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of the R E V EL A T I 0 N. (,~hen Arrian) therefore at the Prayers of the Martyrs flain (mentioned chap.~ 6. I I.) and in vengeance of their Blood (chap.8. 4). he further proceeds to ,A-b ruin rhe Civil Imperial Power of the Emp1re It fe!t, by the Trumpets in the Chap. 8. 8th and 91h Chapters. And the Emp1re then becommg d!VJded Into· two (!arts, 1 the E 3 f\ern and Wef\ern Empire, (as they were commonly called) fir fl: he ruins the Imperial·Wefl:ern State and Power in E11rope, by the four firfl: Trumpets, the Wars of the Goths by fuur fevetal fl:eps, in the 8tb Chapter; and then the Imperial Eafl:ern Srare (which .flood after the other) and this by two degrees ; Cl . firfl:, by the Saracens, then by th'e Tutkf, (and thefc two are the fifth at~d. fixth >dp. 9· Trumpet) which twopoffefsall that Eafl:ern Part unto thtsday; and th~s-IS the Contents of the 9th Chapter only, before thefe Trumpets brmg thefe Evils upon the Empire ; he leals up a Company of 144000 Chriftians in the Eafl:ern Part' (as chap. 7· ·verf 2.) to be preferved and continued in the true profeflion of his Chap. 1 . Name, under thefe two fdrefl: and longefl: (and there called the Woe, Woe) Trumpets, which were to fall upon the Eafl:ern Part of the Empire, in which thefe Servants of his there {ealed were to be; as appears by chap. 9· 4< And this their {ealing is rhe fum of the feventh Chapter. Now then that old Roman Empire, as under thofc Emperors, ·being thus in both p.nrs of it removed ; yet fl:ill, as that Eafl:ern part of it is left poffeffed by the Turks, chap. 9· fo this Wefl:ern part of it, in Europe, being by the Goths broken into ten Kingdoms, they all confemed to give their Power to the Beaft, Chap. I 3. the Pope, who fo becomes a Succeffor to the Wefl:ern Emperors, and poffefTeth their Seat and Power, (though under another Title) and fo heals that wound given to the Roman Mon>tchy, and refl:ores it. And this Beafl:, the qthChapter defcribes, and gtves the Vtl!on of hts R.1fe, Power, and Ttme of hts R.e1gn; which the 17th Chapter cloth expound and interpret. . Chap. 17: Under whofe Antichrifl:ian Tyranny (as great as that of the Turks themfelves towards Chrifl:iaos) Chrifl: yet preferveth another·like Company, of one hundred forty and jour thoufond Virgins (who are in like manner fealed} Cbrifl:ians, in Chap i 4 · the Wefl: (as under the Tyranny of the Turks and Sarocens he had done the · ' like in the Eafl:, chap. 7.) himfelf fo keeping poflclf~n fl:ill, by preferving his Church under both thefe Parts of the Empire, as bemg his Inheritance. And this Company of I 44000 Chrifiians, oppofite to the Whore, are there called Virgins; and their fcparation from her, and oppofition to her, is recorded in chap. 14. But now, thefe two, the Pope and Turk (both Enemies to Chrifl:) thus fitc– ceeding in the Entpire; and fharing the two parts of it between them; we fee that JcfiiS Chrifl: is fiill as far off from his Kingdom del!gned him (which is ro be let up in thefe Territories) as he was before; for Mahumeranifm, under the Turk, tyrannifeth in the one; and Idolatry, under the Pof!e, over-fpreads the other; even as Hearhenifm had done over the whole at firfl:. And (d Chrifi hath a new Bufinef$ of it yet, to come unto his Kingdom, and as difficult as ever. Therefore he bath (even Vials, which contain the lafl: Piagues (for he means to make this the lafl: Act of this long Trage·comedy) to difpatch the Pope and the Turk, and wholly root them out, even os rhe Seals had done Heathenifm, Gh I 5 ItJ· ond the Trumpets hod done the Civil Power of the Empire: And the Plagues . · ' • of there Vials, are the Contents of the I 51b and 16thChapters. The firfl: five Vials do diffolve, ond by degrees ruin the Pope's Power in the Weft; then the fixth Vial breaks the Power of the Turk in rhe Eafl:; fo mak– ing way for the Jews ( whorri he means to bring into the fellowfhip of his Kingdom, in their own L~nd) there called the Kin$s of the Eafi. . But by thefe fix Vtals; thetr Power and Kmgdom bemg not wholly ruined, both the Turkifh and Pof'ifh Party do,together join, ufing their utmofl: Forces (and together wirh them, all oppoGte King• of the whole World) againfl: the Chrifl:ians, both of the Eafl: and Wefl, (who when the Jews are,come in, and converted, do make up a mighty Party in the World); unto the help of· whom, againfl: thDfe and aU oppofite Power whatfocver, Chrift himfelf comes, ~ ~ and