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THE WORKES OF THE REVEREND AND FAITHFVLL SER- VANT OF IESVS CHRIST M.RICHARD GREENHAM, MINISTER AND PREACHER OF THE WORD ofGod,colleEìed into one volume: REVISED, CORRECTED, AND PVBLI,SHED, FOR THE FVRL THER BVILDING OF ALL SVCH AS LOVE the trueth, and delire to knowthe power of godlineffe: By H. H. o /rand9, THE THIRD EDITION. ECC Í.Es.I2.2I. 2'üewordsofthe wijeorelikegoades, and likenailesfa37enedóythemaFfersaftbeam6liesi whicboregiuen by one Pallor, At London IneprintedbyFELIx KYNGSTON, for RALPH IACSON$ andareto befoldeat hisfhop in Paules Church-yard atthe figneofthe Swan. 16o 5.

TO THE RIGHT HOMO- RABLE AMID VERTVOVS LADIES; THE LADIE MARGARET COVNTESSE OF CVMBERLAND, AND THE LADIE KATHERINE. Counteífe Dowager ofHuntington : H.H. wifheth theincreafeof all true honour and comforts in this life, and after death a crowneof gloriewith IefusChrift. Slayfeeme topaffe the bounderof Chriflianmodetli, fo toprep intoyour prefence (`Right Honourable and vertuousLadies) without dueregard ofyour perfons andplaces.Butfuch isyour wzfdome, thatyoucan, and l =? yourhonourable af6ison, thatyou willheart with a otience the meant.££feruant ofJefus y come (Tight Honourable) as in the name of the faithfull feruant of Chrift, Ohl.R.Greenham, aman weli4nownevntoyourHonours, and to thofe mofl religious patrons ofallpietie andgood learning, the right-Honou- rable Earles of (bled memorie) of Huntington, Warwicke, and of' Bedford, tbhich notbPepe in the Lord. Of themmuch was he reeteren- cedin his lifetime ofyour Honours much lamentedafter death, forthat you knoete the Joffe o f fuch,tobeno(mall wracke vnto the Church andpeo- ple ofGod. mowfo it is (right Honourableand vertuous Ladies) that petitin thisdecliningage maxeth dailyveryfaint,andimpietiecloth.much abound: andGodbathnot onelyfeebeforeyou thofenobleexamplesfor imi tation,but alphash enrichedyour heartswithhisfaith,feareand loue, (as itwell appeares) to embrace his bleffedtruth, andtobe as nurftug-rnathers to theholyreligion of Chrifl. .Nótb then this good[truant of the Lord, Godgateehim (to recompencehis want ofnaturallchildren) manyfanner anddaughters begotten by the,Gofbell to thefaith ofChrifí, and fume "orphanshe left after him,which being cheri fbed and accepted withgrace Or Po(t- amongmen, f hailtruly refemble the ft hersheart, which begat them, andhomes. (landvpfor him,to#eake andpreachpietie,and the truefaithofChriato csl 3 palcritic.

TheEpift1eDedicatorie. pofieritie. Oneof tehiebafter ayeeres traue11 inthe forcing and education, coatedand attired (in thebent manner thatJ can) andnoie able tofjieake dttltìtËilyand comfortably the f thers mindeandmeaning to allithe f twilltonnes anddaughters of God in ourChurch; here y doe in loue vnf i teedunto him, anden deetie toyour Honours, humbly prefent ¡untoyour Honourable protention. ftbe holyGhat thought good, to commendhis great andmandiurne oracles (whichhaue afngularkindeoff jiirit,lefe,andpoliterin them,knoien Lúk.r+ to al1truebeleeuers) to the Churchandpeople of God, under the patro- ''i°b''' nage (as ititere) of honourableandvertuousNobilitie ,( for that fn/ere- ours neglent men the bell things, which their Supereours feeme leffe toac- count of, andexamples doebeft preuaile with vnbeleeners:) No maruell (right honorableLadies) iftheferuants ofGod defire the likefanourand patronagefor their labours,euen oftholewhom theLordbathletasbright fhiningflarresamong men. TourHonours (hall finde inthisfr1i portion of thisworke a deleníable andcomfortablevarietieofgraue experiencedcounfels,ibh. ichmayfern as preciousremedies (ßòifelt' applied) formany euils, andholydireftions for thegoodgouernmene ofa Chriclian life,andmoatdinine rulesgroundedvp- on Scríptures,andwellapprouedby his longprafti ,feruingwelltoappeals the rage, and to quench the fcorching flameandfieriedarts of the 'whichfotorment allPoore deflrefedconfciences inthis life. Such experience andgood liking haueyour Honours hadofthis man of God,ofhisgodlinesandgrauitie, andof the manifoldgifts ofGod in him, that recedefayno more, asanyway doubting ofyourHonourableaccep tation;,fhaue been bold thus toknit yourHonours together inthis oneé pifile,.becaufe Jamweafuredthe ¡ iritofgrace bath knit your hearts together,inhis f eth andfeare: andfor that youwere fo knit together in lose an f inedto thisholyferuant ofChrif:This worke then J com- mendauntoyour Honours,andyourHonoursand it,tothe goodbleflingandholyprotefion of the Almightie. .Tour11H. tocommaund: HENRY HOLLAND.

