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of the R E V EL4. T I 0 N. 55 of all 1his Mahumctan Tyranny,both undeiTlirks and Saracens, (in the Eall:ern ~ l'art of the World) thoutands of true Believers, even 1440oo, as he did under Chap. 5· . the Tyranny of Ahab, preterve 7000 that did not bow the Knee to Baal; and~ • as he did the like Number of 144000, under the hke Anttchnfban Tyranny in the Well:, as in ch.1p. 14. in the Book-Prophecy will appear. .Only there, (dJap. 14.) they are more roundly in the general Cummed up together to the Number of 144000; whereas here they are only reckoned by twelve feveral particular Parcels, 12000 out of the Twelve Tribes; whether to !hew their more fcattered and divided Condition, ·happily alluding to the Twelve Tribes ( then when the Apoll:lcs wrote) fcattered (as ']amu (peaks, } '""·I. 1.~ in thofe Eafrern parts; or if not fo, yet to the Twelve Tnbes, as hvmg apart m feveral ,Qyarters of the Land of 'jl1dea, and not as affembled at Hierufalm• in the Tem– ple. So likewife the(e dwelling Ccatteredly in feveral Nations, which were to be overcome by the Trumpets, not aflembled in publick Worlhip or Churches, fuch as were acceptable to God, but remaining fingle; they are numbred by a fet Number, to !hew that they lhall ,be few: For this defining of their Number, is in oppolition to the inmmurable Company that are to grow out of them, as verf9· [After thh I fnv a great Multitude which none could number J; and their Number being multiplied by 12, (as their Root) and a rooo, hence it is a long 1\lia;,ber,extending in length much further than in breadth; to lhew,that he [peaks not of Chrill:ians as in one Age ariling to this Number, but through many Ages continuing. And they are multiplied by 12, to !hew their Breed and Kind to be from the Apofrles, and of the Apofrolick f',,ith, (which chap. 21. 14. is made the Myfrery of this Number, .And the Wall of the City had twelve Founda– tion~, and in them the Names of the twelve Apojlles of the Lamb). And they are. pretented in one Uniform State during all that Time, even unto the New Hiem– fa!em: of which, becaufe thefe, and their Succ...flors, are to be made partakers, therefore it is that thole Promifes of the Nem ']mifalem, and the reprefentation of it, comes in from the 9th to the end, to !hew their p1rtaking therein, as the Reward of the great Tribulation they come out of; vcrf 1-4, I 5· .A11d I faid Im– to him, Sir, thou /znowejl. And he faid unto me, Tl.-efe are they which came out ofthe great Tribulation, and have wajbed their Robes, and made them wi·lle in t!.>e l3/o(ld of the Lamb. Therejol'e are they before the Throne of God, and jfrve him day a11d night in hh Temple: and he that jittcth on the Throne Jba/1 dwdl aiiJong them. Now thefe feem to be a differing Company, from that I44CCO in the 14th Chapter; for thole there do not remain till the New Hiemfrlem, i I "' dark and loofe condi1ion, upon Mount Sion; but long before do break forth into a tepa– ration from Antichrift, and let up glorious Temples, filled vifibly "ith the Pre– fence of God, as Smoak, out of which come the Vials : but the(e continue in one uniform Condition frill alike,untill the very approach of the Ne>v HierJtfalem, and do then come newly out from under a fore and long Bondage, (here called · great Tribulation) and are prefented as more fcattered and divided, as being more fpread over the Face of the Earth, lingly here and there, and therefore reckoned · up by feveral Tribes, whereas tho[e there are fummed up together, .only 111 their total Number they are alike, being but a few both of them, and in like Times of Darknefs and Defolation; yet with this difference, that the one conti– nues to the very New 'jemfalem, but the other long befbre grows up to a glori– ous Light, and then out-grows that Number. Now who thefe I 44000 are, (out of whom (as being the Predecdfors of them) do come that innumerable Company, that !hall, together with the Jews,– poffefs the New Hiemfalem) 1S made the enquiry of 'John, and is of the Wonders of this Book; which therefore one of the 24 Elders would have 'John etpecially to mark and obferve, as a fl:range thing, beyond the expeCl:ation' and imagination of Men, that God fhould ever take thofe ( fo numerable a Com– pany) into fo great a Priviledg, as to be made Denifons of the New Hierufa– /em, and have their Names found there. This you may obferve, by the Qyefti– on which the Elder asketh 'John, to provoke and frir up his Obfervation, (verf. 13.) What are thefcl and whence come tbey 5 Thence! where (when you are told)I you'