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OfSeale. 67 ledgeof the wrathof God for finne invs,we are loth for loue- to fee our brothereither fe, vilely infeaed, and foperiloupyendangered, and yet not to goewithout our louingad- monition,both to draw himout ofhis finne,and to refcue him from the wrathof God due tohis finne. Further,.this attribute of true zealemakethvs as willingtobeadmonifhed, as carefullto admonifh : and that not onelyof ourfuperiours, which is an cartething,be- caufe it is a thing whereto ofneceffitie wee muff yeeld ; but alfoof our inferiourswhom we may feemeto conteinne. Forall men will graunt that a childought willingly tobead- monifhed of his father, or a feruantought obediently tobe reprehendedof his wafter:but fewwill inpraaifegiue this, that a father fhould liften to the aduertifement ofhis bonne, True eate or that the mailer fíhould receiue an admonition of his fèruant: Howbeit, lob faith, bee and humilitie durft not contemnethe udgementof his fèruant or of his maidewhen they did couteüd goeiogethcr with him, becaufein a dutie ofpietie helooketh to them nor asferuants, but as brethren; 1o1%3 r. he looked not tothe fpeaker onely, which in refpea of his calling was his inferiour,but vnto the things Ipokenin the ordinanceof God , vino whom1ob.hnnfelfe wasan inferi- our, andbefore whinlob knewthere was no refpea ofperform- 'Howbeit, to correé+ the prepofterous boldnes offome,weerather adde thismuch, that inferiours mutt rather ad - Hoc inferiours ratethanadmonifh- ;aduertife rather than reprehend their fuperiours,that fo thu they "d Pe''' f' mayoffer their pure zeale of theglorieof God in vnfainedhumilitie,leaffthr`bughtheir P' corrupt zeale theydoe not onlynot profit their fuperiours, but noft iuftly exafperàte themagainft them. ForasMagittrates, Minifers and wafters byGod his ordinance, are to admonifh,rebukeand reprehend : fo fubieas,inferiours and feruants,by the fame rule are to aduife,obey and aduertife. This zealegoeth from refpea dateperfon to thetruth ofthe caufe. Anotherpropertie of zeale is tobeconftant,nottóbe hot by fits, coldin the end,and only fo long as the worldfauoureth,it mutt tot be earneft inthe beginning and fecure in the ending, but keepe a continual'tenour and temperature. fobs wife feemed rò gbe farre fo longas file could wafh her paths with butter. Sauland Pharaohhad (mile good motionsby fits,and vpon fomeoceafioncould playfaft and loofe,beingofaftrange corn- plexion,hat they couldbehot and cold inamoment. Thispropertieofzcalereacheth vi rorelaye, iu howtobee affeeled,in theprofperitie and affiiaions of theChurch,namely,that the pub- thepu&iike like profperirieofSion Mouldcomfort vs,and caufe vs to reioyce when ourprivate croffes Prefper t:e of might makevs fad. AsPaul being imprifonedwas not fo grieued athis owne bonds; as he thechurch, reio cedattilehbertieoftheGof ellofChrift. A"aine that theaffiiaionoftheSaï ake Y p B r croffèsmake Mould mouevsto a godly griefe,euenwhen in refpeaof ourfelues weemight greatly re- vsfad. ioyce. AsDanielcouldnot finde comfort in his private profperitie,though hewere in great authoritie,and exempted from the commoncalamitie, becaufe lice-knew the Church of God tobe in miferie. Butto göeforward, purezeale is notblinded with natural! affeetion,but itdifcerneth andcondemned, finne, though it be neuer fo neerely refident in ourkindred. Manyof fend againftthis rule,who neuer will rebuke fin in theirfriends, cuan vntill Godraise* True vale Iles itfrom heauen,where they are farre from true friendfltip : for whereas they might byad- blade inre- tnonifliingthemoftheirfaults intiine,preuentthe iudgements of j God,they doethrough' proving finne afalfeloueand rndnifeff hatted politiseiudgements ofGod vpon 'them, whom they lone °kindred. aloft deerely. He loneth moftnaturally;that bath learnedto lonefpiritually ; andhec!o- uethmots fincerely that cannot abide finne inthe partieloued, without l'ornebolefome admonition. But doenot many nowadaiés zealouflymiflike ftnneiirhrangers,whowill notmifüke thefelfe-fame finneifit come to kindred,if it bein our wife,inour children,or in our parents,asthough thediuerfitie of fabieas could make the felfe-fame thing franc in fome,andnot inother fome. This blinde zealeGod bath puniflied, anddot's pnnìfh in his children. Ifaac did carnally loue hisfonne Efau, for locate and for a peeceofvcnil 'on. Daroldwas toomuch affeaed toAbfelomfor his beautie, and toAdoniab for his comely ftature,foas Isiszealewas Modredindifcerning (raisearight inthem. Now Jacob was not fodeeretozfaac,andSalomonwas more hardlyfettofchoole and to takepaines. But be- hold God fortingfaco¢,and refuting Efau,howfoeuer ifaacloued Efaubetter then-iacob 5 q. q made