THE PREFACE TO THE READER. He lippesoftherighteousfeede many. The true dietof the foule . isan art moltrare, averydiuine facultie : Itmuff begraun- ted,thatthe liuelyvoyce ofthe Prophetsfeedeth moftef- fe&wally, fearching euen the fecret chambers of the foule, and working greateft imprelfions in the heart. The holy bookes and monuments of the righteous are as ftrong chefts and ftorehoufes, wherein God hath euer referued moftprecious foodefor pofteritie : neithermay we reied the induftrieofthe Heathen: for they haue fomefoode meete for liberallmen inmatters naturali, and politike, feruing well (ifdue regard and choifebe had) for our dire±ionin thingsappertaining to this prefentlife. Allwife men atlicir- cumfpeeîwhat they feede vpon, to preferue their bodies, and ought they not much more to be refpediue wherewith they feede theirfoules e Some regarde onelythelips ofthe righteous, and feede long before they be ftrong men, or hauetheir witsexercifed todifcernegood and euill. Some attend onelythe hand and bookesoftherighteous andthefeknowlittlehow foundly andtruly thebe- leeuersminde andheartbe fedbythebreakingof thebreadof life. Some regard neither: thefe men ftarue their fouleswith ignprance, and are felled in Atheifine andprophanenes. Someattend both, andhaue welltaftedofthe good word of life,and goe on from ftrength to ftrength,vnto themèafureof theage of the ful- nesofChrift.Someyet there are which neither regard righteous men, nor righ- teousmatter,butfeede * indifferentlyvpon all bookes alike, to the great hazard Ppher ;.r: of their owne foules: thefe men are varne, and feede themfelues with vanitie. *Yntenperan- Thediuellinelderagesin theblindePapacie, fedblinde fouleswith fables, and "erenuf eft. idleFriers inuentions : now mens witsbe refined, they can no more feede on pft s fuchdrie ftubble. Hefeedes daintieBares with choife ofwords, and vncleane a eo dr ¡center hearts with thevnehafteandwantonloue-fongs ofItalian Poetiie. Such foode ne`epaY:aq"ra Juperuaarádo- breedes many vncleanebeaffsin citie and countrie. Such mencannot lauethe dkeruataene, truth and holinessbecaufe theyare repleatewith errorand vneieanenes. M.vlfham, a man greatly to becommended for his learning and gooda maaeschool- feEtion to pietie,ofthismatter writeson thismanner. Thefe inchantersof Circes (faith he) broughtout ofItalic, marremens manners in England; muchby ex- " ampleof life,but more byprecepts of fondbookes,tranflated out ofItalian in- " to Englifh. Again; tenne Sermonsat PaulesCroffe doe notfomuch good for " mouingmen to true doEtrine, as oneof thofebookes lothharme with inticing " to ill liuing. I fayfurther, thefe bookes tend not fo much to corrupt honeft" liuing, as they doe to fubuert true Religion: MorePapifts bemade by your" A q. tnerrìe" 11 670562

TO THE READER. merriebookes of Italic, then by your earneft booker ofLouaine. This com- plaintought wifemen to confiderwellof,for thatthe worldwas neuermorefull of Italian conceites, nor men more in danger for the long contempt ofGods trueth to beItalianared. Thedietand cureof foules afflictedis averygreat my- fterie,whereinbut fewhaue trauelledtoreduce that matter intoanygood forme ofart,orto givevs anygood method ofpraétife. M. Luther, M.Be a, Vrbanus Rhegius, M.Taffin, and others,hauevery excellent formesof confolation; and manygodlybrethren in ourtimes haue miniftred good helpe for thecure of foulesafflided : but wanting art and good experience, we conceiuethe danger to be great,andoften (asblind Empyrikes) caufe itto be greater ; for thatwera- thergeffevncertainlie to appliegoodremedies; and fpeeches vntothe ficke, then knowhow toproceedeby any certaineruleof art,andwellgroundedppraétife.If 'oAf.),,2 thenatural! Phifition might truly fay, as touching his facultie, * Vitabreui, ere. much moreaffuredlie may thefpirituall Phifition prefixefuchan Aphorifineto =tit át °.ñ all this myfteriewe haue inhand. Forherein thegodlielearnedknow it a matter farre moredifficult to fudge what fecret caufes breede the hidden diftemperof 64j e;t4or the foule : and here it isfaire moredangerotis to proceede onely by experience, T >r "IX`' without artand skill.AndherewemuftascatefullierefpeEtalloccafionsandcir- A°M "mot` cumffancesoftimenlaceand perfons: araword okeninduetime,islikeana le , P f PP ícvrq ye°ìt ofgolde withpildaresaffluer: fo thecontrarie,vnfeafonableand impertinent fpeea '9 , chesbemoltdangerous. a.Aph, ipp.Gb. Thepatienthere muff doe his part, groutidespatientaádiuuat : andThe aíïi- Prou.o5tI. Rants mutt beof like tenderaffedlion, and goodmeanes muft informe and time. Cyp''rY'cE°r'° conuenientand rightlie be applied. *It fareshere withvsas with other men in or. va- itare, humane fciences, we knowe the afflictions ofthe mind to be very great and °ta¢mum epe dangerous,but howgreat and perilous, all men cannot fo well conceiuc, much folem Plolofo- g pbu,probabrt, leffe howwith art andskill to proceedein the practifeof this cure. ,purmtu,,¡r, This reverend manofGod M. GE s s s s A m, was a man inhis life timeof 'x,:',671-V- greatho e and couldhaue iuenbelt rules for this vnknownefcultie : for that Troll & heLord goodknowledgeandexperience, re(tored many.fromvnfpeake -. ereuusme able torments,and terrorsofminde; ofwhichfome are afleepeinChrift, andas procc:,r. ¡edvt liuin notafew. If theLord had not fo foone tranflatedhim to refl., he was procedat,mpe- yet g rrartda rua no doubt as firand aswillingas anyinourage to effe&this matter. Ofhisknow q"reda' ledge thisway, all the godly learnedthatknew him, both canandwill fpeake, I etpafio .se- doubt not. Ofhis goodwill herein to pofteritie, lethis ownewords tel the. =a spli$s ggood defiresof hisheart : for by a fpeciall occafion he fpeaketh ofhimfelfeon Initie Apo. ,.this manner. He bath hada longtimeafetled difpofirion (ashetrufteth) ofGod, logic. to ftudie thecafes ofconfcience,to fuccourtheperplexedin them: hebathbeen fo filledwith compaífionto theafflióted, (whichGod wrought inhisheart) as if ,, hehadbeen diftreffedwith them : He bath feenethemanifoldbleffingsofGod , vpon histraueil. Againe,that manygodly learned friends would perfwadehint In the fame to theaforefaidftudie, bythefe and filch like arguments. Firft, that herebyhe. booke. ,,, might rrainevpforieyounger men to this end,andcommunicatehis experience. with them.Secondiy,that he mightleauevnto pofteritieacommentarie offuch ,, particularmaladies, as through Gods bleflinghe hashcured, together with the meanes vfedto that end: andbecaufeprecepts arewanting, rules ofdire&tion in fuchcafes (byathrough fearching, witha diligent and continual! obferua ioonn and

