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THE CONTENTS To the Enfuing T REAT IS E. 'Qr~e Jfftl! wart; CHAP.I.THe Dejgn ofthe Book_ of the Revelation. That it is a 'Prophecy, wherein, as in a Vijion, the Story ofall Times is reprefcnted. The prophetical part of it be– gins at the 4th Chapter. An Expojition of the 4th Chapter. The Vijion of the Throne, Beafls, and Elders. .AReprefcnt•tion of the Ch11rch in all Ages, Pag. I. CHAP. 11. The Expofttion of the sth Chapter. A jhorl accOHnl of the Time which Jome fix: for his Fall, 63 CHAP.VIil. The Expojition ofChap.14. where– in the State of the TrHe Church under Anti– chrift is defcribed, 'jo 't'rfie S5ieconn J;Jnrt. 'l""'He Story of the Church from the Times ~ of the firft Separation from tbe Beafr the Pope, until the Glorious Kingdom of Chnfl:, Pag.n CHAP.III. The Scheme and Dh:ijon of the CHAP. I. The I 3th Chapter whole Prophecy, front the beginning of the verf. 6 to the end, explained, front 83 6th Chapter, 17 CHAP. IV. Of the fix firft Seals in Chapter the Jixth, 29 CHAP. V. The fix jirft Tmmpets,. 50 Sea:. I. The Expo(ltion ofthe 8thChapter. :rhe . four fi'rft Tmmpets jignifjing the R11in of the Wejlern Empire, 51 SeCt.~. The Expojition ofthe 9th Chapter. The 5th and 6th Trumpets betok§n the min ofthe Eajlern Empire, which was ji'rfl brok§n by the Saracens, and at lafllltterly dtiflroyed by the Turks, Anno Dom. I453· 53 Sect. 3· The Expojition of the 7th Chapter, why referv'd till after that ofthe 8th& 9th. Wbo are intended by the 144000 Perfons that were foaled in tbeir Foreheads, 54 Sect. 4· .A Jbort view of the 1oth and I Ilh Chaptm. The Ends for which the n,;ghty Angel, i. e. Chrif/, defcended from Heaven. The Seal· ProphecJ being clojed, a New Pro· phecJ is given, which begins at Ch.I2. 59 CHAP. VI. Of the 'Book:Prophecy, that begins at Chap. I 2. An account of the general De– Jign of it, 6 I CHAP. VII. The Expojition of Chap. I 3· in · which is jet forth the flate of the Falfe Church under Antichrijl:. What his Name, and the Nnmber of his Name denotes to us. CHAP.II. The Expojition of Chap. I 5· ae CHAP. III. The ExpojitionofChap. 16. AD;; vijion of the Vials ; the two /aft briefly tOHched, 93 Sect. I. Seven things premifed for the under– ftanding the jive ji'rft Vials, which are upon the Beafl and his Company, 94 sea:. 2. .A part1e1tlar and more large Explication of the jive frft Via!J on the Beaft and his Cotnpany, 97 CHAI>.IV. The Expojition of Chap. 11. which Wt/5 b11t briefly touched upon in the Firfl: Part the larger Explication being referved here,..; its proper place, 105 sea:. r. Five Generals pre11tifed for the Hnderjlanding of it, ibid, SeCl:. 2. The meafnring the Temple, and cafling 011t the 011tward Co11rt, Ch.I I.V.I,2. I 13 §.I. An Explication ofthis do11ble CompNtation of I 260 D4Js, and 42 Months; A11d why they are together here mentioned, ibid, §. 2. Tbe Occnrrences that foil o11t towards the expiring of theft Times here comp11ted. A11d jirjl,a general view and divijio1s ofthem, I 16 §. 3: The Ocet~rrences, verf. 1, 2. (the meaJit· rmg the Temple, Altar, &c. and the leaving o11t the Outward Court, and treading down the Holy City) more particHlarl; and fHUy explained, 11 g CHAI',