Goodwin - BX9315 G6 v2

of the RE V EL AT I 0 N. 49 . ~ Objirv. 9· How fearful and terrible will the Day of Judgment be, when Chrifl: Chap. 4: fh. 1\\ corne as the Lion of the Tribe of ]11clah, if now, when he reigns as a~ Lamb, (carrying things meekly, and ,V'ith much Ntience) he brings luch confounding Judgments? A11 Vengeance here is but the Vengeance of a Lamb, in comparilon of the renting of a Lion that is to come: . For .(as I take it) he is let forth as a Lamb, in..~efpeil: tonis Governing and Difpenfations until the Day of J"dgmcnt; but then·be wil; come as the Lion of ]itclah, and !hew himCelf (o much more terrible thJn, as a Lion is more terrible than a Lamb. All Terrors of Conlcience which Men fl1tfer here, (which yet make them call for the Hills to ~over them) are but the Wrath of the Lam\;> in comparifon of thole roarin~ o'r the Lion at the Great Day. 0-con!idcr this, you that forgtt God, lefl: he t'Ome and tear you in pief es, and there lie none to deliver you. •.. I !hall now proceed no further By way ofylarge commenting, or railing any more Obferl'atiOns, unul I come to the Second Part.