To THE READER. and conferencewith otherslearnedand experienced) might in this age,or in the;; agefollowing,be broughtto fome forme of method andart,wherebytheknow - ledgeand experienceoftheft things might bemade common tomany,not one-,, ly to the fruitful! curing, but alfo the healthfull preuenting of manifolde mil - chiefes. Thusfarre hisownewords. Let there graue Counfels and fruitfull obferuations in this firft part ofhis " holy workes, (which I haue here publifhed) teftifiehose mindfull and carefull hewas for many yeeres,to giue hereina comfortabledirection forpofleritie. I am themeaneftand theweakeftof manybrethren to write of this reuerend manslife,and labours in the Churchof God : yet hadI rather be notedof fome for want ofskil1, thenofany for want ofloueand affection tofo louinga father. I haueknownehislife for many yeeres, and reioyce in heartto haueknowne for that moltraregracesof Gods fpirite did(bine in him, all tempered as with faithvnfained vnto Chrift, fowith bowelsofcompaffionand louetowards men. Inhis holy Minifterie,hè waseuer carefull toauoìdeall occafionsof offence,de- firingin all things to approue himfelfeas theMinifter ofChrift; hemuch reioy- cedandpraifed God forthehappie gouernment ofourmoft gracious Queene ELIZABETH,and forthisbleffed calmeandpeaceofGods Church, andpeoo plevnderit ; and fpakeoftenofit bothpublikelie and privatelie, as he was occa- froned,andhissedvpthehearts ofall men what he couldtopray, and to praife God withhimforkcontinuallie : yea, thismatter foaffettedhim, that the day, beforehis departure outof this life, his thoughts were much troubled, for that menwerefo vnthankfull for that ftrange and hàppie deliverance ofour molt gracious Qeene,from thedangerous confpiraciesandpraEtifes ofthat time. He was thefpeciall inftrument and handofGod tobring many, both godlie and D. topes. learned,tothe holyferuice ofChrift,inhisMinifterie,and to reftraine,and to re- ducenot afew fromfchifme and error, ftriuing alwaies to retaine fuch in obe- dienceoflawes,and preciouflieto efteemeand regarde the peaceofthe Church andpeopleofGod. When Godhad tranflatedthisElias fromvs, thenlfoughttofindéhim in his workes: for they doe liuelieexpref£e thepiéture ofhis miedeand heart,andtafte fweeteiie ofthat pure fountaine of God, from whence they were deriued. Whilehe liued,his lips often refrefhedmy foule: whenhewas gone, I lamented WIG writ e much thatí hadnot in Chriftianitie made that vfeofhim,that aHeathendoth Gcilu. o£anatural1 wife man inhumanitie..But now I praife God I haue found fonte rwn good£upplieofthat which (through mineowoenegligence) I wanted : for of hisworkes (whichwere thendifperfed farreand neere, but nowby Gods proui- dence thegreateft and belt part are come intomy hands) I canfay formy con- tentas muchas Cyprian couldfay ofhis graue, auncient and learnedTertullan, Damihivatn both for £peciall inftruótion and confolation, gutrum. Hewas nofoonergone fromvs,but fómerefpeeting gaine,andnotregarding, godlinef£e,attempted forthwith to publifh fome fragmentsofhis workes, to the griefe (thatIfay nomore) of many louingfriends,which haue longdefiredand expeEtedtheimpreffïonofall hisworkes. And here could I with all the godlie learned wereof *M. Francis runiusiudgement, forhe (toefcape there huckftets *m hisEpiS9s handling) endeuourswifelie inhis lifetimetopreuentfuchamifchiefe. For this be ohiau caufe MA/Crooke, (a reuerend manfor his learningandlabour in the Church ueuaasion, well

To THE READER. well deferuing ofGods people) forthe great loue he bare him,anddefining the good of many,perufed and correctedfome part of thefe works, intendingto re- uiew the whole.Now the Lord bath takenhim alfo fromvs,and giuen him reff; I haue indeuoured what I could to looke ouer thereft ofall thefe worker ; and hereI offer and recommend thisEft partto the ChurchofGod,inthebeft man- nerthat I can, afterTome labour and wearines. I wantednot the helpeofdicers bothgodlie and learnedfiiends,we haue conferred fundriecopies together, and by good conference reuifedand corrected all. TheTreatife ofCounfels I found moftdiffra fed afidcorrupted. Of many hundreds I felecedthefe few, and haue reduced them into thisalphabeticall or- der,defiring fo todifpofethem,as thateuerie counfell mightbefet vnder one fpe- ciallhead orargument, whereunto it feemed to hauemolt reference. As forex- ample,all of affections I couched vnder that title Aprs c T r o xs, and all of aftiâions,vnder thattitle,and foofthe reft. Of thefe Counfels I may auouch (Chriflian Reader) that thou (halt finde more experiencedknowledge, and more found refrefhing for thy foule in fore one of them, then in fome one , wholeScrmon,fullofhumane eloquence,and affectationofffile,which fomany nice cares doefomuch admire, and yet ffillbe learning and comebuttoa poore and meane tafle andknowledge of thetrueth. When thisvolumewas finifhed and paff the preffe, in reuiewing thewhole, for thecorre&ionoffome verball faults : I feeand mutt confeffewe haue offen- ded by our negligence,notonely in the words,butalto in thematter: yet foas I truft thelouingand Chriftianreaders,will acceptourendeuourwithout offence. In theCounfels ye haue oftenthis addition, bethought this, orhefaid that: hereI muff requeft thee(Chriftian reader) notto iudgeany fuchfpeeches to.proceede M. Ho;kin:. from anyprideorfingularitie: forthatfuchobferuations (asI fuppofe) were col- *Heeknewe right wellshe lededand takenby *others,and not fetdownebyhimfelfe. Ifhis owne hand Peet:wi"' had , iuen thefeworkes the laft filing,they might haue (no doubt) afarre more eounkih fate excellent forme and beautie. But. fuch were histrauels in his lifetime in p0mparmr fan- gmirearmelre- .-préachingand comfortingtheafAiófed,thathe couldnot poffiblie prelnndite, Ieaue there workes ashe deftred. In thatone treatifeof the m0d 9101mm[- radaes&mmt- SabbothI foundhisown hand,with many*cor- taMora mer- reótions,and yet not anfwering(Iam cair,argmeper- feetum deems wellaífured)his hearts non saiSmamir define. advnpm. TO

