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oftbe R~VEL~TION. 59 take the Benefit and Light of it ; which al[o the Prophets have foretold, ihat ~ the Gentilcs (yea, and theft: Gentiles) lhould walk in. ~ Laflly; lf mention be not madeof.theGreci•nChurches here in this place, then there is none, or Cc.1rce any (according to the courfe of the bert Interpre– ters) in all this Book. The Book-Prophecy is wholly taken up with the rtate of the \Vcfl:ern Chnrches oppofing AntichriO:, (chap. I4,I),t6, 17,18,19. )as be– ing they whom God means chiefly tO u[e for the ruining of that great Antichri!l-, among whom theref<Jre he hath continued theKnowle~g of Chrifl:, and the Face of Churches in the greatefl: Power and Punty ; and therefore the Revelrt· ton [peaks mort of them. But yet, there having been a continuance of the Pro– feilion of the Cbrifl:ian Name in thoCeGrecian andArmenian Churches,even from the Primitive Times; and at this day their number amounting to as many as the Profcflors in Em·<'pe do,notwithrtamlingMahumctanincurfions:can we think that God hath paffed them ovc•· in Glence in this Book? fi~rely no. Seeing therefore that the Book-Prop!>ccy is taken up with the Wertern Oppofitions, to the great .Antichrifl of the \Vert; hence, moO: firly, in tl1is Seal-Prophecy, (wherein the Mabumetan Opprdfors bear fo great a part) does come in, the Reprefentation of the State of thofe li:aflern Chnltians under M,<hoiJJct, Chrifl: fo keeping pof– fdlion, bo\h in the Eart and Wcfl. i\nd the Event bath been according w the P rophecy: True Believers have been, and,yet are contmuod among them, even as our Eyes may read in all Stories of thofc Eafl:ern Parts, and our Ears have heard the Report of to this day : whofe Confeilion of Faith you may read, be– Ing printed in Eoglifi1, :Anno 1629. (et f(lrth by Cpi! the prefcnt Patriarch of Co~'.flantinople : and you may, with joy, find it in a!l Fund?mental Points, as our own Confeflion is. See al[o Field of the Church, Boo/;_ 3· Chap. r, 2, 3, and 5- - s E c T. I V• .A jhort )!tetv of the Tentb and Elellelltb Chapters. The Ends for wl,icl; the Migl>ty Angel, i. e. [hrijl:, defcmded from HealJm. The Seal– Prophecy bemg clofed> a Nezv Prophecy is givw, which begins at the~ Tweljtb Chapter. THus. the Seal-Prophecy, nndcr the Vifions of thefe Seals and Trumpets, havmg run over the Story of all Times, which concern the Ruin of the Roman Empire downward, from Chrifl's Time even to our Days, (for the Mi– feries-of. the fixth Trumpet rttll continue, and fi1all laft till near the Time of the rti,enlh Trumpet, which is to bring in the Kingdom of Chrirt, Chap. 11. verf 14, 15. with whofc founding, this firrt Seal-Prophecy, (as do all Kingdoms and Times) ends. J<fus Chrifl: therefore,in the likenefs of a Mighty Angel, comes down from Heaven; and that to a double end : Firfl:, To give the World and the Church warning by an Oath, that now Ttme lhould be no longer, but till this Woof the fixth Trumpet (that is, the Turkll Dominion) fhould expire and pafs away, (as his Speeches in the 10th Chapter, verf 6, 7· .A11d fware hy Him that liver!J for eve>· and ever, n'ho created Heavw, and the Things that therein are; and the l:i.<Jrth, and the Things that there– iu are; and the Sea, and the Things which are thereiu, that the.·e jhould be Time 110 longer. But in the Days of the Voice of the fevenlh Angel, 1vhw he /ball begin lo found, the M;jirry of God jhoHid be Jii?ifhed, M he hath declared to his Servants the Prophets. And m the 1IthChapter,ve>:f."I4,I5. compared together do fbew; 1he fecond Wo 11 paft, and behold, the third Wo cometh quickly. Aud the feventh Angel founded, ami there were great Voices in Heaven, fiJ•ing, The Kj11gdonu of this I 2 World