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of the R EV EL A T I 0 N. as in the Primitive Times, when Perfecution arore after the Death of Stephen, ~and that the Church of 'jemfolem _was difperfed; it wa~ an oc;caGon of furtl)er ~ fpreading the Gofpel unto other Natt~ns. So Waldus bemg htmfelf excommunicated, came into cp;cardy, and fo mto the LowCountms, and there, by his preaching, made many Dilci~les, and then went. mto Germany, and lafi of all into Bohemia· and Ins Followers were dtfperfed tnto Savoy, Lombardy, and the Countries on'this fide the A/pes; and Arnold11s his Companion went into Spain. Jnfomuch that cpoplinerilts the Hiftorian gives this Teftimony of them, That thefe W,r/dcnfes, (manger the Power of all Chriftian Princes) about the Year Itoo,did broach a Doctrine little differing from what the Protefiants now hold; and not only difperfed it through Ftance, butover all the parts o~ Europe. Of thefe things you may read at large m the Enghfh Htftory of the 11 aldenfes~ and in Bifhop Vjher's Book de S11cce/]ione Eccleji£. Thus. you fee they preachd, as here; yea, it was their Profe!lion; and they preach d to all :JI(jtrons, and the Dotirine they preach'd was only the Gofpel, and. to call Men from I?olatry to Worfhip God aright, (as you may read at large m thofe Books mentioned) as the Angel is here faid to do, verJ 7. But in an Age or two following, their Number encreafing in all Kingdoms, Verf 8. and their Light growing more clear, there follows out of this Company a Second Angel, who with open Mouth proclaims, That Rome was Baby/on, and the Pope that Beaft, and that Antichrift, in this Revelation defcribed,and ordained to Ruin. Which thing Wald11s did at the firfr but begin to mutter; for in one more ancient Breviary of the Articles of their Opinions, (as you have them in that forenamed Book, deSuccejfione Eccleji.c, Cap. 6. N. r6.) this is the firfl, concerning the Church of Rome, in thefe modefr words only, Romanum Pr£jitlum reliquis parem ejJe Epifeopis ; that the Pope of Rome was but equal" to all other Bifhops. But afterwards in the following Ages, their Followers grew more bold ; and in another Edition of their Articles, iri the fame Chapter, N. 17· yo.u find this, Romanam Ecclejiam eJJe Meretricem Babylonicam, that the Church of Rome was the Whore of Baby/on. Which thing the Profeffors in thofe next Ages did incul– cate.and infift on, and made it the eminent Article of their Profe!lion and Confeffion. But this was efpecially done by Wick/if! and his Followers, beginning about the Year T 37r in England; and after him by 'John Hut, and 'jerome o£ cprague, and their Followers, An-1.10}400. But then follows a Third Angel, more vehement than the refl, and that wa; Lutherand his Followers: and he proceeds,further, and G.ys, Tbat not only Rome is Baby/on, but that all thofe who cleave unto her Dotirine and Super– fritions, jhaU drink_ of the Wrath of God for ever; that is, be ae'rtainly damned, and go to Hell. He fhewing, that her Worfhip and Dofujne,(the Image of the Beaft) was a damned DoCl:riue, and laying ,to pen . the Falfhoocl and Errors of it fo manifenty, that now under fo clear a Light of the Gofpel as this Age held forth, it could never ftand ·with Salvation to live therein. ' And fo he urg_ed a feparation from Romeunder pain of damnation. ' The Voice of. this Angel is from verf ~, to 12. , , :._ · Thenfollows an Intimation, ,once for all, _of thofe Martyrdom! and blood~ Perfecuuons ofall thofe three Angels and thetr F<Jllowers,as the effect of thistheir Preaching, and ·as a Trial of the Truth of their l'>octrine, and ,their own Si!l– cerity: . 86, verfr2, Ij. Mereisthe:.PatienOe·Of,.th,e·Saints; ·.thit .is, here comc:s in Matter'for the 'trial of it. And ,for their encoqr2gemeQJ:,!Jtbe1·~,is ,a. cpmfor– table Acclamation fubjoined, Blejfed are thofe..thdt die in the. M.r4: Now how, upon ·the preaching. of all tho(e Angels, [email protected]. raifed, (which from. th~ Times ,of the. HeatheniflJ .and Arrian .J?~rfecut!o.m, . f\>.r the fpac<: ,Qf 8oo Years paft before, in the dark Times of Popery, the Church was free frQ!Jl) and ~hece followed the Martyi,P()ms·of the Followl!rs of Wafdus, Wic,k/iff, H.u, aod.Luther, and of thofe that.epibraced their .Qp, ('efpecially upon, and after'thls Thtrd Atigel:Spreaching) this the '6qo~ pf. Martyrs Will ~oform you; .J .- .· ..:1 .,.. . ' \'I • ' ....; I (ll 'J . • ... .. ' • · · In ,, .,. ' .I ~!