etranE/Ar `TO THE CEIRISTIAN READER, CONCERNING THIS LAST EDITION OF all thefe worker. Hereareforareyearespai lfinelfirllpurpofed the.colledionandpublid' flungof all thefeworker . Tw thouhalt (goodreader) animprfon ofall (which hitherto I haue collec7ed) in this forme thou reelt, that foby Godsgoodprouidencethey may thebetter bereferuedao a ho- ly monumentforpofteritie. Concerningwhich, be aduert f d'againe tst ': (good Chriftian) that whereasfome bookesferue well for the in- erea/iofknowledgeindiuine mysteries, in the coups andmeanes offaluation,-yet thou mullremember not torch` herein :for many berich inknowledgewhich beverypoore,ancl barren in obedience, contentedonely to lobeon theend farre off,'andthinking that when lakefilayles they creepe inthe way, tooforward,andmake too much halle tofollow Chrilt. cilnd againe,whereas otherslabour muchand togoodpurpofein booker ofcontro- ueries again}i alltheprofedenemies oftheGofßell:thisfludiealtobath not thelikefruite inallfrtsofpeople, for howfoeuerfume profitmuch, thisway the Church ofGod in the confutationofalltheaduerfariesofthe Goffiell: yet in very many, thefebookes helpe little togodlines, butratherfill theheadsand hearts ofmenwithafpirit ofcontradictionand contention, as our common experiencedaily teacheth vs. Thisgoodferuant ofChi&in all thereworkes,doth notonely teachand informe the winde infundry argumentshandledin this volume,concerning truth anderror,thatfoin judgement wemightreceiue theone and reiell the other : but me principallyref/eeleth bathewhole, toedfe the heartand confci- ence, beingwellaffured , thatthispaitbath mollneedin mollChriftianofdireti/onand confolation: andaswebeinthispart affelled,fòbeweinfbfiance andveritie beforeGod. Forthiscaufehedeireth andlaboureth moll in all there worker; toflirre vp theheart,and to quickenaffellions to embrace truegodline , thatfobeingfrecdfromfin by the bloodof Chr/l,and madetheferuantsof God, wemighthaue ourfruitin bolines, andthe Hcb.9.14; endeternalllife.InthislaiImpreüon Ihaue carefullyreuifidandcorreFtedin the whole R°m6.zs. worke,allthe faults,Whicheither by mineowne private reading,orbythehelpe ofother wingfriends, I couldobferue inwordormatter. HereFreiaftermuchwearinesandrime, weaken, requehiing thy prayers(good Chr f ian Reader) thatnowallthefe holyworks thusknit together, mayferiteto Godsglorie, andtothefurther buildingofthe Churchof GodinourLand. Thine in the Lord Iefus. HIINRCY HOLLAND; 4

: Eff A SHORT VIEW OF ALL SVCH TREATISES AND MATTERS AS BE containedin all thefeworkes. in thefirftPart. Thefirftportion is ofgraue Counfels,&c. from page a. to page 43 ThefecondPortion baththef Sermonsfollowing. 1. Of quenching theSpirit. I.Thef.5.r9. 2. OfMurmuring. Exod.16.z. 3. OfZeale. Reue1.3.19. 4. Of agoodName. Prou.22.1. 5. Of Humilitie. Prou.18.12. 6. OfEducationof Children. Prou.17.zr. 7. OfRepentance. Adt.2.37 8. Meditations on Prouerbs 4. verf.13. to23. 51 59 65 69 77 86 91 96 7hethirdPortioncontainetheyghtTreatifes. 1. Afweete comfortforanafffi&edCònfcience. 125 2. A fecond treatifeofthe fameargument. 142 3. Themarkes ofa righteousMan. 148 152 153 158 201 203 4. Sure fgnesofEledtton. AtreatifeofContradt. 6. Atreatifeofthe Sabboth. 7. Notesof Saluation. 8. Adire&ionforthe readingof Scriptures. The fourth portion isa fhort Catechifmewith three comfortableletters. 211 .xr4$,° Thefeconcipart hatb 7 r. Chapters containing asfolloweth. Thea. ChapterisofChriftian Admonition. 255 The 2. Chapteris oftheformes and rulesof Chriftian Admonition. 257 The 3. Chapteris of Adulterie and youthfullAffedions. 261 The 4. Chapteris ofAffedion. z64 The 5. Chapteris of Afflidtion. cad. The

The Contents. The6. Chapter is ofAnger. F< The7. Chapteris ofAngels. 26 The 8. Chapter is ofBaptifme. ear' . The9. Chapter is ofCouetoufneffè and deftreofriches. 268 Theto Chapteris ofCare,Couetoufnelfe and Contentation. 269 Then. Chapteris ofour general' andfpeciall Calling. 27ò The 12. Chapter is of Conference and wifdome in the gouerntnent of the tongue. 272 The 13. Chapter is of theChurch. 273 The 14. Chapter is oftheConfeffionof finne. 274 The 15. ChapterisofConfcience. 275 The 16. Chapter is of Cenfureandcorrection. 277 The 17. ChapterisofCeremonies; thingsindifferent,andof turning Chriftian libertieinto vnchriftian wantonnes. 278 The 18. Chapter containeth godly meditations concerning Chrifts power a- gainft Sathan,&c. 279 The 19. ChapterisofDeathandludgement. 281 The 2o. Chapter is offhortnesoflife,anda meditationof Death. 284 The 21. ChapterisofDulnes offpirit andof feeling. 287 The 22. Chapter is ofCatechizing andinftructionofyouth. 288 The 23. Chapter is of Examplesand diuersoccafionsof finne. 291 The 24. Chapter isof Examination,andofthegouernment oftheEyes. 296 The25.Chapteris ofexercifes'ofreligionand thecarefullvfeofthemeanes. 298 The 26. Chapter is ofthe gouernmentof theEyes. The 27. Chapter isofFaith,Iuftification,and Feeling. The28. ChapterisofFeare. The 29. Chapter is ofFriendihi ,Familiaritie,Familie, &c. 309 The 3o. Chapter is how toprof tt whenfinnes forfakevs. 311 The 31. Chapter is ofGodlines, and by what meanes we muff drawe neere to God. 314 The 32. ChapterisofGods freegrace,iufticeandmercie. 317 The 33. Chapter is ofGods wrath,iufticeand mercie. 321 The34. Chapteristokeepewatch and wardouerour hearts. 325 The 35. Chapteristowatch narrowlyouer theheart andaffections. 329 The 36. Chapter is of hearing Gods word. 332 The 37. Chapter is of Humilitieand pride. 336 The 38. Chapterisof Hypocrifie and hardnes ofHeart. 339 The 39. Chapter is ofHereticand manycorruptkindesofknowledge,andhow thediuell peftereththe Church with euill teachers. 344 The 4o. Chapter is oftheJudgementsofGod andhisthreatnings.. 346 The 4r. Chapterisofloyandforrow. 348 The 42. Chapteris ofIniuries,offences,and controuerfies. 351 The 43. Chapter isof ludgement andfollic,iudgingand praifing. 355 The 44. Chapter is ofKnowledge and ignorance. 357 The45. ChapterisofMiracles andmeaner. 360 The46. Chapter is of Magiftracieandgouernment. 363 The 47. Chapter is of Matrimonie. 363 The 300 303 08

