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andgodb' o fen at10n.f. 3 Admonilhing oneto preuent hardnes of heart in hischilde, by godlyand difcreete corre&ion : bee fayd, that becautechildren inclineoften to the ( ionsof their fathers;pa- rents correaing, fhould inwifedome firit confider, ifit werenot a fìnne beforein them - which now they are aboutto corrc&, and finding felues(which theygauethem as it were it fo ,chacthey fhould behumbled in themfelues ; and being humbled,proceede to correc- tion,in prayer,in else feareofGod,in wifedome,in loue,and defineof theirconuerlion,and in that mealure as correaing their ovine flosses, after a fort in their owne children, For men begetting childrenwithout regeneration,giue a natural]propagationof their liianes, without louse f peciall bleffingofGod : and none inregeneration begettethany withfirth giftsofnature,butvnleffe they becomenew borne,they liane no good thing in them. Herefie. x t( En be snoregrieued for murtherandadulterie,than for fuperftitionandherdic ; IVI.becaufe there beepeccata ration,, the other a/fetfionis& aitioni,: the one goeth with a prime pride vndeecolour ofdeuotion,the other are euer apparant,and areaccom- panied withoutwardManseand confufion. a As the Golpel1 fir ltbegan by filmicfifher-men to bepreached,but afterward being receiued in loue, grewto theother more learneder fort : fb, for not receiving the wordin loue,hut liaising our cares tickling to newdo&rine, herehes and leans (beginning now a- mongfl vs but in the limpler forc,and ignorantmen ofehecountrie)áre like to inuade the beilearned. AndGodpurpolingtopunsfli che coidnesofour agr, can as weil now fend an heretical! Ipü/it,not only into the commonpeople,but into4oó.learnedpreachers, as lie did in timespall: fend a lying fpirit into themantisesof400. prophets. 3 Dien as polygamiewas not very hurtful! to the Church,fo long as it was within La- mech hishoule,and when itpreft into Abraham,fainit ie, got great flrength andprevailed much.So ill opinionsare then lelre hurtfull, whileft theyare amonglt the wicked and ig- -norant : but when they get fauour among&the learnedand godly, they beginto be molt dangerous. Heart. i MH he heart is Gods ownepart,and that whichmull goeto the Lord. Nowas nothing might be imploycd tocommon vies, whichwas facrificed by thepriefts veder the law: fo the heartwhich is the Lords, mull notbee applied toany other vfe than to Isis feruice. Halle how itarguethvnbeleefe: andofwatchingandwaiting. x ATOthiugsnore bewrayes vnbeleefe, than not to ftaythe Lords leifure: as contrari- ly wife, watching andwayting on theLord fhewes faith : forthofe haliseand vn- quietfpirits,when they feenot (peedie redreffe according to their eæpeEtation,they either murmureinimpatiencie,or theywill cafe their griefe by feekingvndire &ineanes. And fare as nothingmprofperitie is a greater tokenof Gods fauour than to feareour feiues:lo inaduerltie this is a pleafantpledgeofour patience, when wee canwaite and attend on theLord,for thetimeand themanner and themealore ofour deliuerahce.Therebe forte principall properties of truewaiting. The firft is,to waiteinourfeluer: for many will irót Tropertiei of outwardly murmure,and yet inwardly they boyleand. fret inthemfelues : and many will cosJtamvvay. abflainefrom outward impatiencie,wluch looke to theinward eflateoftheir heartsbut a ring onGod. little. But iris good forvs to begin here: for if there bea quietnesof the heart, there can notbeanvgreatdifquietnesinthetongue, orinthehand .Thefecondpropertieis,towaite e onthe word. Many will fay they waite onGod, and yet they arc marueilous impatient, if ye charge themwith impatiencie: but weigh their waiting by theword, and it will not a- bide the triall,it will not goe for good. Looke whatfaith we bane to waiteonGod,vnlcffe it betaughit out ofthe word(which is as true asGod himfelfe)it is not found.Some will be content to waiteonGod, but it isnot to haue their obedience and faith in the word, but toobtainelouse thing the foonerwhich theydéfire. This is no true waiting, but towaite C 3 rather