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rvfn ExPosiTION r~ after this great Reformation, he fhould a fecond Time obtain to have over thefe ~ Churches, about the Times of theFourth Vial, which is executed by the Angel that bath Power over Fire, who lS menttoned, verf. 18. Whtch prevaihng of his, the 1 It!J Chapter (the fcope whereof is to fhew how the Beafl:'s Reign is to end) does more fully fhew forth. Now when as the Holy Gholl had in this 14thChapter given the Story of that firll Separation and Reformation, as being fufficient to fhew the Foundation and Progrefs of this New Temple and True Church, eretl:ed in oppofition to the Falfe; be then breaks off, and prefents the general and common condition and fiation of Believers in this new eretl:ed Temple, feparate from the Church of the Beall, and fi·om its Doctrine and Worfhip; and !hews the Ju"dgments to be executed upon the Falfc Church all that while, until the of Chrill, entirely together in one view in the 15th and 16th Chapters. . Now this State and Condition of the Church, as firll breaking forth from un– der Antichrill, and fo coming out of Baby/on and Egypt, laid forth in this 14th Chapter, until Anticbrill's fecond prevailing, fpoken of Chap. 11. bath two Parts. r. Their firll Separation,in the dark and elder Times ofthe Gofpel, before the Reformation. 2. The Reformation it felf, made by Colvin and others. 1. The fir!\ Separation,made and continued in the Elder Times before Luther, bath three degrees of it orderly fet forth, as Ltght encreafed tn the Church, from verf. 6, to I 4· 2. The Reformation it felf, from the 14th verfe to the end. Firll ; Of that firll Separatimi. It bath three Degrees (:is was faid) (et forth by Three Angels, (as by whofe Minillry all the great things done in the Church and World throughout this Book is llill faid to be effected) who in their Voice and Cry rife higher and higher, and louder and louder againll Antichrill and his Company. The firll Angel who lays the Foundation of all, is faid to have the everlafting GoJPel to preach unto them that dwell on the Earth, and to every Nation, and TongHe, . and 'People, and fo to fly into the midjl of Heaven, as reaching his Voice to all. And he alfo calls upon Men to fear and worfhip God alone who made Heaven and Earth, verC 7· So that, the Matter of his Preaching is the Gofpel, which brings to light the free Grace of God in Chrill, for the jollification of a Sinner, and alfo the true Wor!l1ip of this.God alone; withdrawing Men from Idolatry and falf~ Worfhip of Saints and Angels, which the World was then overwhelmed with : which bccaule in thole Times tt was called the New GoJPel, therefore in oppofition to thatCalumny,the Holy Gholl calls it the Everlajling Gojpel, which was now rellored and ~:>rought to light. And by the preaching of thefe two Things to all Nations, was the foundauon of that whole Separation from the Pope that followed, firlllaid. Now this firll Angel's preaching, doth moll lively let forth the firll Prooeed– ings of Waldus and his Followers, who firll began to make Separationfrom Po– pi!lJ Doctrine and Worfhip. This Waldus, an Alderman of Lions in France, a– bout the Year of Chrill I 100, being Converted by occafi<in of the fudden death of a Friend of his, as they were walking abroad together, (which mightily ter– rified and amazed him; God ufing that as a means to humble him and bring him to Chrill) fell a preaching in that City,and converted many others to the Caving Knowledg of Chrill. And he being a Man learned alfo, (as even Popifh Wri– ters fay of him) opened the Scriptures,and turned them into the vulgar French. And he and his Followers thinking it their Duty to preach this Gofpel unto others, as did the Apo!lles; they forthwith fent abroad fame of their Company a preaching : Which when it came to the Ears of the Pope, they were prohibi– ted, as being Lay-Men. Bunhey affirming, it was better to ob'ey .God than Men ; and it being an Article of their Faith, unicniq1te licere VerhHm Del /i"berl: prcdictm, that it was lawful for any Man to preach the Gofpel; they went on jn the courfe they had begun, though they were perfecutcd for it. And look as