The Contents. The48. Chapter isof the Miniflerie. The4g. Chapter is oftheMiniflerie. The 5o. Chapter is ofGods promifesand truethofthe word. The 51. Chapter is of Murmuring. The 52. Chapter isof Patiencevnderthe croffe. 367 371 377 385 385 The 53. Chapteris of Predeflination andperfeuerance. 388 The 54. ChapterisofProfperitie and aduerfitie,ofgriefeand temptationsmci. dentto it. 389 The S5. Chapter is of Profperitie. 393 The 56. Chapter isof Prophecie and Preaching. 394 The S7. ChapterisofGods Prouidence. 397 The 58. Chapter isofPrayerand Meditation. 399 The 59. Chapter is ofRepentance. 403 The 6o. Chapter is ofRiches and their abufe. 407 The 61. Chapter isof Sacraments. 410 The 6z. Chapter is ofSinne,andhow to abfleinefrotnthe leaft. 412 The 63. Chapter is ofPhifickeanddiet,fickneffeand health. 417 The 64. Chapter isofSathanspra&ifes,of Schifine,and Securitie. 420 The 65. Chapter isof Parents,educationof Children, &c. 422 The 66. Chapter isofGodsworfhipand religiontrue andfalfe. 424 The 67. ChapterisofRegeneration andSanélification. 427 The 68. Chapter is òf theSabboth. 432 The 69. Chapter is ofthankefgiuing,andrighrvfcofthe creatures. 436 The 7o. Chapter is of Temptation. t ` 437 The 71. Chapter is ofTrueth& errors,finceritie and contempt ofthe word.44o The7z. Chapter is ofWitchcraft andvnbeleefe. The 73. Chapter is. ofthe Word of God,and of the confirmationof it by wonders. 446 The 74. Chapter isofgoodworkesandour obedienceto the word: 450 The 75. Chapter isof Zeale. 452 Thethirdand laflpart bath thefèTreatife.r following. The 1. Treatife isofthe Refurreclion. 462 The z. Treatife is ofan examination before and aftertheLords Supper. 474 The 3. Treatife is ofGodsFeare. 481 The 4. Treatifeisof Hypocrifie. 487 The 5.Treatife conraineth anroo.graue Counfels ordiuiueAphorifines. 491 The 6. Treatifeis'of Anger, 498 The 7. Treatife is ofBleffedneffe. 5o1 The 8. Treatifeisof Failing. 504 The 9. Treatife is alarge Comment containing verycomfortable andfrpitfull meditations on the119. Pfalme. 509 8'S

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AN EPTGRAMME TO THE READER. rrHe thisíliefasle,tbat fainteth in tbevváy; Orbungor bitfar heauentyfoode Both tong; Thevmeariedliart, thatpanted aUthevvay, Lipprertvvitb fearts,andbome-bredgrtefiramong; The blinded eye,thhatbunts thefhintngruy, or miedeenthralde,through Scans unity ''rang; Let hither farefarcomfort to theirnode , Forfmotbered flamesagreaterfre'sellbreed. THE MATH AND WORKS OF MASTER GREENHASM, S +Orme ski lfnUCaruer beigemotoendarfe bletfedfione that hidethG RE5HH A144 corne Mahemea tree svborebrancbesvvítbered beene, Andyet the leanesand frú t aremergyms,. Themerethe fiocke dyes let themflour:Jh more, Andgrovvmorekindly gretnethenearl? befits, SetTimeand EnuíegaGmgat themote, Curfmgtheir boodep hand,andflidnigfrote. Letall theGraces fir them in the foods, AstdpuUthofeleaues whole beautie cannotflode. IGRE 5 NHAM, if this eantiottbyvvertbdefcriary That thou encedead,ibyvvorkes areRillélime, WouldJmight fay Myfetfe couldneuerda , But emulate thyworkseremitic. . `fierefibres flreames fleall quench thy boyle tg heate, Andbony devves thyhungrie ftomackefill; Herefvveete Repoli smith ComfortJbab intreate, Tbevvounded bread to cure with -bufse skill, Henceftuh thy ranromehovvfoeuergreat, Amineoftreafbres are in thtsfairebill ; From vvbofebie toptby feared eyes mayfee Aglorious lighttbatfhau enlightenthee. Thefireanies areblood,tbedevveis breadfrom hearten, The ref The ranfome from thecroffe%mere free lygiuen, Thelightisfait b, vvbichdarknes all deffroye$. Thricekappamantbatguides his flepsfe men, Asins pure lightnogloomte darkeannoyes. His ranfom'dfa le eternal' ioyesJbal'vin, rehen timelydeatbfháU bleffeelltfebegin. Ed.Çy VPON HIS SABBOTH. wesGxst4HAMmritetboftbe Sabbaths reffq His fouleinioyes that vvbichhispen expreíí: His vvorke juicy s not vvbatit felfedothfay, For itfhaUneuer findeonereftingday. A thoufandhands f haU to f feeatbpageanAline, VVbicbPall bepanned byatboufandeyne. ThatSabbotbs reSi,or thisSabbotbsvnreit, IHardisto fay whether ittbebá(picñ.

