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54 cv1n ExPOSITION -----------------~--~------------~------- ~ to f.11l upon the !aft part of this Eaflern Empire remaining ; and alfo to conquer ~-thole other Dominions, which the Saracem (under the fifth Trumpet) had before over-run. Now according to all the Characters and Foot-Prints which we find in the Turkifh Stories, no Prophecy cloth, or can more punctually defcribe any Nation or Event, than this cloth the Turks, and their Irruption upon the Eaflern Empire; who when they came firfl out of their Native Country, about the Year 10 4 0 nfcer Chrifl, did featthemfelvcs firfl by the R.iver Euphrates, and w·ere divided into four feveral Governments or Kingdoms, known commonly in Hiflorians by thefe four Names; Firfl lconian, feared at lconi1111<; the fecond at Aleppo ; the third at Damajc111 ; an~ the fourth at Bagdat, or 'Baby/on, border– ing on the R.iver E11phrates. Who having lain hovering thereabouts for the [pace of 200 Years, did, about the Year of Chrifl Ijoo, over-run all Natolia, or A(ia tle left; and joining all into one Kingdom,undcr Ottoman, (the Fore-father o-f the prefent great Turk) did not ceafe till they had won (onjlantinople it (elf, and all Greece, the Empire of which they put down, ( which was now the only Relict of the Ancient R.oman Empire) and this in the Year I453,(which is 1~6 ¥7'b· b ·n Years fince*) who polfds rhnt whole Eaflern Empire unto this day; for the "''" ; 63 ';.g Number of the Tnrk (which is an Hour, a Day, a Month, and a Year) is not yet fulfilled or expired, being by computation 396 Years from his firfl breaking out. The raifing of the Turkifh Empire by Ottoman in Aja the Leji, was Anno D0>11. 1300. Laonicu. Chalcocond. de Rebw THrdcis. Lib. r. s E c T. I I I. The Expojitio11 of tiJe Se"l>enth Cl,apter, 1vlry refer)>'d till after that of the Eighth and Nimh. Who are intended by the 144000 Perfon5 that were Jetz!ed i11 their Forehead5. HAving giv~n you the meaning .of the fix Trumpets, Chap. 8, and 9, I mull: now return to fhew you the meaning of thole I 2000 out of every Tribe, in all144000, which you read of Chap.7. and to tell )OU who they are that were there before-hand fcaled. For though God, to 01ew his care,is (aid to Seal them before thcfe Trumpets blew; yet I could not tdl you who they were, fa fitly, until after you fhould have heard, upon what partS of the World thefe Trumpets chiefly blew. The Per~ms fcaled, are, ver{3. called, Servants of God; (o that they are true Bdicvcrs: they .tre alfo called 'Jews, not that thei were fo by Birth, both fort hat the Company they grow up into, and of whom thefe are the Predecef.. for>, are Ctid to be out of all Nations, Kindred1, and Tongllei, verf.9. and there– fore are of the Gentiles; as alfo becaufe the Jews have generally been hardned all along the Times of this Prophecy, to this day. But the Revelation fpeoking in the Language of the Old Teflament, and the Types thereof, calls true Be– lievers [JC!vf ], and [the lfrael ofGod]. Gal. 6. 16. And M numy as •v.lft de– carding to tl•if R11ie, Peace be on them, and Mercy, and upon the lfrael of God; and Fallc and Idolatrous Chriflians it calls GentiieJ, (as chap. I r. 2. B11t the Coort n•hicb is tvitl.out the Temple~ leave out, and nteajitre it not; for it i.f gi'C!en unto the Gt1ttilu, and the Holy City fbaU they tread under-foot forty and tn•o Months) [Who fiJ they ore Jews, rmd are not J that is, profefs themfelves Chriflians, and are not, [b11t do!Jc] Chap. 3· 9· Thefe are Numbred up by ThOJtfonds, in allufion to the ThoHfmds of Ifrael, ., the Phrafe commonly is in Mofc/s W ricings, ( lfrael's 72 Perfons brought into Egypt beiog now multiplied by Thoufands) as Numb. 10. and Numb. 31. And thefe arc f.1id to be fcaled, in allufion to that fealing of the Mo11rners before the Captivity of Baby/on, Ezek. 9· So thefe, before the MilCries and Captivity of thefe Trumpets, as thole that were to be preferved tinder them in all Ages. God pe<fevcring by a kind of Miracle (for it is no other to confider it) in the midfl ' of