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forail aflided comience. 129 andwatchfull toauoyd othertroubles , and fo fewor none take any paines tocecape di trouble of mindewhich is fo grieuous. We feemen lotting health and loathingfcknes,in diet temperate, in ileepe moderate, inPhyucke expert , skilful) to purge , and to auoyd fuch corrupt humors,which intimemay breede(though prefentlythey donot bringforth) force dangerous licknes : yetto auoyd the difiafesof thefoule,no manabateth hisileepe, no manabridgeth hisdiet, no man prepareth Phificke for it, no man knoweth when tobe full, andwhen to beemptie, howtowantand how toabound.. Others carted away with xaixmi¡émacy theloue of riches , and very die to fall intopouertie, will not Iticketo rife early,and take be ie preeeat fleepc lately, tofare hardly, to mareand taw their fiefs in labour by land and bywater,in raa ;ryevils, faire and fouteweatlier,by rockes and bylands, froinfarreand from tutete : and yet cofall andfcro tó re- intofpiritualldecaies, toauoid thepouertie of conlèience,noman taketh fuch paints ; as nt rte Tana though faluation and peaceof minde,were nota thing worthie the labouring for._Some;),,,, ambitioully huntingafter honour, andnot eafilydigetting reproches, behaue themfelires neither lluggifhlynorfleepily ; but are acîiue incurry attempt , by loneand by counted, byprudence and prowelte, by wit and by pra&ife, by labourand learning, bycunning Anddiligenceto become famous 'and to Than a cimll reproch : yet tobe glorious in the fight of God andhis Angels,tofall before theheauens,and inthe prefenceof the Almigh- tieto becovered with ihame and confufion of confcien ce,we make noneaccount, as they who neither vfe any tneanes to obtaine the one, nor avoid thole occafions which: may bring theother. Others vnwilling tocomewithin thereachand danger Of the law, that they may¿cape imprifonment of body, or conf(èation of goods, will bepainefullin penaliStatutes,skil- fullin euerybranch of the ciuill law, andefpecially will labourto keepe tbemfelues from trealons,mucthers,felonies , and fuels like offences deferuing the puiciflimentof death: yetwhen the LordGod threatneth thefeizure both offoule and body, the Attachingof our fpirits, the confifcatingof ourconfciences,the banifhing of vsfromheauen, the hang- ing ofvs inhell, the fu pending of our faluatcon , the adindging of vsto condemnation for the breachof hiscommandements, noman fcarchethhiseternal) law, no man çareth for theGofpelh neither thelentenceof euerlaftfngdiuorcement from theLord, neither the còitenantof reconciliation is cfieemedof vs. And to reachour complaintone degreefurther. Behold, the more wee Peke outward pleafures and to auoid the inward trouble of encode, the morewehafte and renne intoit, to%el¿ingfö and fuddenly plunge our feluesin a wounded fpirirerewe be aware. Who pofteth moregeeedìly fir tobecome rich, whohopeth leftetobecome poore,thenthemerchant man? whoaddente- earthand fa tech greattreafures, who hazardethhisgoods, who .puttethin ieopardie his life; and yetfaintlyfQs- fuddenly he either rufheth vponthe rocke of hardntffe of heart, òr elfe is fwallowed vp th, ke see la- of the ulphof a defpairing minde from which afterwards he cannotbe deliuered with bear foe our a fhipEli ilofgold. Woefull proofe bath confirmed:, how fmnemen(wholy let on plea-peace, boot roe lures, fuels as couldnot away tobefad,and tobe hedged vpalwayes of godly foro.$)h aue barren this may had theirtablesmade fnares, andmien their excede ofpleafures bath brought exceita of carne or - foreowes : and whiled theylaboured toput theeuill day forre fromthem, they have vfed gro f f -fuch follies,as bane bred them rnoft bitter and terrible tormentes oftheir fearefull and iTim.6.y.ß.9. tremblingconfciences. There be force ofanother forte, who neuer dreaming of a troubhedminde, haue had "4"""" their hearts let onnothing, but how they mightget "blue greatfameand renowme : and I therefore'lanedint into fuel: vaine-glorious attempts, and fouleflatteries, as they haue not onely loft thepeace of theirconfciences , butado fallen mostdeepely intoreprorhfull fhame, whichthey fought to !humNowas the peace ofconfcieneeand ioyofminde is fuch a treafure, astheeye.liathnocfeene,che care bathnot heard,northe tongueexpreffcd,but , pafteth all vnderflanding : fothe wounded fpirit is fuch as the eye Bath, not fcane it, the care Bath not heard it,nor thetongue vttered: butpafteth all vnderltanding. And as they Anse may newly knowwhat the peace of minde ineaneth,thatfeeleit : fo they alone can in trues, be ¡refereed fpeakeof atroubled minde, thathaue taltedof it by experience. from the Butler vs thew whatway istobe vied eokeepe vsfrom this wound ofthefpirit. It is the f "e" ef caso