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Jn ExPOSITION ~ gogue of Satan; but he will make them come and acknowledg, .that. God hath P A R 1 I. loved the 'Pbiladelphian, Rev. 3· 9· How often m the Prophets IS th1s made the ~ Fruit of their Punilhment! (and by this it is exprelfed) they fbaU /znow that I am the Lord. It is ill ftanding out with Chrift in any thing. Chrifl: will have, not only every Knee to bow, bur every Tongue to confefs his Name. Learn we therefore not to (land out againfl: ConviClioos of any kind. The Lamb will in the end have, not only a real VKJ:ory in Men's Punilbments, but he will have Men render it more compleat by their Confeffions and Acknowledg– ments. Obferv. 4· How in difpenfing Punilbments, Chrifl: me~ts with Perfecutors in their kind: They caufed poor Chriftians to fly into Caves and Dens, and to worlhip the Lamb in Corners, (as the Apolpgies of thofe Times lhew); now Chrifl: comes forth and appears openly, and·drives them into Corners wherein to hide their Heads. Obflrv. 5. What a glorious and long Time, Satan the God of this World, and his Devils with him, had of it, when they were counted as the only true Gods, and \llfre worfhipped for fuch by the whole World during the fpace of three hundred Years. They who are referved in Chains 'for Hell, were then counted the Immortal Gods, Polfelfors of Heaven; and had their Seat (in all Men·s Opinions) above the Stars, having all the World for their devout and zealous Worlhippers. What therefore is it to have a great Name, or the befl: Name, the Name of a Saint for a while hqre ! The Devils had not only the Names and Titles, but the Honours of Gods; and that, for fome thoufands of Years; for whom notwithfl:anding, the lowefl: Place in Hell is defigned. Obferv. 6. You will not wonder at the profperity of wicked Men, that they carry it fo long in the World, if you confider but how long the Devil carried it, without encouotring any flop in his way; as having all Nations for his Inhe– ritance; God was worlhip'd but in one poor corner of the Earth, but the De– vil poflelfed the Heavens, and waj as the Sun in the Firmament, and his Priefl:s as the Moon and Stars, "' if they had been perpetual Ordinances. Think not much at the continuance of Popery for 1200 Years; Heathenifm fl:ood far longer, and Chrifl: will make more quick Work in the lafl: Days, than in thofe pafled. Obferv. 7. That Chrifl:, though he be a Lamb, yet he can, and will be angry. Men have all fuch fweet thoughts of Chrift, as if he had no Anger in him; but when his Anger is kindled but a little, then bleffid are aU they that put their truft ~~ ~ 0/,ferv. 8. That God punilbeth Idolaters and their Idols together. Here both the Heathenifh Emperors, and their Religion, and Gods, are together removed. Thus, lfo. 2. 17, 18, 19. .And the loftinejf of Man Jba/1 be bowed down, and the haughtinejt of Men Jba/1 be made low; and the Lord alone jha/1 he exalted in that Du;•. And the Idol! he Jball Htterly abolijh. A,d they jhall go into the Ho!eJ of the Roci{t, and into the CaveJ of the Earth for fear of the Lord, and for the Glory of hi< Majejly ; whm he arifeth to Jhal{! terribly the Earth. Which Place is parallel to this here, and a Prophecy of t)>e Kingdom of Chrifl:. Thus God punilh'd Egypt, as appears by N11mh.33· 4· where it is !aid, upon. their God1 •lfo he execlt– ted ']udgmentJ. The like you have in '}er. 43· II, 12, 13. So alfo was Baoylon and her God's punilhed, as ']er. 50. 2. Declare ye among the Natiom, and pub– lifh, a11d fit up a Standard, publijb, and conceal not: fay, Babylon iJ tal{!n, Bel iJ confollnded, Merodach iJ brol{!n in piece~, her Idol! are confounded, her Image~ tire brol{!n in piew. And thus .God alfo did, when he began to ruin Popery, tbe Spiritual Egypt and Baby/on. He punifh'd Monks, pulling down Mooafl:eries nnd their Idols together; his Anger was againfl: them as well as againfl: their Per– {(ms. And fo Supedlitious Ceremonies and Wili-Worlbip will down together. Obferv.