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andgodly obferaiations. Grace ofGod. r b Ee feeling on a time the graceof Godaffiflinghiminathing.which of him- p felfe hedefpayred of, fayd : Oh howeafie are the wages of man , whiteft the Lardloth gouernehim, and how ishebefet as with a hedge of thornes, when the Lord dothnot aflift him. - a Asweare carefull to vfe themeanes ofour faluation, fo mull weewholly rcfcrre clue bleffingof themeanes, iothegraceof God : neither as foine do, thinke that' wee CO'n ob- TeirYR "te thew wanes. Caine or continue the graces of God in vs without vfingthe meshes, (for that is but rryemem er. dreanieoffantafticalllprrits) neither asthemanner of lome is, fo to truftto themèanes, asnegleftingco pray forthe graceof God in them : which is but a prepofferous zeale of filch asarenot rightlyinftruéted in the wayof their faluation. 3 Iris aprofitable note toobfèrue,when extraórìlinariegifts of God befor ourgood, andwhen for ourhurt. If ourextraordinarie bleflings driuevs snore carefullyto leeke to P.etraordh:ary 4 theordinary meanes,then it is ofGods mercie:but ifthey Ilacken our care inthe ordinarie gifts. meanes, &puffing.vsvp with a fpirituall pride,caufe vs to reft in tlié,thentheyare for our further condemnation:as ifGod bleffevs marueiloully without prayer inany thing, ifwe are driuensnore to prayerby it,this is it of God: if it caufe vsto leaueprayeyttis perilous. 4 There is nothing foprecious asGods grace,which chaungeth the face ofheauen and earth:and nothing fovile as finne, whichopeneth hell,and Itainechthe earth , and flint- techvp heauen. S As of all gifts, the gift of Gods fpirit isthedeareft, fo theloffe of it is molt daunge- Tye decayof Tous : forbefides that, weeknow how few tafteofit, andwith whatpanne they that haueGods graces gotten it keepe ir, andwith whathard brunts theythat lofethe graces of itrecouer themhos,daigero:s. againe, we may coniebture thegreatnelfe of the lofie, by our experience in other thinges: 'iv". they that haue beetle in reputationfortheir riches, and are become bankrouts,aregrimed andafliansed ; how muchsnore then fhouldtheir griefebe,who by theriches of Gods gra- ces hauebeene comfortableto themfelues, andhonourable amongothers ; and nowby the decayof tliofe gifts, haue loftboth the fweetetoy and peace inthemfelues, and their cre- ditewith God,andin theconfcienceof the godly? 6 Some teioycefomuch in thehearingof goesd things preached, that they forget tobe humbled for their wantes : againe, others alwayes looking on their wantes, walkenot thankefully forGods gracesreceiued:Themeaneway is the beft,foto reioyce io tise grace of God thatwe behumbledfor our wants,andtoto snournefor our wants, thatwe prayfe God for hisgraces. Godlinefe. t 'Ells loue euergrew tO aman,as heknew theman togrow ingodlines,& Isis louede- 1.1.caied,as the graces ofGod decaied:firft hewasgrieued, &thé hisloue wasflocked. a As it argueth great height andwillingnes co finnc,when men fearingto finneinthe day, redeeme,and Ilealetimeto lionein tIse night : foitfhewetha great height andwil- lingnelfetogodlineffe, whenmen beingnot fufficientlycontented to do good in the day, ftretch then wel-doing cuen to the nightalto : whereinthey thew themfelues to be free fromvayne glory, that none feeingthem, yet they do goodfor the loueof God, andnot for outward things. Good worker. T A Manmay truely iudge himfelfe to be truelywilling to doe anygood, when bee ftriues allthat hecan, todo it, althoughhecannot do it ashefhould. Griefeforfinne. wEcannotheartil begrieuedforthatfinneinanother ,whereofweehauenot madegreat confcienceinourfelues. C s a The