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EVELATidN. 5~ ---7.~~----~~~----------------~~~~~~ - -~) , Chap. 5· ECT~ II. ~ Tbt Expojitioll of e Ninth Chapter. Tf>e Fifth a11d Sixt/, Tru1~ptts he~ token the ~ti11 of the Eaftem Empire, tvhic/, JVas firft brokeil bj'the Saracens, a11d at /aft utterly deftroyed by the Turks, Anno Domi~ ni •45 3· . H. Ere the Fifth Trumpet founds, which produceth the falling of a Star from 5 :rmmpet; Heaven, which opens the Bottomlefs Pit, and lets out Smoak as out ot a Furnace, which darkens the Sun •nd Air, 2nd lets out an innumerable company of Locufl:s. Whofe cruel Defcription you have, verf 7, 8, 9, Io. .And the fhapu of the Lmifls were li~ unto Horfis prepared unto Battel, a11d 011 their Heads were as il<were Crowm like Gold, and their Faces were as the Faces of Mw; And they had 'H.tir as the Hair of Women, and their Teeth were as the Teeth of Lions. And they had Brefi-plates, as it were Breft-plates of Iron, and the found of their Wings, w•s as the found of Chariots of ma11y Horfes running to Battel. And they brid Taih liqe tmto Scorpions, and there were Stings in their Tails; and their Power wai to hurt Men fve months. Who torment Men fo, that they fhall leek Death, but fhall not find it ; fuch !hall be the Calamities of thofe Times. By all which is fct out the bringing in of Mahumetanifm, the greatell Impollure that ever the World !mew ; which darkensthe Sun and Air, by putting out the Light of Chriilian Profeilion. And this was done by .JI1ahomet, who is that Star that fell from the Profeffion of Chriilianity, and opened Hell to bring forth that damned Religion of his, making himfelf the Prophet of God. Unto whom an innumerable Company of Arabians, his Country-men (who are here called Lucu.fts for their Multitudes, as the Midianites and Amalekjtes are alfo called, ]udg. 7. I 2.) did cleave, and fet him up as King, ( verf I r. And they had a King over them, 'f1!hicb is the Angel of the Bottomlef Pit, whofe Name in the Hebrew Tongue is Abaddon, but in the Gree/z Tongue bath ,his Name Apollyon) wringing from out of the hands of the Eailern Empire, .Arabia, Eg;pt, Af/jria, Armenia, and much of Ajia tbe Lefs; and extending their Dominion further, over Perjia, Kifl-lndia, and a great part of Africa and Spain; they became almoll a~.great an Empue as that of Rome had been, although this Dominion of Mahomet extended another way; yet withal po!felfing the one half of the Eailern Empire: Only tht:fc are bidden by God not to hHrfthe Servants of God foaled in tbeir Foreheads,(verC4.) for God had fome true Believers in that part of the Eafl:ern Empire, who yet remained Chrifl:ian; and among them God had fome alfo whom }ou read to have been before-hand fealed, (chap. 7· 3· Saying, Hurt not the Earth, 11either the Sea, nor the Trees, till we have foaled the Servants of our God i11 their Forehec~ds) e're that any Trumpets blew; fuch was God's care to prevent all hurt unto them, (of which I fhall afterwards particularly fpeak); And this Kingdom be· gan to befetup, Anno 630, and continued many hundred Years. Then fucce~ds the Si~th Trumpet, which is the fecond Wo Trumpet, and 6.Tmmpet, ordamed to brtng Calamities on the other p>rt of the Eafl:ern Empire, which was left ilanding fl:ill under the Succefiors of the Roman Monarchy, and pro- the Chrifl:ian Religion in Ajia the Lefl, and mGreece, known commonly m Hiilorians by the Name of the Empire of Greece ; to Ruin which, God had ready prepared four Angels, with four feveral Armies of Horfemen, which amounted to 200000000, (as chap. 9· 14, 15, 16. Saying to the jixth Angel which had the Trumpet, Loofi the j011r .Angels which are bound in the grec~t River Euphrates. And the four Angels were loofid, whicb were prepared for a11 hour, and a day, and a month, and a year, for to flay the tbird part of Me.n. And tbe nun1ber of the Army of the Horftmen were two hundred thoufond thoufond; and I heard the number of them) ; which Armies, with the Angels their Leaders (being a long while re!lrained.) lay hovering about the Borders of the River Euphrates : Whom the Angel of this Trumpet lets loofe, by the command of God, like fo many Furies, t(!