Greenham - Houston-Packer Collection BX9315 .G82 1601

SEVEN GODLIE AND FRVITFVLL SERMONS, VPON SVNDRIE PORTIONS OF HOLIE SCRIPTVRE; WITH VERY PROFITABLE OBSERVATIONS AND MEDITATIONS on thefourth and fourteenth Chapters ofthe Prouerbs, ByC.ñ'ta;ÌlerRICHARD GRiÈNHAM. P Ro v E R 8. ro. 7. Thememorïallof theuo ifhallbeblefed; but thenameof the wicked'hall rot. V Rs. n. ThemouthoftherighteousisasaweI1 ringoffife. P s A L M.37. 3°. Themouth oftherighteous willJeakeofwifedome,andhás tonguewilltalke ofiudgement : forthelaiv ofhis Godisinhis heart, andhtsffépr fhallesotElide. e London_, ImprintedbyFELIx KYNGSTON, for ROBERT DE x r e Ii, and are tobe foldeathis Ihop inPaules Church- yard at the Pigne of the brafen Serpent. aóor.