Goodwin - BX9315 G6 v2

of the REVELATION. brings in the poor Grecians, that are Strangers unto him, and out of the Domi- ~ nion 9f any of his Ten Kingdoms; who although they renounced all acknow- ~ Jedgriient of the Pope for their Head for many hundred Years ; yet were .at Jafi through Oeights, and the bafenefi of one of the1r Emperors, together with the'Conquefl: that the Europeans made of Conjlantinople for a while, brought ro yield a lubjection thus far, as to acknowledg ?'m for thm H~ad, and lo were called Latins, or of the Profeffion of the Latm Church, (winch Name I find fome to this day ( that are Popi!h Chriflians among the Greeks) to be called by, by way of difiinCl:ion from the other) and iO received ( fays he) the N11mbcr of his Name II"'TElo@', Latin/1.1; the Numeral Letters whereof (-m the Greek Tongue) make 666, the Number that follows in the lafl: VerCe of this Chapter. But this forced SubjeCtion of the Grecians lo remote, as lt m1ght be mtcnded (for thole more Ancient Times) yet withal I think, that it is not only or principally meant: . . . . . . . Firfi, Becaufe thele Grecian Chnfl:1ans are not Inhabitants Wlthm the JunldJ– ltion of thole Ten Kingdoms of Europe, the SubjeCts whereof are mainly in– tended, as being thofe Inhabiters of the Earth, that !hould be the Worjbippers of this Beafi, and cleavers unto h1m, ( verf 8, & 14.) and fo of them, and among them, mull be found this Number of his Name, as well as thole that receive his Name. And, fecondly; becau(e the Chrifiians in the Weft, who affi!l the pouring forth the Vials, are as well faid ( lorrie of them) to overcome the Number of his Name, as (other~ of them do) his Image, or Idolatrous Wor!hip, or his CharaCter of lying Priefl:s, or the Beafl: himlelf; fo ch11p. 1 5. 2. I take itthere– fore, that this Number of his Name mull: be found in Europe, in Come of thcfe ten Kingdoms, where that Company are that pour out the Vials. Now take the Times of Popery before the Reformation (that is, afore \he Time that Protellant Kingdoms did lirfl: begin to call: off the Pope) and there were none that were fuffered to have fuch a remits (no nor any Idler) kind of owning the Beall, but mull: all (as they did) receive his Mark, or his Name, and be profe!fed Papi!ls, coming to M~ts, acknowledging the Pope, and wor– fhipping his Image; or they might riot buy and fell, they rriight not live quietly as others did. Therefore thefe that reeeive the Number of his Name, mull: be fome Generation of Men rifen up fince, and that alfo within thofe Kingdoms (fome of them) that have renounced the Pope: For within the Popi!h Domi– niom (unto this Day) either the Incjuifition fuffers none to profets lets than the receiving his Name at leafl:; or in others, thofe that are of Papi!ls the moll: moderate, yet receive the Name of the Beafl: at lea!l, and fo, more than the Number of his Nal!ie. But this Number of his Narrie feems to be a Company that proceed not fo far as to receive his CharaCter; profeffing themfelves to be Priefl:s of Rome, nor to receive his Name ; for they do not profefs themlelves to be Papijh, and yet are of .the Number of his Narrie; that is; do hold and bring in fuch Doctrines and Opinions, and fuch Rites in Wor!hip, as !hall make all Men reckon, account, or number them among Papijls in Heart and AffeCtion; and fo, they are of the Number of his Name, that is, in account fuch, they behave themfelves fo as they are, and deferve to be accounted and e!leemed 'Pa– pi.fts, and to aim at Popery, in the Judgment of all Orthodox and Reformed 'Prote.ftaniJ: and that ju!lly, for although their Profeffion deny it, yet when their ACtions, and their corrupting of DoCtrine and Wor!hip !hall fpeak it to all .Men's Confciences, they cannot but judg that the 'Pope, and the fear of him, is before their Eyes, (as David fpeaks of wicked Men.) And as thofe in TitM, that profefs they know God, ye~ in their Works deny him, arc ju!lly accounted ..Atheijls; fo thofe that !hall profefs the Reformed Religion, yet in ali their Pra– chces, and under-hand Policies, deprets it, and advance the 'Popifb 'Party, are ju!lly to be accounted 'Papijls, and to have received the Number of his Name. The phrafe, [Number of a Name J is not only taken for a Name conGfl:ing of Numeral Letters, and fo, not only for Number Arithmetical ; but the word [Number J is in many Languages put for the Account, Re.:koning, or E!leem, K that