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dndgodlyobiraations. Hypacrifae. r Eobferuedfome who outwardly hued anhoneft andciuill life, yet lying hypocri- Htically in fome fin, werecon&rained in death, or before,tovtter itto theirfliame. Whichkinde ofiudgements aremolt neceffarie,thatGod mightÍhew himfelfeto beGod, andhis threatnings to betrue, that the wickedmight lelfe reioyce in theirexceeding ím- pietie,and that Gods'childrenMight berailed from their fecuritie. ludgement. r Nour moftearneftmatters we muff be zealous ouer ourowneheart ,andthen F efpeciallyexamine andcall toaccount ouráffeétions : becaufe that in filch a Áfeelions. cafe there iseither Mine fpeciall workeofGod,or elfe it is forcenotableworke ofthe llelh,orof Satan. Andwhereasitis a common pedagogicof the foule, thatin allthings wee had neede toaskethe gouernmentofGodby hisword and fpiric,for that a man knoweth whathe is,butnotwhat hefhall be, inthis or that adtion. When we cannot gage the depth ofour heart, wemutt imputeit to wantofprayer, and the not tra- uailingwitli our hearthow to doe therisingsin wifedome. . a Though all exercifes ofpure religion purely vfed, doe both ftrengthen judgement YYhat exe,ri- andwhet vp afe6tions, yetreading, hearing and conferring, doe molt ltrengthen iudge- _ ecgnen ment,and inpartwhetonaffel;ions. But praying,Iinging,and meditation doe molt chief- ly whetvpaffellion, butinpart ftrengtheniudgement andvnderfanding. tie ifliìi, 3 Being defred to giuehis iudgement ofa weightiematter, heanfwered : Sir, neither B am Iable to fpeake,nor you toheare :forthatwee haue not prayed;indeede I may talker andyouanfwere as naturallmen; butwee arenot now prepated to confereeas thecliil- dren ofGod. 4 He fatherly exhorted mento labour forincreafeofjudgement : firft byreafon, then i. byexample : byreafon thus,withoutfoundnes of iudgemene, it isa moredifficult trairai- Rcafn, to ta- lingfor thechilde of God with his owne heart' to anyfruit. Againe, not being ltaied in baarforin- iudgement,one4iallbe troubled tocommit andafraideyo doe manytliings,wlncli indeed `rem fiudge- hemiglitlawfully and comfortably doeifhe hadkndwled e. Thirdly, eat. outgood knowledge fatisfie our godlydefire in perfwading or difiwading any, for that 3 we cannot doe fo alfiredly,fiibftantially andeffeltually aswee ought andwould doe. By example heexhortedmen to confideroftheProphet Dauidin his Pfalme 1 i9.heprayeth for knowledge,hauingnoone thing oftnerthan this,Teachme OLordtbyffatutes,&c. Sound ioy. t He moreone tafteth of heauenly things, thelelle is hisioy in earthly things : the more one feeleth earthly thinges plealànt,-the leffe ioy can heehaue inheauenly. Coloff.3.j Phil.3.2 c. z We muff in reading the iodgements ofGod obferue thisrule : Ifany manwill trie conclufions againft Godsconclufions,he thanproue nothing in the endbuthimfelfe tobe a foole. Andifhe fade inhis trial!, by howmuch the more hemight beadmonithed, by fo much themore!see fhall bewithout excufe. Therearemany that feare (Pfal.i4.J.)wliere no feareis : butthere aremore which reioyce wherenocaufeof ioyis. 3 Some my eueryman mull haueeither carnali or fpirituall : and thereforewhenCain had loft his title and intereft inheauen= heemade himlelfe a leaseonearth: and when hee had loft the harmonie ofa goodconfcience,bis nephew Tubal was faine to Muent Organs; that hemight hue fomemuficke and folace in outward things. Andz.King. ii . when the people couldnet haue their delights,Salomon caufeth Apes,Peacockes, and Inch like,to be brought fromOplurefor them. Men will haue ioy, ifthey cannot haue the more b lennie melodie by arte,theywill haue thecommon initrmnents ofthecountrie. But the reafon is becaufe diefoule is mouldring, and theheart is parching drie. But letthelè fandiemoul- dring earthlyheartsconfider, that there is no fecurenor trueioy, which either time may C 4 Toole,