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of the REVELA TibN.· c HA p, VI. 6i fV.....h Chap. 6. ~ . Of the 'Book.-Propl>eCJ; that begins at Cbap. I :z.~ 'An Account of the ge~ . neral 1Jejigu of it. THe State of the Church frorri Chril1's Time, until the Kingdom of Chril1, may be divided into two : t. The State of the Church during the fir([ 400 Years afier Chrift, ufually called the "Primitive Times. 2. The State of the Church during the Times of Antichrift, whom Jefus Chrifl: is to defl:roy with the brighme!S of his Coming. t. The State of the Church, during thofe firfl: 400 Years, may be divided into its Condition until the Time of Conftantine, the firfl: Chrifl:ian Emperor ; and the State of the Church from his Time, under the Arrian Emperors, and others Chrifl:ian, until the Rife of Antichrill, about an hundred Years after the beginning of c;onflantine's Reign. Thefe were the two eminent various Condi· tions of the Church in thofe firfl: four hundred Years. 2. For the State of the Church during the Times of Antichrift, namely, the Pope, who fucceeded the Weftern Emperor here in Europe, ( for of the State of the Church in the Eaftern part of the Empire, efpecially under the Turks and Saracens, you formerly heard in the Seal-Prophecy, chap. 7· and therefore this Book·Prophecy {peaks little of it, but (in a manner) only of the Weftern Church,which now indeed was made the more eminent Stage,as for Antichrifl:, fo for Chrifl: to play his Part upon) this State of the Church in the Weft (I fay) was, 1. Either that of the falfe pretended Church, whereof Antichril1 is and was the Head: Or, 2. The State of the True Church under Antichrift, and during his Time, whereof Jefus Chrift is the Head. . Now, anfwerably to thi• Divi!ion, are the enfuing Chapters to be divided. The 12th Chapter fhews you the State of the Church under the fir~ four hun– dred Years. And Chap. 13, i4, &c. fhew the State of the Church afterwards, during Antichrifl:'s Times. Thefe are the Divi!ions of the State of the Church from Chrift'sTime hitherto. And, firfl:, This 12thChapter fhews the Face of the Church in thefe Primi· tive Times, and that under thofetwo fore· mentioned eminent Conditions. Firfl:, As under Heathenifh l?.ome Ut)til Conftantine's Time, when the Em– pire turned Chriftian; from the rft Verfe to tf)e r3th, under the Vilion of a Woman bringing forth a .:il1ale Child to rule aU Nations; (that is, a Chrifl:ian Emperor) whertin !he is oppofed by a Dragon, (the Devil in the power of an Heathenifh Emperor, endeavouring to devour her Child). The Vi!ion and Appearance of this Woman is fuch, and fo glorious, as it fits no State of the Church, but that pure and glorious Church of the Primi– tive Times. She is a Woman, weak, yet glorious, as being clothed with the Sun, (the R.ighteoufne!S of Chril1) crowned with a Crown of twelve Stars, (the twelve Apofl:\es); her Head (the firft part of that Church) having been honoured with their Preaching, and holding forth the Light of their Doctrine; She had the Moon under her Feet, fhe was above the World, and the rage of Heathenifh