--r--F--- GRAVE COVNSELS) AND GODLIE OBSERVATIONS: SERVING GENERALLIE TO DIRECT ALL MEN IN THE WAIES OF TRVE godlineffe,butprincipally appliedto inftru h and comfort all afflitedcon- fciencrs. t4ffèólions. E vied this trial( ofhis affebtions, as ofanger, griefe, boy, or filch like,in thismanner : If bythem lie was Madelefie fic to prav,more vnableto doethe good he fhould, leffe carefully toauoide finne ; rriallofa/fct thenhe thought his affcdion carnali and cads, andnot ofGod : tionr but when his anger, loue, griefé, andother affe&ions prouoked himmore to pray, and made him fitter to doe good, then he thought hisaffe&tons tobePent fromGodas a Meilingvntohim. 2 God fhewethvs often in ouraff'e ions, whatwe may doe in our outward aétions. 3 SomelabourMore for knowledge, lciFefor affeaion : fomemore for affeaion, ieOego,tolabour fòr knowledge : fame bufie themfeluesin Church-difcipline, and are (lender lighted infrkoo,eledge , theirpriuie corruptions: fome bediligenttoefpie things inothersabrOad,andnegligent to andlectron. trie themfelues at home: butit is good tomatch both together. .. q Raregood things arepleafant,but byvfe arelefie efteemed: and raremill thingsaré fearefull, butby vfe become Idlegrreuous. This comestopaffe, becaufè we rather bringNatsralla with vs natural( affeélions, y , vy,;and forrow, and feare, than fpirituall meditations, tàons. which areonely of the trueíòy an forrow., ç Wemutt euerlearnt to fulpef'our owneopinion and affeaion, when the cafeany tvberto¡uf thingconcerneth vs. pelt aJ/eaiso,. 6 He Paid, that whenfor fome caufes natural( affeaion deceiued him: yet the ordi- see more tick nanceof caufedhnn todoe duties. o¡àudgemeat, 7 He thought it not goód attablet., be extraordinarieeither in ioyor forrow, vnleffe feíí.r. it werefor fome fpeciall caufe : butratherit were conuenient, privatly toa godly friendor before theLord topowreout our hearts,and afterthe exampleoflofeph to make our affe- l'ionsknówneas little in companie as may be. tilfflictioris. i HE thoughtall afi?i&ions,to beputungs ofhimtoGod from fiothfulnes. Slothfulnes, z Icisamolt certainethingin Gods children, that themore their of li5hions grove, themore. their faithgroweth: the moreSachan f riuethtodrawthem fromGod, shemorethey drawe neere to God: although indeedein feeling theycannot fee fomuch. peeling, 3 ManycanfpeakefairethingsinthecaresofGod ,folongastheybeinafhi&ion:but afterwards theywill fpeakceulli things in, thecaresof heauen and earth. 3 4 He

(jraueCounfels 4 He raid toone complaining offudden gripes and nips in the body,of fuddcnfcates in the minde, that we fhould makeour vfeofthem: andthoughkwere hard tofearch the off:ddeñ v- particular caufeofthem, it was both calk and furs to attribute it to our fayling ïh reli- pee aradnlpr gion, innot doingfome good which God required at our hands : orifwecdid it, becaolè ntr ëe eeie, we were too ceremoniall,and reftedinthe thing wrought. Ifwe haue failed in notdoing, andfearee in it maybe the Lord called, vs to fame thing to be done. Againe, by thelè Faddenfeares thheminde andgriefes, the Lord will fometime prepare a nay to come votevs,not much vnlikc to a Prinec,whobefore his c omming bath a Pealeof gunnes as a warningpeece,and thenwee are to r,;eece the Lord with prayer : for now isthe time, now is the fit oportunitie ofpray- ing, becanfe the Lord will fhortly paffe byvs, and thereforewee mutt Itirre vp our (clues. Andhoningpraged, it isgood to makean holyperfect after him, as lay inga godly claime tothe proig fey of Godmot iu particular,but engenerall : for who knowethbut theLord, what isgood inparticular for our faluation.Herehe ¡hewedby hiso wise example,to com- mend the aleof prayer, how he being once feared withdecemrable and grivelons vi (ions, -Ile called towinde (beingalone in the darke night ) the vnbelcefe ofthe Dtfcipics otíthe Seas,where our Saviour Chrilt was alleepe :'then lee askedhis owne foule whether he had Prayer. prayed orno, or whether inpéayer, hemade icorfoncehafieout ofit,as beingdefireusto be rid ofic.Titen coufideringthat,he gauehimfelfe to God,whowasthe Lord of thenight as well as of theday, ofdarknes,aswell as of the light, he prayed againe, and to the praife ilept more quietly,then after Ise did fo Brine infaithful 'prayer. aaljli(lians s Inafdiaionswee mutt fearch the caufe: Brit b,yafcendingto God, thenby defeen- todcfceud i,¢0 ding intoour fèlues. Firft,wee muff afcend to God pleadingguiltie,crauing mercie,and ."01"6-'d not Rand quarrelingwith themalice of men,or hatredof thecimril againil vs : for as it to fiend to were no good wifedomeforaman,condemnedtodye,toinakeanylongfiiitetothelay- Ged: Uctü.go:r,z; lor,orto theexecutioner,(forthey bebut vnderofficers and can donothing)buthemutt ;.q. labour todie Iudge,who caneither reprieueor releafe him: fo it is no good polictetoBand Simile. about Satan inour temptations,wbo clods all byconftraineandreft raincvnder the Lord: but themuff goe to theprincipall,tbat is God, inwhole hands are'both the cnterance,ttte continuance,and the iffctes of our fùf Brings. Secondly, wee mull fearch our felues,how vhe di,seltcan farce either reafon is vnreformed,or affeeîions vnrenewed: knowing that thedivell him- ccci oCtvr,till rea- vve fon tor curafsifitionsdifordercd, in thatme-aforeare eveweake, and callertobe o.arfetder p ouerchrowne of mentorof Satan : and in what meature our reafon is found,and our rffe- eefionsfi:.cere,in thatmeafureweremaineìnuincible. Before, and in allwe mutt sc dpray tieat theIpirit may be giiten vi,that weneitheradde nordctrael,that we goynot toofarce, nor . come too Blom 2h, ero edud, 6 lfGodbellow goodgifts on aman,itwere good to feele Ioniccroffetofealeandfea- fealear dfeafon fonthem in vs. If'Godglue vs foodeand raimene,itwere good to be exercifed with fame Godsgraces cro(îè. idas. 7 He that will hatecomfort in his triall and trawls, mud haue agooci confcieuce, a found caufe,and mull be fore that hebathvied and dotie vfe found,dttcreete,and louing meanes. 8 We mullnot likefOoles Bumble at die croffe,butprofit bythe grace offered to vs in it,by repentingourformer Batepall,and bygiuing thankes forour It ate preient,andfea- ring our Bateto come. 9 It is a great corruption inmen,tobe more grieu.-l when the crolie privatlytoucheth themfeiues,thanwhenpublikely is concerned, thewhole Church and common- wealth. to Being in greatpainsandmires which Ise fulTered,he fayd,Blef ed he God that I fuffer nosnore :tor the Lord that in mercie laieth this of i &ionvponme,míght sadlypu- nidr me in my foule and bodiceand calfme into hell, andas Toone haue taken awaythe lifeofmy fouleand bodie,as thisthing, r.cC;aozdïna- se To one complaining that his afiltions were extraordinarie, he anfivered : It is lie affi tmien in not fo,for your affltáionsare farce inferiour to your finnes : and therefore howfoeuer it appearance. feemeeh toyou to bean extraordinarie afiltion,yet withGod it is but ordinane,or lefíè than

