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andgodly obferuation.r. 43 that they(hallbelong without thepublikemeansofthealfemblie,and therefore fraudin neede of the graceofGod watchingouerthem. Wardpreached. r A (Anycometoprayer, andofcuffomereforttotheSacramencs ,whoeitherdoenot t at all heare the wordpreached ; or elfethey heareattheirlcifure ; or elfe they do z it but in ceremonie withoutvnderftanding; or ifthey doe vaderftand ic, they doenot 3 pra&ife it; or ifthey pra&ife it,it isdone coldly, and not inpower,and yet their ow.vne 4 pratifeinfoute things isfomewhatftrange. They will graunethat to cometo theSacra. r went requireth a more folemne preparation: and yet they dare boldly aduencure on preparation to prayer and on hearing oltiseword, without any preparation atall. But certainly as the thevvordand abufeofclie Sacrament bringeth judgement; fo the abufcofprayer and the wordwillpro- saerament,. cure it :foras theprayer offaith is a fweeteoblation to theLord ;fo the prayerof thevn- beleeaeris an abomination tothe Lord. We muff not onely bring the careof vnderftan- ding,bytwemuff alto bringehecareofremembrance,ándofpra&dé,and bewarethat the word by littleand little waxenot leffe precious vntovs, as honey to themouth that is fa- ofpreIl' ing tisfied. And thisis fure,when &howmuch the wordpreached doehpreuaile,fo muchour isholyoser- prayers & facrificesdo preuaile :looke howmuch theword preacheddothprofir,fo much doe weprofit inprayer,and in the Sacraments.Andwhenfoeuer our delightsin the word waxefaint,our prayerand allgood exercifèsarelike fhortly to decay. Prayer bringeth a feeling,and the Sacramentsa more confirmingofthat which weehaue inthe word. Wee mull beware therefore that webe nottoo quiet in finne, thaewepleafe notour feluesinagllóurpovver generall good,and ina perfwafion weehaue heard enough, but Rill let vs labour for the ínprayer rom- word : for Idare fay that all ourpower in prayercommeat from theword, even as thelife meth from the that is inatree is umtfible,andyet by the frottescomming out indue feafon is difcerned wired. ofall : and as the lifeofachine is a thing not feene, but bymouing, going and feelingis Simile. eafily perceiued ; fo thelife offaith isa thingvery fecree,andyet by theeffe&s of itat one time or other is difèernedofgood men.Theremayfeeme tobe workes,and yet not faith ; and theremay befaich,assdyet notworkes by and by following. Manymenthinkethe word now preachednot to be the right word, becaufe fewmenare brought to the obedienceof Godby fo long preachingof it. But weemultrather reafon the contrarie: thisis afore noteit is the true word,becaufeit is fomuch re- fufed,andmenare made theworfe by abufing the word : which asit would make them better, and doch make better all that obeyit; fo it makethworfe allthat doenot recciue it in loue, that they may be, FINIS. E4