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of the ll E V E L A T I 0 N. 39 o. For their Glory; it is expreffed by White Rob~, given them. . . '""'-A.r1 Which is, L a Sign or Badg of HeaVenly .Glory;. fo chap. 3· ~ They jha/1 ~ wal}z with me m Wh1te. So Chl"lft; when he gave a lhme of the Glory of h 1 s Kingdom, he cnufed his Garments to look as white as any fuller could make them. . 2 • 1t denotes joy. In Triumphs they Were wont to wear White Robes, as a Token of Gladnefs; Let thy GarmenH b~ always White. . , 3· Robes were Worn only by Noble Perrortages; Melier ftolaia was ditfe~ renced from togata, as calling for a more fpecial Honour. Thus Mordec•i was apparcll'd in the Royal Robes, Efth: 6. I x. . . . , . . . . • . Thts gtvmg them White Robes, tS an allu!ion to the brmgmg the Pnefls firfl: into the Temple, when their thirty Years were expired; they clothed them iri White. Objirv. x. ln that this Perfecution was the ia!l: and gr~ate!l: of ali, take notice that it is God's manner to bring forefl: Trials jufl: before deliverance. So td Davidat Zigl<~g, a few hours before he was proclaimed King. In chap. J i. there is a Perfecution and War of Amichrifl: yet to come, for the[pace of three Years :md an half, when for ever the Witneffes !hall call: otf their Sackcloth. I fear itl for 'tis the lafl. Obferv. 1. That though great Punillimerits had befaiien the Einpire by thole three Horfes; yet this is not Vengeance enough for Martyrs Blood, which no– thing will flack but the ruin of that Kingdom and State which ilied it; this Pu– niOtment therefore is brought in after all the other. So .:Manajfe', blood·fhed nothing would pacify, but the Captivity and Ruin ofthat State; Objirv. 3· That in a Bufinefs wherein rrtany Ages have an inter'efr, the Saints iri the lafl Age foregoing, do put up their Prayers in the flrength of all Prayers and Crys of Blood preceding. So do thefe theirs, in the name of all fore– going Martyrs : How long ! &c. That as in a Generation of Wicked Men, the lafl of them do inherit the Sins and Punilliments of all their fore-fathers; fo do a Generation of Godly Men go forth again!l: their Perfecutors in tlie !l:tength of all their Fore-fathers Prayers, and Bloodilied. How comfortably therefore may we pray againfl:· Rome and Spain, and the Abettors of them, the Billiops; who all have even wallowed in the Blood of the Saints, and againfl: whom we have the Prayers of all Ages to join their Forces to ours for the more fure pre" vailing ; and we may Juflly cry in the fl:rength of them, How lo11g ! &c. I liave feen many Cords fo linked together upon a Pully, and with fuch an Artifice! that a Child might draw up a mighty Weight, for he pulled irt the !l:rerigth of all the Cords. So here, though we be weak, yet praying in the !l:rength of all the Saints Prayers, and of their Blood, we mull: needs be heard. . It is but a lit" tle re!l:ing, till our Brethren (it may be our !elves ) the Witneffes, are killed; and then down goes Rome, and the Hierarchy with it. In this refpelt it is good living in the lafl: Agesof the World, for we drive :t Trade with all our Fore• father's Stock. Objirv. 4· That the Power of Perfecutors !l:ands no iongei', than tili they have finillied the great Work of perfecuting the Saints. The Empire fiood fd long as it did, mainly for thisend; and therefore this Reafon is here given. Thus Hab. I. 12. Thou haft ordained them for Judgment, (on themfelves) and efta– blifhed them for Corretiion (of thine). We think much that they iliould have fo great Power; why, they have it w thisend, to perfecute, Obflrv. 5: That the Souls themlelves are here faid to cry, and not their Blood only: A wicked Man being murthered, his Blood calls for Vengeance; but not only- the Blood of a Godly Man, but his Soul alfo calls and crys for Vengeance 5 which cry mull: therefore needs come up with much clamour in the Ears of the Lord of Ho!l:s. Think you that he will not avenge his Elect ! Yes, he will do it fpeedily. And from hence raife up your Thoughts higher, that if .Abel's Blod<l hat!!