erndgodl o6ferueitioni. than ordinarie. Refides, this isa dangerous temptation :for it will bring you tothis con- ceit,that you (hall reafon thus inyour felfe,thatan extraordinarie crole muff hose anex- traordinarie comfort,andthereforeyoumuff Tooke for Tomewonderfull and Prange con- folation, whereby Satan willmoue you to contemne,or atfeat notfo to regard ordinarie confolations,wlüch haue helpedothers, and may helpe you,andby thismeanes breede in youfuch vnthankfulnes, that before you are aware, an extraordinarieof h%tion shall be fent indeede. r z He thatwill fuffergreat thingsin perfecution,muft fülferfmall things inpeace,and they that will fuffer ofPapifts,muft fuffer ofProteftants. vinger. r His isa good triall,wlsether our angerbefpirituall orcarnalI; ifour anger hinders I notfomeotherholyaófion,butPirresysvptogoodworkes ;ifithindervsnotto praywith libertie ofminde ; if it interrupt not ourmeditations ; ifwee doe notomit the doingofany dutietothe partieoffending vs; ifwe can deale with others without peeuifh- nes,then our angeris fpirituall,and will comfort our confciences. z Hewas euermoP griesed with anger, yetin lone,witls themwhom lie tendredmoP in theLord,andwhohad giuen himmolt credit, byfubmitting themfelues wholy to his ntinifterie. t4ngelr. t TOone,askinghowtheAngel sofGodwatchouervs,heanfwered:weareratherto pray for the experienceof their minifterievoto vs, than either to defcribe it, or prefcrrbeit.Thisisfure, rfwebeGods childrenand walkein his waits,theAngelsofGod pfal.yr, doe watch ouervs,and yet allfee itnot,and whenthey fee it, it is bythe effectof their tni- Heb.r. nilterie : forthough their minifterie becertaine,yet themanifeftatió ofit is extraordinary. tAtheifine. 't A Certaineman beinga Papiff,though not fogroundedas lice delhred tobe, tooke 171,yiew ofthe life of Papilts,if it were as glorious intruth asthey pretended,which when hefound not,he turned himfelfeto the Proteftants, and looking into their comer- fation,he foundhimfèlf not contented,vntil in the end hemet with Familifts,in whom he foftaied himfelfe,that hegrewinto familiaritie with theirdodtrine.Thefirltprinciple that, theytaught him,was,that there was noGod : This boyldmuch in him,fothat he began to adde conclufionsto lais precept on this fort: Ifthere beaGod,he is notfo haft &mcrcifull as they fay : ifthere be noGod,there isneither heauen, norhell ; or iftherebe any, the io esarenotfoeternall,northepainesfocontinuall,asfomehauetaught: Why then doe I fell mycertaine pleafures in this world,forvncertaine pleafures in the world'to come ? This diuelifhillulion fofarrepreuailed,that hee Role anhorfe,for which hewasapprehen- ATrtyi¡ì bro ded,imprifoned, arraigned,and condemned : but, by the prouidenceof God, heconfer- rouea17:.- ringwithagodlyMinif ter,cotifeffedliimfelfeanAtheift,whereu onfutewasmadeandAsshp,adI grauntedfor his reprieuing untill the next afhfe,in hopeof his conuerf,on,in which time, Atdeit,anAbti hewould willinglygraunt all general! truthestaught him,with likingof Isis teachers,but couldnot byanythingbe broughtfromhisAtheifine. Theafliife following drewneere,he is to beexecuted,the place is affigned,theperfonneedes muft beexecuted, who when hee fhouldbe turned from the ladder,cried lb direaly,for Chrifts fake flaymy life : where- upon hee fpakethefe or the like words :Well, let the world faywhat they will,doubtleffe thereis a God,and the fame God is iuft forcuer tohisenemies, and euerlaflingly keepeth Isis mercieswithhis children,now turne me ouer : and fo he made anend of lus fpeecb, and ofhisdayes. a He feared rather Atheifne than Papifine in the Realme: formany hailing efcaped outof thegolfe of fnperftition,are now too farre plunged and fwallowedvpof prophane- nele,thinking either thatthere is noGod,orelfe that he isnot fo fearefulland merciful!, as his threatmngs and promifes commend him to be. B a Calling,

4 graue Counfels Calling. Certaine manaffliéted inminde, began, through the temptation ofSaban, Themifliking "Eo,+ to millike Isis calling,and chaungedit,afterward he thought thiscalling and that ofour callingsbovv ona time calling g tobe reat paineinhis legge, and being defirgous to got. fromhis bed daungerous to his tablefor a booke,he couldnot, his legge remaining lore : Then remembring that it was fayd in theScripture,If thyfooteoffend thee, cut itoff; heftràight way laying hiskg on a blocke,and taking ahatchet inhis hand,ftroake offhis legge, notfeelingpause, the veynes being fotorne,lse could not but bleedeto deáth,howbeithedyed verypenitently: 1òdangerous apolicie,and foperilous. a temptation is it,to leaueourcallings as thingsvu lassfull. Meditations z Agodly Gentlewoman fayd, that even inher ordinarielabour, filetatted oft,ofas in tabour. heauenly meditations, as ifallthings ordinarielayd afidethe had giuenher wholeminde toattend vpon the fpirit ofGod,in quietnesof ftudie. She alto laid, thatwe arelike chit- den,who neèdenotonce tobe bidto aske things necefïarie,but twice to be thankful' for mercies receiued. Stfariage. 3 As inmariage,thonghthepartiesmetintheflefb,withoutanyfanéìifiedmeanes,to affure themfelues tobe ioyned of the Lord : yetifGodafterward giue themgrace to hue holly in their meeting, hee fheweth thatnot their corrupt meeting is pardoned,but that now their meeting is bleffed : fo if entring into a callingfor want of gifts and affec- -- Entringintoa tions,webase affuraneeat the &Itofunnamablecalling:yetifGodafterwards fur- vvith- niihvs with ablegifts, and fanftslìe vs with f t aifi ith pure missdes, lice dotis not onely fhewvs that out gifts to dif- outformer finneis pardoned, but alto that he is well pleafed with ourcalling whereunto charge it. heharp fo bletfed vs. 4 No trouble Ihossidhindervom ourcalling, vnlriTe it be in a cafeofineerevngodli- nes:for if for euerytrouble,or for many troubles,a manmayforfake hiscalling,lie thould be out of all,forentry callinghath both lets andtroubles. 5 To onethat askedhis aduice, whether he might auoidetlre doing ofathing where- vnto he was called,becaufe hefelt corruption in himfelfe,he faid:In auoydingfocietieyou fhall couer,butnot cureyourinfirmities,and though you depart frommen,yet you can- not got out ofyour felfe. (haungeof 6 Vnto one that waswillingtdchaungehis featefor thecorruption oftheplacewhere pla`es hee dwelt,he fayd : Wherefoeuer hee purpofedto lineasaChriftian,thecroffewould.fol- low him, becaufethat Civiff would follow him, and becaufeon the. earthare fomegood men and fome quill: but when we cgme to heauen,all would begood,and therefore there thall beno trouble. 7 Hefayd heneuer looked fora better cRate than tlsatwhereinhe was,butoften pre- pared himfelfefor a worfe. S Whenfoeuer we areout ofourplaceand calling,Sathan hath a fit occafionoftemp- tation. Care. Immoderate or r A/A /Here there is an immoderate care ofoutward things, there commonlyis little diflratting ÿ care of inwardgoodtlsings: for ifone issueinward good tlsings,theyfis con- (area. tent the perlons that haue them, that they labour not muchfor outward risings: if they Matth.6. wantthemanddelire them,the carefullfeekingof them bringeth a godly negleíf of out- wardthings, i. Cor.7.30,3r. Cenfures. a TT is a marueilous thing that many will make snort ofa (mall infirmitie in another, although that they fee that the whole courte oftheir life is truly to pleafeGod, than theysnake ofgroffe fins inthemfelnes, notwithftanding they take no tousle at allïntheir life topleafeGod. Conferexce.

