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andgorilyobferuations. Yngodhwes. WE maynotgoeto feevngodlines,to breedeagreat deteliationofitin vs. For t - firft,inrefpe&ofour feluesinfodoing,andprefumingonathing not warran.7tarehepre° ted,itis the iuft judgement ofGod, that weefhould ¡carneto fall intothat finne, whereof ,Rf-e or ary before we were ignorant, becaufe naturally wehreinclined to fuchan aólion. Secondly, pchfapeyfh.. in rcfpeéìof our brethren it isvnlawfull : forif theybe ftrong,wee offend them; if theybe tiousfern ce. weake,wemilleadethem.Thirdly, inregardofGodsglorieitisvnlawfull :forfuchfhould 2 be our zeale thereunto, Of nothailing heroicall fpirits, by the motions ofGods fpirit to 3 fpeake againft it) that we Mouldnot ouerfee filth a thing.Dan.3. r J. Yfeeftbecreatures. AS naturali men vfe Gods creatures to ftirre vp a naturali comfort: fo fpirituall men fhouid vfe themtoprocure fome fpirituall comfort, and to Rine vpgodly ioyesand fruitful! meditations in thentfelues:for as Sabanfeeingmenofa fanguinecan- plexion and fanólified, laboureth to mixe withtheir fpirituall ioy a carnal! ioy : fo feeing Lome.of a melancholic complexion fanictified, tohave fpirituall forrowes, he beltirreth himfelfe tobring vpon them carnali forrowes. Vnthankefübies. r rip would fay, I farenot the timeof the vifitationofthem, that thereby doegrow fjin thegiftsand graces of God:but rather'feare the timeof their deliuerance,leaft it Mould beouertaken withvnthankfulnes ; andfo wofullythey fhould lofe thefruite of thatgood,which fodearelythey had purchafedoftheLord. Pylons. r DBing asked if there might now be vifons agreeable to the word,heefayd : They might beextraordinarie, but not to be creditedbutfor the words fake :andwhoCo is moued with them, and notwith theword, wherewith a man is charged to be mooed, and is not drawnethemore by thevifion to the true meanes, thatmans faith is fufpitious. And as vifonshaue been ordinarie, and preaching extraordinarie : fo now preaching is vQ h nand ordinarie,andvifionsextraordinarie. But if youobie$t that the vifionsbe true: he fayd, P g° Sathan will fpeake truth,andkeepe touch twice or thricein'effe matters,to getvs in the trcli ingreater mattrrs,and atlengthin famecontrary totiewordofGod. Yfurie. r A Certaine man thatwas an vfurer, asking him how with a good confciencebee mightvie his money, he laid : Occupie it in fontetradeof life, andwhen you can lendto the poore, doe it freelyand willingly,and that you mayhenceforth labour aswell againftcouetoufnes in occupyingthat trade,as before youdefied to ftriueagainft vfurie: elpeciallyvfe prayer,the word ofGod, and thecompanie and conference ofhis children: andwhatfoeuer you get by lawful' gaine,giue euermorethe tenth to thepoore. 41 WordofGodandthehearingofit. Vermore be muliing,reading,hearing, &talking ofGods word,and praying, that wee may keepe the paritie of doârine and a good confcience, towade out of the iniquitieof the time,and todoe good as longas we may. z Ifyou delire toheare the wordwith profit, obferue there things. Before you goetoChurch humble your felfe in prayerto God, that hemay prepareyour vnder- t Preparation llanding and affeó}ion tolearne,andmemorietoretaine ,and that thepreacher may (peak singofthe to your confcience. After in hearing with foam fhort prayer, applie the feuerall threat- .word, nings,promifes and inftruf'cions,to your owne ell:ate:whenyouare comehome from hea- 3 ring,change all that yourememberinto a prayer,auddefueGod thatyoumay remember E3 ú