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dn Ex:Pos rTION !"'>../'-""<flroying Mountain, as overfhadowing all Cities ; and her Sacking by Cyr~H, is ~there called the b11rni11g of the Mo•mlain; fo this fpoiling and lacking of Rome by Allaric!fl Kmg of the Goths, Anno 410.) ts called the burmng of the Mo•n– tain, Chap. 8. 8. .And the fccond Angel fo•nded ; and as it were a great M01tn– tain burni11g tr>ith Fire, was caft i11to the Sea, and the third part of the Sea became Blood. 3· Tmmpet. The Third Trumpet produceth the Fall of that bright Star, which is called :1 great Star b11rning as a Lamp, that is, a Blazing-Star, or Comet, which was the utter extinguifhing and putting down of Emperors, Anno 476. who ceafed in A~tguflulu,, whofe Fall is exprefs'd like that of the King of Babel's, !fa. 14. 12. How art thOit fallen from Heaven, 0 Luciftr (or Morning Star) Son ofthe Morn– il1g I Which Prince, upon his Fall, bath his Name given him, Wormwood, for that he was a Prince of Bitternefs and Sorrows. And together with him, many Provincial Cities and Magilhates (which are called Rivers and F01mtains) bad their Dignity token from them; and this is the Third Trumpet, verf Io, 11• .And the third Angel founded,and there fill a gre.1t Star front Heaven, burning as it werea Lamp, and it fill upon the third part of the Rivers, and upon tpe Fountains of Waters: Andthe Name of the Star is called Wormwood, and the third part of the Waters became Wormwood, and many Men died of the Waters, becaufc they were made bitter. 4- Tmmpet. Rome now being in the Hands of the Goths, was the Seat of thofe Kings that won it, who yet conferved in it the Senators, Confuls, and Supream Magitl:rates, in their ancient Qlory. But then comes the Fourth Trumpet, ( verf 12. And the fourth Angel founded, and the tbird part of the Sun was }mitten, and the third part of the Moon, and the third part of the Stars, fo as the third part of them was darkned, and tbe Day }hone not for a third part of it, and the Nigbt likewifc) and this torally deprives this City of Rome of her ancient form of Government, un– der Confuls, Senators, &c. with the Glory and Majef'cy <>f which it had fhined many hundred Years, before ever the Imperial Power was placed oirer it ; and therefote that Government is here called the S11n, &c. becaufc: of the Glory and -Majef'cy of that State, under which it had won to it felf the Monarchy of the World; which Ancient Government had frill continued under the Emperors, but was now wholly and utterly fubverred; and rhis was done in the latl: War, Anno 542. Here was the Glory of the Wef'cern Empire and Rome utterly ex– tinguifhed, bur that the Pope (whom you fhall fiud in the 13th Chapter, when we come to the Book·Prophecy) obtains a Power there (though upon another Title than thtfe £mperors had) over thefe T en Kingdoms, and builds up another Rome upon the l\ uins of the Old, and fo poffefieth the Seat of the former Beafr the Empire. But becaufe the Title he pretends, is the Tide of the Church, a!: though a fa!fe one; therefore his Story comes not in in this Seal-Prophecy, but. in the Church-Prophecies, chap. 13. But thefe four Trumpets that fall upon the Well:, are but leffer Evils in re– fpect of thofe that are to fall upon the Eatl:ern Part, which during all thefe Al– terations in the Wef'c, fiands enure and whole, profeffing the Chritl:ian Faith. The other two Trumpets, which are their Portion (chap. 9.) do, for continu– ance, and extremity of Calamities, infinitely exceed the other ; and therefore they have this Preface to them, chap. 8. 17. [Woe, woe, woe, to the Inhabitants of the Earth, by reafon of the Voices of the other 'Trumpets that are yet to j011nd]; for Co God ordered it, (as his manner is) that that Eafiern Part, fianding longefi lhould be referved unto the Corer Punifhment. '