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z8 CraueCounfels meanes inTomeweaknes :for theLordpardoneth our infirmities,andcrownethour fince- ritïe in them. 3 Brownebread andthepeace ofthe Gofpell is good cheerer 4 He fayd fùrely that long profperitie will breede either herefie,orfecuritie, or fome great aduerfitie : andthat howloeuer mendid little feare thefe plentiful( dayes,yet when profperitie is full and come to a repletion,there nuit needs follow louserupture, and the abundance ofwealthmuff needeshaue anvirer to breake out inone placeor other. Rebukingorreprouing oJfinne. Rules forad- r Tingasked how a manmightreprehend,he asfiveredtfrft,looke that you haue seoútion. aground out ofthe word for reprouing: then lookeifitliand with your cal- ling toreproue :afterwardconfider if fomeother man mightdoeit more prof- 3 tablythan you : then looke beforewhom you reprouedeaft you hinderthe credit of the 4 partiewith hisfriends,and increafehis difcreditwithhis foes. And againe,if by all occa- 5 fops of calling,perfomtirne,and place,the Lord hailsput You in this place to rebukefin 3 e confider you Irmaput onyou theperlonofthe offender, that asyou fpare not his fn,be- . caufe of thezeale ofGodsgloried°. youpre& it nottoo farre,hecaufe ofcompatiioh to a s brother:then looke that with thefe,yotir heartlieTight inzeile and loue, and fó call for Godsafiìfance, beforeyou fpeake, his grace in :peaking, and for his bletling after your 9 fpeaking,ifany thing be left out thatmight hauebeenprofitable :pleafe not your 'felfe in it,but behumbled for it,thoughf sse infirmities be in you : yetfhall they nor do tomuch hurt,as Gods ordinance thalldoegoed. 4Swing ad- e We Inuit rather wince men with a louingadmonition,thin gorethem with a fharpe monition. reprehenfon,that wemaysnore cab ly work,vpon tirein afterward. 3 Ifwethinkeiúemay fpeake,ivewilllpeake top foosse :afwcti»nke we may keepe f- lence, wee will Lola ourpeace too long: when wee much loue theperlons to whomwee fpeake,weIlackeour zealein rebuking.offone:ifwebe zealous againftCrone, weflacke our loue to the periois. 4 We may rebuke publikelyapublikeoffenceofaprivateman on this manner :My brerhren,fuch a fumehack palledfrom thisplace,che gudtles need not to be offended, the perfon guiltie is to repent ofst. 5 His manner wasbothinefpyingandreprou ;ngof finne,lre wouldnot alwaiessnore fharply reproue the greater finne,nor more earueftly reprehend the Lifer Bone : but mea- what to eon- furingthe accidentsand the circumilances(Arlie finne,withthe qualitie anddegree ache ftderinrry,o- firmest¡elfe, liedid feethattomeaispurtenanceswith the fn, did- aggrauate orextenuate oing Eoh ltt le mtdgreatfiras. not foasagreater finne,with Mine circumltanecshethoughtlefetobereproueabk ,and fosse leffer tisanewith ionic accidents, to bee morecondemnable: euen as wee fee that the Lorddid strike with death theman that with a high hand did but garher flickes on the Sabboth, and yet pisniíhednot others fo grieuouily,wlro of influissitir did iaiore deeply prophane the Sabbeth. 6 By admonitionwe maywinor andfasr foales,and for waist ofdue admonition wee lote anddestroy Mules. When wee are admoníílni,we either den ie thething,or elfe wee t!osoale quarrel! withthe affeelionof the fp-aker, and 'findemany faults: for we had inuchrather wo be in accept haue our confciemesprimlytouched,than our names openly difhonoured : yet when we tier, haste chafed with our owne fhadowe, and (lit-poredwith ourowne reafon, it will come to palle that wemall fpeake reuererrtly of him behinds his backe, whomwee much gainfaid Motiuer to tnaorde before hisface : neither for allthis vnpatiens bearing clan adnronition,mull we prael :fie admo- leaue of, ormaruerle tobmuch at the little luccefe ofthis dutie :foreither wee finned in nitian. the mannerofdoing or in the wantofwsfedome;orwee would too muchhauegloried in our feluce, ifwee haddone good,or tooouchgrieued withour felues ifwee had not done good;or weedid coneince mdgenrentgenerally, or not obferue the applying ofthings to their crrcumitznces particularly : or weedoe all without lone or without prayer, and fo thoughwee plain and low, Goddemeth thedeft and clre latterraine to blelleour labours. Againe,