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~ pART I. rv1 n Ex P o s I TI o N ~--------------------------- CHAP. -V. The Six Firjl Trumpets, NOw the fix.firfl: Trumpets contain feveral Steps and Degrees of ruining the Imperial Government of the Empire it !elf when turned Chriftian, by feveral Wars and Incurfions of Barbarous Nations upon it; where– of Trumpets are fuitably made the Denouncers, and this, in revenge of fo much Chrifl:ian Blood, as was fpilt when the Empire was Heathenifh; even as the Captivity of Babylo" did break the Jewifh State for fhedding Innocent Blood in the Time ofManaiJes ; at which Time that State w2s Idolatrous, though he and all Judah did afterwards turn to the True Worfhip of God again. And according to the Divifion of the Empire, Eafl: and Wefl:, accordingly was God's Method in the Ruining. Firfl:, Of the Wefl:ern Parts of it, by the Goths and Vtmdals, who utterly fhattercd the Government of the Occidemal Emperors, and broke it into ten Kingdoms ; over which the Pope fucceeded. Then, Cecondly, after that, overturning the Oriental Part. 1. By the Saracens; of whom .JI1ahomet was the Head, who wrung one great part of the Eaftern Empire in .Arabia, Egypt, and i'.Jlyria ou of the Emperor's Hands, and fubjefred thofe Dominions unto Mahumennifi . And then, 2. by the Turks profefling Mahumetanifm alfo; w o conquered and fubdued, not only what the Saracens before them ha done, but alfo that other part of the Eafl:ern Empire remaining fl:ill Cbrifl:ian, namely, in Natolia and inGreece, over which the Greek Emperors ( fuccdfvrs of the Roman ) till then continued, but were now wholly fubjefred (together with Conjlantinuple it felf, the Seat of their Empire) umo the Turks, who thus alone poiitfs the whole Eafl:ern Empire unto this day. And according to this Method of ruining the Empire, the Trumpets are an– fwerably divided by the Holy Ghofl:. The four firfl: Trumpets(which are made the leifer Evils and Miferies) are the Wars of the Goths and Vandals, in four fevera\ Incurlions, chap. 8. but the two latter, (the fifth and fixth) Trumpets, (which art made the WoeTrumpets, chap. 8. verf lafl:. chap. 9· I 2. chap. II. I4- and fo are difhnguifh'd fi-om the for– mer) are thofe Infinite Calamities and Jnbondagements which werebrought up– on the Eaftern part of the Empire by the Saracen's Wars and Conquefl:s; who .are the Fifth Trumpet; and by the Turks, who are the fixth Trumpet; both longer for Continuance, and greater for Extremity, than the four firfl:, and that by far. Now to give a little general Light into thefe Trumpets, as I have done into the Seals. The Trumpets are the Vengeance upon the Empire it felf, for the Blood of the Saints therein fhed ; which therefore was promifed unto the Mar– tyrs under the fifth Seal, chap. 6. I I. whofe Prayers are here, chap. 8. 5· offer– ed up by Chrift, the Time being come, for the Vengeance promifed, and (o the Trumpets found. SE cr.