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88 Thefixt Sermon. for it. Andyet dealewith thefeand fuels likemen,for the euill educationof their children, and theywill anfwere,doe not wee as muchas is ofvs required ? Wee fend our children to theChurch to be inftrubted of thepattor,andto the fchoole to be taught ofthe matter; if they learnt, it will be the better for therm ; ifnot, they haste the more toanfwcre for ano- ther day,what canwee doe more.? But remember Oman,contder O tvoman,who foener thus fpeakeft,thatfor thyfinnes fake,and thy want ofprayer,theremay be a plagueupon Pdrrrtsmutt the pattorspawes, anda curfevpontheteachers trauaile :tfparents would haue their chil- Ore their chi drenbleffedatChurchandatfchoole,letthembewaretheygiuetheirchildrennocorrupt drenagood example at home,by any carelefnes,prophanenes, orengodltnes ,otlierwifèparents will example in doe them more harme at home, then both paftors and fchoolemafters can doe them theirprimate good abroade. For thecorrupt exampleof the one, fightechwith the good inftruftiou of famine' theother, which is fomuch the more dangerous, becaufe that corruptwalking is armed with natnre,and thereforemore forceably indinette theaffeftionsof children tothat licle. When to be And further, experience teacheth vs, that children like or millikemore by countenance, giotocathe- gefture and behauiour, then by any rule, dolrsne, precept, orinlftruftionwhatfoeuer. ch4c_hitdren. Some there be alfò,that will not haste their children taught, vntíll they beeten or twelue 'yeeres olde : becaufe (asthey fay) before that age, they haue but anapifh imitation. To whom I anfwcre,that although indeede theyconstat then deeplydike rue,nor profound- ly conceive things ; yet how sunny things beforetholeyeeres both will they receiucand . remember? And Idemand,ifchildren being apifh in imitatingeuill whileft they beyong, which they will haue the habitof when they be old, why may they not much more better doe apifhlygood when theyareyoung,whích they may doecarefully when they are old ? Befides,let them fo goe vntaught,and they willgrow fo headllrong,that they will fooner bebroken then betided. AndCure itis,that one ftripeor two words will doe snore good to a childe in the beginning,then a hundred (tripes afterward. And here let parents bee admonifbed of theirvnddcreete correêiion,who doe their children more bonne in'hew- ing a merriecountenance after theirdifcipline vied, then they doe good by their chalti- ryemrJt fang,alehough in their anger they be corre&ed. Neither doe Ipurpole tocakeaway natu7 morn'. and roll affeaions,and a Chraliau kiude of compaffìon in allour cenfisres : for it is my great pray in threat- complaint of the brutifh vnmercifulnes ofmanyparents herein ; but I would wifhClui- reLtionrefour ,f{iads to correfìtheir vndifcreete affeftions herein by heaucnlywrfèdomie. Neither am I children. foStoicallascodeniea more inildeand affablekindeof fpeech, to bee both lawfully and conueniently vied tochildren: butyetI wills it tobevoyde of all vnfeemely leurtie, and Houfebotdge- without all 'hewof foolifh, vaine and vnnecelfarie behauiour. To bebriefe,how need- raernment. full houfehold gouernment is towards our children,it may appeare by the Slender thri- uing and finall profiting ofreligion or vertue,either in the Church or Common-wealth. For complainemen,andpreach theyneuerfo much abroad,vnlefle they will begin to re- forme their ownehouies,and giue religion a robinsat home,eipecially in their ownharts, they fhall trauailemuch, and profit little. And fùrcly if men were carefull to reforme themfelucs lrft,and then theirowne familíes,they fhould fee Gods manifoldblef]rags in our landvpon Churchand Common-wealth. Forof particularperfons come families; of families townes ; oftownes prouinces; ofprouinces whole realities : fo that conueighing Gods holytrueth in this fort from one to another, in time, and thatfhortly, it would lo Thewntef fpread into allparts of this kingdome. Well I Ihy, let tlsere bee neuerlogood lanes stem- ,00feholddif° ties,neuer fopureorders in Church, if there bee no praaifeat home, iffathers of families cipline eau¡e vfe not doétrineand difcipline in their houles,and ioyne their hands to Magiftrate and ofmany toile. mìnitter,they may,but aloftvniultly(as manyhaue done) couiplaine that their children are corrupted abroad,whereas indeedethey were before, andRill arc corrupted at home. Alas, if parents to whom the comfort of their children well brought vp, is a precious crowns, will not informe and reforme their children in the feareof God,whom it duds chiefly concerne ;how Mouldhope fuihainethefe inen,th at others willperforne thisdu- tieforthem,towhom the chargedotsforre leffeappertaine? Laflly, letparentsremem- Anoteforpa- bet, that therefore oftentimes they haue difordered and difobedient children to thenr- nrote. iclues,becaule theyhaue beers difobedicnt children tothe Lord, and difordered to their parents