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H4. endeditatrons. ntiwe caufe intimeit will draw vs and chinevs intogrolfeoffences. Butfeeing thatin trueth the leaft finne is too great,thenhow much thegreater muff wethinkeeuer finnetobe con- OiQl e' fidering thatstcommeth not alone, buteither prefentlyorfhortlyafterbringethingreat tranfgref ions?Laft of all,féeingMat theleaft finne could not be forgiven but by the death ofthe fbnneof God, fo that hemutt fuller thevery pangsand paines ofhell for theleaf} finne that euery man committed : feeing that euen ourLeal} traufgreflions caufed him to beaccurfed, and in the extremitie Of griefe tocrie, MyGod, my God, why haftthem farfakeit me? Wherehave wethe face, or how can we finde inour hearts tomake a mocke ofthe leaf}finne? Well then, letvsknow finne tobee finne, and labour to bee forrowfull for Trueforrow euery finne fo that althoughwee beenot in like mtgfure forrowfull for all, yetlet vs fof+ase takeheede that no Mine elcapevs without fome true and godly forrow: thenMall we finde fauour among the righteous, yea then Mall wee obtaine mercie from the Lord. For the leffe wee fauour finne,the newer wee bee tothefavour ofGod: andthe morewe toyaxdpewe hate finne themorewe íhall befureto enioy thelouingkindnes oftheLord: yea ioy and tothepenitent. peace andcomfort inthe holyGhoft is oftentimes beftowed vpon men in greatenmea- fure, when theyfeele the greatenmeafureofvnfainedrepentance, and godly forrowfor fin,and haueconceiued the greatenhatredagainftchefame. TheLordin mercie there- foreincreafe this forrow and hatred in vseuermore and more, that our ioyand comfort may bethe moreincrealèdthrough Iefus ChrinourLord: to w_ hom with thefather andthe holyGhoft,onetrúe and euerliuingGod,beallpraife,power,donii- nionandprincipalitie,nowand cuer.Amen, FINIS,