Goodwin - BX9315 G6 v2

THE PREFACE. mai11 T!Jing i aimed at, both in nry firfl fludying thu 'Book , and alfo in thu nry Expojitio11 of it, JvM, to Jearch into (tccl> Pajfages tlmein, Mdid cm1cem and fall upon tl>e /aft 'Days, eJPecial~ the {'refent Times of the Clmrch ; and to enquire and find out u.zder 1vhich of theje Conflellatioll.f OilY own Times do fall; and what u certainlY yet to come. Nozv what hitherto bath been expounded by me, I found, by the gelleral confent ofthe beft Expo{itors ( thougl> upon diJJers groundJ) to belo'!Z unto more Ancient Times, lo1~~ fince paft. And hence it u, that i11 the Expojitia~z of ti>o{e 6th, 8th, and 9th Chapters, I l>alJe bem the left inquijiti1Je ; tberei11 ~(fecially fol– lowii!Z ..:Mr. Mede, (whofe Sclmne and 'DiJJijion alfo of thu 1vho/e Prophecy into the Seal.Prophecy aild Book-Prophecy, mzd making the one to contain the Fates of the Empire, and the otl>er of the Church, I e]Jer accounted azt. l>appy Notio11 for the tmderftanding of thu IJ3ook, and haJJe therefore enlarged it); although, i1zthe Expojition of the 7tl> Chapter, 1 altogether diffir from bim, M aljo i11 fame few things elfe. No1v tbofe, parts of tbu Prophecy, which belong to more elderly Times, being thiM briefly run olJer and diJPatc/)d, I baJJe I!OIV feie£ied and jingled out all that I {iJld, both i11 tl>e Seal-Prophecy and in this Book-Prophecy, to haJJe an Eye to theft prefent Times, or to tl>ofe yet to come ; and haJJe caft them apart by themfeiJJes, Mbeing thofe things in thu 'Book, whicl> it concems tu more efPecially to fearch i11to. And to the end that I might begin at aright Joint, without ma•!glil!g the 1vhole, I haw cho– fen to begilz from that State and Ttme of the [hurc/,'s [eparation from Popny, and of the !J?..!formatiol! w/;ich this Book-Prophecy begins at ; nameb•, Chap. 14. verl. 6. and fo to give upo11 thu (bttt eJPecia!ly wl>at concerns the prejent Age) a larger Expojition thmz upo11 the former I ha-ve done ; haJJil!g written that Fir!l: Part, (eJPecially that brief Expojition of the 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th [hapters) but to ·make way for the Ullderftanding of that Jvhic/, no1v follows ; It beil!g impoffible for mry Ma11 to be confirmed in the true Interpretatio11 of. mry Part, witl>out fome general injight i11to the Whole. No1v ilz general, if you Jv~uld know :zvhat beiongs to t!,efe latter Times in thu Prophecy ; 1. The Seal-Prophecy, from tbe 6thChapter to the 12th, rmwing owr all J]me (r~m Jo~n's. Days, ~'!_tO ~IJe 1\jngdom of ~hrifl, I!E1 ~be PajJages ~ 2. ~~ereof 75