily fct to· gether in one Chapter, ( ch"P· 20.) the Reign of Cl1!'ifi during a thoutand Ycars, and the Univerfal Judgment that follows, he yet fpends the 2I Chapter in a more copious and magnificent Oefcription of the fiate of the New Hiemfo– lem, and that Kingdom of Clu·ifi during thofe thoufand Years. But then you will fay, Unto what will you refer the I rth Chapter, fromObjeci. verJ I, to verf I 5· which is placed, as it were, between both Prophecies? I Anfwcr (as before); All that Difcourfe delivered by Word of Chrifl:'s .Atjirer.– Mouth, between the Seal, and the Book-Prophecy, doth belong unto both; as containing an exaCt Chonology of that lafi Period of the Time of the World's Monarchies : By means of which, we may eafuy compute, bow much that whole Time isthat both the Prophecies do run over, (as fhall be !hewed in the loterpretauoo