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foran afftHedconfctence. 135. abhorre finneas finne, ifthey examinethemfelues for it,ifthey grone under it,iftheymif- likethem( luesforit, if they feare tò fall into it ; the Lordwill not purfue themwiththe rigor ofhis law, but willgiue themthe fweetnes ofhis promifes ; they are no more under the curfe,buevndergrace. -Butfurther toinforce our exhortation, toauoyde too fcrupulous a feare, whichhinde +,f,1i/oxt reth:the trueexamination ofour hearts : let vs thinke that it happened, in the fpirituall feare. confli&as in ciuillwarres.We readethatmanycities lyingin greatfecuritie, hauetudden- ly bothbeen affaulted and ouerthrowne , as alfohow fotne Countries (toomuch negli- gent in the meanes) throughan exceffiue fearefulnes,haue incouraged their enemieswith moregeecdy violence toprayvpon them. With whichkindeofaratagems ouraduerfarie the diuell beingwell acquainted, Both often praaife thispolicie. If he fee vswithout all fearetoo quietly to rett in ourfelues, he thinketh his affault mutt needes be the ftronger, becaufeour refiltance is theweaker.Againe,ifhedefcrieth in vs a cowardly feareand fain, tingofheart, before-we oncebegin toioyne battenwith him ; hewill fèt upon-our im- moderatefeare, andas villainoullyas fuddenlyftab vs to the heart, and make aprefent fpoyle ofvs. Commonprat:fife doth further teach vs, that when wecan heare the word without all trembling at Godhis iudgemnents,whenwe can praywithout allfeare before the Maieftie ofGod, when we can come to thedifciplineof the Church without all reuerenceof the ordinance oftheLord ;all is in vaine. Againe, let vsheart with toomuch trembling, and we fhalllearnenothing ; let vs pray with too fertileafeare, and ourworfhipping of God willbe without allcomfort andvncheerefull. Thus ifwe neither leffen finne, thatis finne indeede,neither makefinneoftltat which is not finne intruth, it is goodtoproceed to this three-fold examination, and to laytheedgeofthis do&tine moreneere ouraffeaions,be- caufe many will befound inthis rtpenes of knowledgeand barrennesof confcience, to fpeake, difpute and declaime of all therethings very skilfully, which flickring in thecir- cumference of the braine, and notfitting at theground of the heart, doe fealevp amore Tuft fentence ofcondemnation againfi them.Tohelpe thiscud!, wemutt meditatedeeplier oftheLaw andoftheGof ell,togéfherwiththeappurtenancesofthemboch,thatfnding our felues farrefrom Godshidings, promifed to the keepers of thelaw, and teeing our felues neere to thecuriesduetothe breakersof the law,we may raife vp flame Pealeof finne inour felues. Yet herein wemutt not flay ourfoode, butgiue afurther ftilde : for whereas manybyadiligent viewofteelaw, hauecome to the tenseoffinnein themfelues,and law plainly their ovine condemnation : yetbecause they laboured notto teetheguiltinelfeac- quitedby the remiflion offinne in Chrift, they plunged chant-clues into abottomlelfeRetní onef fea offorrowes. Others hauing paired thefe degrees, andhitherto made thele ifeps to a- finneand uoyde thewound ofconlcience, hauecome alto too short, andmilled ofthemarke: when mortification becaul betidesthe fenfeof finnespardoned by the death of Chrift, they felt notalto the o fethe oe vertueofhispaffroncrucifying finne inthem, butfaw that with theremillionof fume was not ioyned the mortification offinne ; they feared that therewas no forgiuenetièfor them, but(till languithingwith furrow, they thoughtthemfeluestoRand charged with theirfor- , suer guiltines. Yea,and which is more, for that fuchmen hauenot trimly been inftru&ed, nor furelyhaue been groundedin the do&rineof Chritts death and refurre&ion, that is, forthat they fawnot aswell power flowingfrom hisdeath toflay finne in them, as vertue topardon finnein them : for thattheyfelt not as well ftrength to fan&ifcation, ffreamingg from therilingagainofChrilt,as they wereperfivaded of mftificationand righteoufnefle therein : theyhaue lienhill bleedingat the heart; infuch fort, asthe woundofgriefecould hardly.or neuer be flayed and Ranched. Wherefore let vs ftrengthen our woke foules sixepoinr with tins fxe-foldcordeofconfolation, againtt therebitter afláults. Lecvs firft labour to whichmultbe know Gnne, then toforrow forfinne, after to feele our finnes in Christforgiuen, further ksit together. to looke for power to crucifie the fame, then to lay, hold on iuftification byhisrefurreeti- on : and lastly, hopefor strength to proceedefrom thence, tofurther vs in fan&ifcation ; a andholines of life, euenvntotheend. And thus muchbrieflyfor thefecood thing which a- we matched incompany with the examinationof finne, mien the trail of faith : both s N z which