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i I 11' Jn ExPosiTION ~andmakes but one Work of it, \Vith his own Hand from Heaven deflroying ~them. And fo it is done, as the Voice of the lafl Vial is, in the 16th Chapter. Chap. 17. The t~th Chapter is an Interpretation concerning the 'Beaft, fi1ewing who he is-, and where his Seat is. Chap. 18. (hap. '9· The t8th Chapter fings a Funeral Song of Triumph for the Who~e:s Ruin, (which is the fifth Vial) after which comes in Chri[t's Kingdom, the New Hie– mfrlem, and the preparations to it. Which New Kingdom of his !hall be made up, 1. Of Eallern Chrillions, (who endured the Bondage of the twoWoe-Trum– pets, the Saracens and the Turks) yet continuing to profds his Name. And therefore u11to thofe 144000 in the feventh Chapter, is faid to fi.tcceed an innu– merable Company, with Palmr in their .Handr, who have the Gm1e very Pro– mifes of the New Hiemfa/emmade to them,that are mentioned in the 21jl Chap– ter, which [hews their lnterell therein. 1\'nd, 2. it is made up of Wefiern Chriflians, whofe 144000 in chap. 14. do arife to an innumerable Company alfo; who therefore after the rejection of the Whore, Chap. •9· from ver( r, to 9, are brought in finging in like triumphant manner, decking themfelve• for the M•rriage, in fine Linnen. But, 3· and efpecially, it is alfo to be made up of Jews dilperfed both Eaf\: and WeCl, and over all the World : and from them bath this Kingdom the Name of the New Hiemfolem. With whom, 4· come in (as Attendants of their Joy) other Gentile~ too, who never had received Chrifl before. The Glory of the Gentiler it foid to be brought Into it. · And fo both Eafl and Weft, Jew and Gentile, and the fulnefs of both, do come in, and become one Fold under one Shepherd for a thoufand Years, and one Kingdom under this Root of David their King, [King ]efJH the Conqueror] even as it firfi was under one Heathen Idolatrous Emperor, when Chrifi had firfl: . ftt to conquer it. And fo that Prophecy of this his I).ingdom, In lfo. 59· 19. is fulfilled ; where, after tpe final deflruCtion of all Chri[\'s Enemies, foretold verf 18. he fays, They jhaA fear hir Name, [from the E•JI unto the Wqt] and the Redeemer jha/1 come unto Sion : which words P••l interprets of the Jews final Call, and this ReClamation of the World with them; 7f.!!111. I I. J6. Even fo, Lord 'jefJH, come q•ic"JJ. '•· CHAP.