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Jn ExPOSITION r~ hath a force in its cry, and his· Soul that flilllives, a greater force; then how ~much more hath Chrifl's Blood, and how much more yet bath Chri!l: himlelf, who liveth to make imerceffion for us. Thus the Scripture rif'eth in expreffing the efficacy of the lntcrceffion of Jef'us Chri!l: for us. Ohfc,.v. 6. That the Souls in Heaven, following their Intere!l:s on Earth, they prolecute the revenging of their Blood. There is the fame reaf'on for other lntcrefh; as for F'riends, for Children, for Bufineffes, and the like; which having prayed for on Earth, they llill do prolecute them in Heaven. Obf 7· That the Souls in Paradife know the reaf'on of God's Dif'penf'ations, and his Counlels, whtch are CattsfaClory to them. God here opens his utmo!l: Reaion, why the Emptre was as yet to !l:and; and that was, to kill a few more Martyrs. They are guided by a Spirit of Prophecy as Chri!l: is, they being Pro· phets as well as Priells. Obf. 8. That in all Difpenf'ations, if we knew what reaf'on God hath for them, we G10uld reil: So the Souls do in this !l:anding of the Empire. Let our Faith apprehend that God bath a Reafon for what he does, otherwif'e we !hould have no Perltcmions. Obf 9· That Saints that were not yet born, are called their 'Brethrm, as be-– ing luch in God's EleiJion; this Perlecution came not till forty Years after : So Chri(\ calls all his People 'Brethren, God having given them unto him before all Worlds. He knows pcrfe(}ly who are his, and their Number in all Ages, and chole not Q,~alifications, but Perlons: So fays Chrifl, I have Sheep whicb are not of tbi1 Fold. Labour we therefore to love the Jews, as thoie who are to be cal– led ; and theSaints departed, as thof'e who are our Brethren. Obf to. That Martyrdom is a perfeiJion; it is f'aid, till they are foljilled ["'"'P"-'"'il"' J; fo Chri!l: calls his Suffering: I will watch to day and to morrow ; and thm ( f'ays he) I jba/1 be perft&ed. If thou hall: all Holinefi, and wante!l: this Coronit, thou art not fo perfel.l: as Martyrs for Chri!l: are. Obf I 1. That Saints departed do ptefently enter into Blifi. They fleep not, but have wbite Robes given them, as the Priefis had when they were fir!l: brought intO the Temple. Thefe have the like when .they are brought, as Priefls, into the Inner Temple of Heaven. And their Robes ofGlory nre new ones, which they had not before ,; fortheyare given ,themanew. Glory cloaths them, till they and their Bodies meet again ; ansl thef'e are called Robes, as reaching from Head to F'oot; they are all over ~appy and glorious. Obf I 2. They reckon us F~llow-fervants and Brethren, though we be finful; and do hold a Commumon wtth us. Let us do the hke towarcfs our weak Bre– thren, and efleem them fuch notwith!l:anding their Infirmities, and although we be holier. There is a greater di!l:ance between us and thefe Saints in Heaven, in relpeiJ of purity, than can be fuppofed between us, and the meane!l: Saint here below. Obf 13. That the Cauf'e for which, they are reckoned Martyrs, is for the Word of God, and their Tejlimony to it. So that if it be for any Truth in the Word, though never fo fmall, it is accepted as if it were the greatefl. Obf I 4· God may defer to anfwer Prayers for the pref'ent: He doth f'o to Saints in Heaven; he puts them upon flaying a while ; much more therefore may he deal f'o with us. And yet God in the mean time recompenceth this De– mur Come otherway. As ·he gave thefe Wbite Robes of Glory, fo will he give thee other Bleffings that are better, in which thou mayeft reft fatisfied and con· ,tent. The