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1.132, fîreetcomfort man dothnotaccomplifh the righteoufnelfeofGod : fomearefubica to luft, andaftet. wards they fay, itprofited; themnothing : form are giuen to a continual) courfeof vani- tie, whonotwtthflandingcan fay, thatmans life bath another ende : fome flippe deepely intoworldlineffe, andyet they beoften wakened with moff terrible checks of confcience. Ablfed thing Well, bleffed arethey , whole hearts be truelygrieued ; and let them beware that make tobeaaraked dalìancewith finne : foreitherhardnefleof heart will ouertake them, or atroubtedcon- and grienedby fcience will confound them. Wherefore itcones topaffe, thatmany fpending theirbo. ditches ofcozo dieson tuft, Iamentthat euer theyfo abufed their ftrength : many given too much to the pleafure of thislife , hadgriefe come vponthem , to remember howthey haue IpentGods graces, lauifhed hisgood gifts,and mifpenttheirtimc ; or elfe,if theyhaue notvhis griefe, they fallinto voluptuoufneffe,and draw fuck a thickeskin -upontheir hearts,aswill caufe the arongeft denouncings of Godsiudgements to rebound, bee they driuenonneuerfo hard. fure,it is theinneof this worlde,thatMen beeingcontrolled in their confcien- ees, whtleft they are a praying, andfeelea fecret charge layde againit them, tobeware of guile inbuying and felling ; either hauetheft checks lefle and lefle, and fo theygrow to beprophane ; or elk afterward they are wonderfully wounded, that they hauebeenefo worldly, fogreedily purfuing earthly things ; focoldlyprocuringheaucnly things. Thus even our priuie thoughts (not profited by) are breeders of farther trouble. 7(,emedíe. Now theremedieagainft this trouble is , willingly and wittinglynot to cherifhfinne, towills that the Minilter fhouldtouch our molt priuicand fecret finites,tobe gladprivat lyto beadmonifhed,to profit by ourenemies when they doreproch vs : and rather to de- skimea- lire (in fitch a cafe) tobehumbled, thanto fuffer our felues to be flattered. This tryingof xniQwn. ourfelues muft yet ffretch it felfefurther, not onely to the committingof mill, but alfo to theomittingof good. As when (after fome goodworkiug andfeeling of thefpirit) wee begin tofight and confli6ì with oür owneconfciences, faxing : though Imull pray, I tnult baue timeallo toprooidefor my familie: if I goeto hearetheword of God,furely I (halt be in dangerto lookthis profit: ifI thusattend upon theexercifes of religion, I !hail be cutfhort in thevfe ofmy pleafures. Wherefore it !hall begood to (earth our hearts, not only inthecareleffè notvfsngof themeans; but alfo in the negligent watching oiler the fruites of the meanes: faying to our felues in this manner ; Ibane heard a Sermon, but (alas)withoutany feeling or working upon my affe&ions ; I haue beene praying,but with no powerof the fppirit; I baneremitted the Sacrament, but without thofeioyesglo- rious&vnfpeakable,which Iwas wont to talleof; I faw thedifcipline of the Church exe. cuted,but withoutany feareoffinatall in my felfe,orcompaffion to themembercenfured. And hereIdare for myowne obferuation affurediyaftinne, that outward fsnnes haue notbeene at fometimesfogrieuous to Gods children, as that theylane Come times vied Note. the meanes with little reuerence andwith lefle fruite. And no maruell, we (hall fee many men atfometimes, not fomuch grieued for their licknefeit l''elfe, asfor thatthey haue ey- Thenegligent titer willinglynegleóledthemeaneswhich might haue preferued theirhealth, orthat they vfeof the haue abufed the Phificke that might haue reflored their healthto themagain.; In like mcaueroffal -, manner (I fay) itfareth with them, who either vnreuerently haue refuted the tneanes, uarion. which fhouldkeepetheirfoules from furfetting: orelfe vnthankefully haueabufedthole helpes,whichmight hauerecouered them againe. From henceitcommeth,thatfome men areasmuch grieuedfor not vfing their good giftesto thebenefiteof GodsChurch,aso- thers are troubled for pefteringthe Church with vnprofitable corruptions: or aswe(hall feeariehman lometimesas much humbled for notgiuingmoney to the poore,which bee might haue done, as forheaping op richesfalfely, whichhcoughcnot to haue done. And thus many (hauing receiued good giftsand graces from the Lord)are feafonedand fanóti- fied by afifihsons ; whereby they are taught to put their gifts inore, and tooffer theirfer- uice to Chrilt : and othersareforced to hidetheir gifts,whichcannot bewithout force de- cay ofGodsglory, without offence to the weake, without theJoffe of many foules,which otherwife might bewonne to theGofpell,andwithout ftrengthening the handof the ad- uerfarietollanderour darke and dumbeprofef ion. All which thinges willin the ende bringterror ofmiede) becaufeif else Lordcannot worke uponvs by taking away goodo, friends,