andgod& o feruations. Conference. I DEiirgdefiroustofpeaketotheprofitofothers, hefaid,thatheobferuedfuchafrlence inmen,as none could wellbreakeinto it,andoften fuch alibertie of fpecch,as none can take hold oftoturne itto good,heobferued thecaul offuchfilence,to be forme great griefe,orMine deepe meditation occupying the minde,or 'nine dead=of fpirit, or finite, A deadfileoee worldly fhame,or fo:ne delire to fpeake,and theLord flaying the £peech,or diecarclefnes inraeeringr. in themthat fhould heare it, in that they doe not delire it : Theremedie againít:this is ei ther in humilitie to aske Come queftion, or to fpcake fomevvliat, and notto giue lace to fucli deadnes. a In the moft abrupt and difordered£peeches ofinen, hethought God difpofedthem' forhis profic,and though prefentlyreafon could prompt no reafän,whythey flould (peak fo,yet long after it would : for hee was much affebhed with the faét of *at, who would 10fas not bemooed with the fpeech of wicked Pharaoh, but entringbattell was 1laine,: where- uponhe would fay,that noman wasfo good,but theLord would fometínie let him fall in- to fo:ne euill, for his further humbling; and no man focull!, but the Lord did conuey goodnes into himatfometimes,to makehis condemnation thegreater. Conffence affficled. r J, Certaine man fomeyeersaf$ided in confcience,faid,his continual! agonies were as greatas thepaines ofa man readietodye, and that bee felt fofinal, comfort in Gods countenance,that he wouldwillingly liaisefuffered his b odic to haue lined irr, bur- ning fire vnciltheappearingofCh'riff,fo hemight then be affured ofGods fauourtowards him,yeahis greateftcomfort was this,thatthough hefhould be in hell,yet hehoped eher- in ofGods favour to have histormentsmittigaeedwidrthem that fuller leaft.Inall Which Thegodlyáf- troubles notwithltanding no world ofreward,noterroroftyrannie,couldcaut him wil- lingly fiEted ro;iyci. to doe theleaft thin diflealin toGod, whomwhen the Lordreleafed hewould. `cp1e á,cro g íl g > d_(pleaG6d,' comfort hunlelfe in Chrilt,faying,thatthe diuell would take theaduantageof Isis.forrow, co snake himvnthankfull in good things. z We are either asaprince oras a peafant, either molt mightie aboneall princes, or cigoodconfei, ninth vile among the Tonnes of men. If all the Monarches in the world withftood vs, our mute F.ovv pro owne confciencecomfortingvs,wee ruled aboue a!hlf the vileftcalla!! in theworld rile fiable. againft vs our owneheart condemning vs,wefee:netobealoft miferableofall. Prou.15.15. 3 Hefayd, howfoeuermen might deale with outward matters,yet when griefes.and fancies grewin the miude and grreued it,notlringcould Cutely cure them, but only the word ofGod. 4 Hauing to (kalewith diners humbledconfciences,hewould millikethem thatwould not abide to tarrie the Lords leifiare, but they mull needes be helped atonce, mien byand by, as foone as theyheard him fpeake, or elfe they would then thinke farre worfe of hint than euer before,notwithlhanding the good report had, and the goodopinion conceiued ofhim : for befides that,hethatbeleeueth maketh not hafte. This is a comining rather asit Wereto a Magitiau(who, by an incantation of words,makesfìliiefoules looke for health) thanto themmifterofGod, whole words being mothAngelical! comfort not vntill,and The tree mho!, fomuch as it pleafeth the Lord togiuea blefíìngvnto them,which fometime heslothde- ?erofchei/t- nie,b ecaulewe come to themwith too great an opinion ofthen: as though theywere wife comfo t rhenor men,not ento fuelsas vungtheir ineanes, yet doe looke and flay for our comfort wholie fiekeha,2ely,as fromGodhimfelfe. zviaardrdoe. 5 Being asked how in theexamining ofour confcience for finne, we ¡Timid finde out rofadeout the fpcciall -G nne,he fayd,that couldnot foeve!1 be,done : for who dothvnderítand the er- ourfpecial fino. rots of his life ? but by oft examiningof our felues,by acquainting of ourfelues with our ns. o.vne efface, by carueft prayer that Godwould reuealevs the finne, by oft hearing and 3.4 reading theword,by markingthe moth checkes ofourconfciences, and reproches of our 54° enemies,we might beled to theneereth fight ofthem. 6 Vino one atHieled ininindebee gave this comfort : RrPc,ifyouhaueknowledge, be 13 3 thankful!