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I+2 THE SECOND TREA- TISE, BELONGING TO THE COMFORT OF AN AFFLICTED CONSCIENCE. fieafietions eue, looke to theend. N allaffliaions Gbdschildren mutt looke vnto the end : theyare todefiretoprofitby them, andin themto feeke theway of found comfort and confolarion: which thatthey may finde, they muß knowthat theafiaionsof the godly1aft but a while, they ferne thembut for fatties and medicines,theendof themisalwaies hap- pie. Inthemthey arenotonely preferued,and purifiedfrom many finnes : but alto much beautified with the image of Idus Chrift, who is theddett bonnein thehouleof God. Againe, the croffe of trueChriltians is the fweete andamiablecallaGod vnto repen- tance, inthat he ppetttethvs in mindethereby to bethinkevsof ourdebts : becaufeweare giuento thinkethe dayof payment is yet farreoff: yea wefall afleepevntill our turnebe ended,and whileftGod lengtlieneth ourdaleswaiting forour repentance,weneuer thinke ofour finites,vntill the honrecomewhereinweperifh withrhame. Thebett meeting then with theLords vifitation,is without delayand in finceritie toprayfor ourfinnes tobepar- doned. Forthereforedoth theLordoftentimes fhacklevs the morewith thechains ofhis chaftifements,becaufe we aremorecarefullto bevnburthenedofour ficknefle, then tobe freedfromourfinne: which wethe ratherareloath to confeffe, becaufe we would not be Somehaue but el-pied to be in thewrath ofGod. Others there bethat hearing of their finnes in thetime a confirfedeon-of their offli&tons, will acknowledge indeede their infirmities to be themother offuch a aeiteoftheir broode: yet they haueno true remorfe to rettraine themfelues from fine, becaufe they fm heir hauebuta confufed conceite thereof: and though their fhip be neuer fomuch toffed and turmoyled,yet thinke they notthatGodholdeththe fterne. Thiefe men ifGod bearewith them,doeas it were.fettlein their lees,andareas it wereInkedin their finnes. For profperi- tie is adrunkennetle,to catt ourfillies intoa dead Ileepe, andwhen theLord lettethvs a- lone,we ceafe ante' Toothvp our felues,bearingour feluesin hand,that we are inGodsfa- uour,andthat he loueth vs, becaufe hefèourgeth vs not. Andthus retchles weare whileft we meafureGods loue according toour fenfe and humour. Whereinwebewray ourigno- raneeofthe exercifeof the crone, in that af13ietion is themother of humilitie, humihtte breedeth repentance, and repentance obtained' mercie. Somealto there arewho vfuallie whileft the tearefull judgement ofGod is before theireyes,either in themfelues orin others, haue a fewglancingmotions,and flattingcogitations oftheir finnes,and of aridhis paf. lion : yet at all other timeseheir mindes arefo clafped vp from thinking oftemptations, and their hearts fo locked vp from forefeeing or forethinking of judgements, that they .atockersand ferlenogodly forrow. They mockethe mourningdayesoftheeleót,asof them that be of feommofthe melancholynature; they make a fpottoffinne, as little remembringthe flingwhich will adabted' eitherpricke themtotheheart bloodmolt fearefullie in the houreofdeith, ormeete them with griping agonies inthe dayoftheir vifitation more fpeedily. Buthappily they thinke they liane gtuen good tettimonie and word oftheirrepentance andremeubrance cfGod, when