Goodwin - BX9315 G6 v2

6o dn ExPo srTION ~World, are become the Ki11gdo11u of our Lord, and of his Chriji, and be fba/1 reign ~for ever and ever. And fecondly, To give withal a New Prophecy, this Seal-Prophecy being thus ended. Wherefore be now comes with the Book open in his Hand, which chap. 5- ]ohn faw foaled, the Seals being now taken off, and the Vifions cf them already pall ; which Book contains another dimna: Prophecy to be given anew unto John, which therefore he is bidden to eat, (as Euk.jel of old was ) and he !bould be enabled to receive and write a New Prophecy, ( as appearschap.IO. verf. 9, I I. And I went unto the Angel, and faid unto him, Give me the littleBoo~ And he faid unto me, Tak.e it, and eat it up, and it fba/1 ma~ tby Belly bitter, but it Jba/1 be in thy Mouth fweet as Hony. And he faid 11nto me, Thme n111jl prophejj again before many Peoples, and Nations, and Tongues, and Kings) ; which new entire Prophecy begins chap. 12. after this Angel had further, by word of Mouth, a while difcourfed what !bouldbe the State and Face of hJS purefl: Churches in the Wefl:ern part, (verf. r, & 2.) in thofe !all: days, to which this Seal-Prophe– cy bad brought John, namely, the Times immediately, or not many Years be– fore that feventb Trumpet was to bring in his Kingdom ; and after that this Angel had fore-warned thofe Churches of a great and fore Conflict which they were to have.with Antichrifl: towards the.end of all ; out of which they !bould rife again; and then comes the end of Antichrift, and of the T urk alfo. After he had given all this as a fignal or warning to the Church when the End !bould be (all which he doth chap. 11. r. and from verf. 7, to the I4.); then (I C1y, after that !bort digreflion made by this Angel (Cbrifl:) who came principally to give John a new compleat Prophecy) doth that new Book-Prophecy begin in new Vifions, (at the I 2th Chapter) which contains the Fates that !bould be– fa! the Church in all Ages from Chrifl:'s Time, as the Seal-Prophecy had done tbofe of the Empire.