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30 graceCounfels t trioll ofthe z It is a ruff iudgementthat earthly riches doedeceive our hearts,when heauenly ri- rìchsoans chesdoe not delight vs; that the outward things (hould carrievs away,when heauenly faith. things cannot fo much preuaile with vs.Well, howfoeuer gold or filuer goehere on earth for thegreaceftriches before men:godlines is the greateftriches beforeGod andAngels inheauen. Sacraments. S Ifaács intentbeingtoMetre Rfau,hindrednot the willof God in bleffing of [aco6: fo the corruptintent of the minderdoth not hinder the blef ing of God in the Sacraments, beinghis owne ordinance. z After one had asked hisaduice for fitting, or kneeling attheLords table, hefayd :Asfor fuch things,letvs labourwhatweemay todoeas much aswe canfor thepeace of theChurch. Securitie. SEcuritieisaforerunneroffömegroffe Gnne,oroffouiegreat croffe. z Wemuff ouercomeour vnwtllingnesand iltsggiffines-betiines ingood things: Defáyes. andpreuentdelayes atthe&It ; becaufe it is certaine the longer we delay,theworfe. Tria °four 3 There is a great corruption inournatures,wliich makes vsmolt dull whenwebane dinner. molt}neanes. Thisarifetheitherbecaufbwhenwebauethepubliketncanesmoreplenti- a fully, wee vietheprivate more fparingiy : orbecaufcwee doe not fomuchefteemeof the meanes,ordinarilyadminiftred,as wee doe whenthey are leffe familiarveto vs : orif the 3 Lord feeing vstoo i mnoderatlydeliirethe placewhere weare,denieth vs the benefits and + fruites oftheplace to correet ourdefire : orfor that wee promifedtoour felues too large a hope of freedome from man3ieuils, bythe 'manes of the word, therefore it ppleafeth the Lord to prouevntovs, that theyarenothingvino vs without theblefiing ofhis holy fpi- s rit. Or thismay arife from thetemptation ofSathan, who becaufeIkewould make vs dif- ('hange ofp1sce content withourprefentefface andcalling, andtohuntafter neon;therefore hee fheweth andc4Uing. vsall the inconueniencesofthe place prefènt, andhides all theprofits; and fhewes vs all the profitsof theplace where weehave been,or (hall-be, and hidesall theinconueniences. '6 Or becaufewhen wee were thebeltinawhole towne,and lawnothing in othersbut cor- ruption,wepleafed our felues,and provoked our feines more togood things;and beinga- mong manygood men,wemakenot fomuch ofour gnodnes,and growfoinething fecure, 7 and troll too much in the goodneffe of the place and perfons. Of in that welike of our felues wellwhenwee are teaching and inftruaingothers, and are more impatientof G- a lence inour felues,and to be inftru&ed ofothers. Or becaufewee would frill begetting praife by bringingout,but wee areloth to [torevp treafures both newandold fortime to y cosne,wlscn as yet there is a tisne ofbodo. Or wce more fee this,becaufe the laftcomplaint feemeththe greateft,thonghindeedewe hauefuffered as ctüll; essenasa man chinked)his ficknes prcfentto beCorer than anyCcknespaff. The onelyremedie againft this duines is,continually byprayer,andvfing themcanes to!trine againft it. Singing. r E wifhedall menthat would fing,thatin ringing they euer fingwith affeelionand H feeling,or elfehauea mourningin dickheartthat they cannot dofo. Colofl:3. r 7. Ephef.5. Sinne. r F wegoeon frill in linne,Godwill gocon ftsll in iudgemcnt : but ifourheartsrelent from finne,Godwill releafehis fentenceof punifhment. Cs e,o vj%pae z To a Courtier complainingof the occafionsofeuill,hefayd : Thoughyou haueoc- witions without cations of Gnne offered,yet thecaufe offine is ftill in your felfe. Ca ar. 3 BecaufeGod workeththe fente of fine -bydegreesin Isis children, lice fiifpeEted them,whoatevery finnenamed,would thew themfeluesforthwith troubled. 4Sinne