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70 Thefourth Sermon. xvvo feciat byit.Thefir(tofthefe is, agoodname: the fecondis, louingfauour: bothwhich as theydoe finitesofver- roceedefiom vertueandgodlinefpe,fo theydoe maintame andencreafeoneanother.For tagvvhrch a-_ asa man findeth much fauourwith thofe that doe f eake and reportwell ofhan : forbore tterincrea(e p eneanotber. that will thew a man louingfauour,will,or atleaft oughtto fhew it in this, that theymay willingly affoordhim a good report. Now both thefeare preferred before greatriches, both thefe are accounted better than goldeand much fiber : and finely whofoeueris tru- lywife will make thisaccount of them, whofoeuer dochrightly' knowto difcerne what is .4 od name good, be will&rftand efpecially labourforthem : for a good naine doth commend vsto moreprecious Godand to hisholy Angels, inwhore eyes thofevertueswhereof a good nainecloth arife, thengo(de. are moftacceptable. But riches are not able todoethis, no the abundance of filuer and goldeis oftenan occafionoffinne,whereby weare molt out of thefauour ofGod. Againe, 'fah whereas richesefpeciallyifthey be euillgotten,doe taufe menmany times to hate vs, this mof(comfor- good name and louingfauour Both win theheartsof many, yea it cloth tometimes caufe tabkin all oureneinies to beatpeace with vs. Andthis euer bathbeen and suerwill bemoltcertaine ßaeeessdforts andtrue,whether welooke to profpperitieor aduerfitie, whether we looke to thecommon ofeen. callings of this ciuill life, or thecallings of the Church.Forfurls is the corruptionof mans .7rlagif(rates. nature,thatnaturallytheydoe not loue theMagiffrates,that Godhuhplaced over them: butwhen the Magiltrate bath gottena good report by thedue execution of iuftice, by his pitifull dealingwith the poore,andby his fatherlyfauour toall that begood,thenwill his fubieblslouthim,then will they embracehim, thenwill they willinglycommit theirmat- cers into hishands, and thenwill theywith faithfulland friendly heartscleave and flicks tavvyers. fallvntohim.Tobefhort,thatLawyerhathmoftclients ,thatPhifitionhathmokpatients, and thatMerchantmolt cultorners, whole vertuous and godlydealingshave gottenthem agood report. Preachers. In the callings ofthe Church this, aito is true: for if any preacher by the faithfulldif. chargeof his dutte, andby his godly life, bane once gotten the fauour and frendihip of men, how gladly will men heare. him,how quietlywillthey be ruled by him, in what fim- plicitiewill they makeknowne their griefesvntohim, and carefullwill they be ro procure Sehoo(ema- hisgood. TheSchooleinakeralfothatisatisthenameoflearningto teach, ofdifcretion to pers, rule, ofgodlineflètotrainevpó7sfchollersinthefeareofGodheneuerwantethfchollers, butthealoft and bellmenofall willfiockevnto ¡ism. Contrariwife,ifanyofchorebedif- credited through any euill name, iftheMagikrate be accouptedan opprelforor atyrant, the Lawyer bereported to deale deceitfully, ifthe Minilter be corrupted either in doc- trineor life, iftheSchooleinalter be onceknownetobe infufficient in learning,vnwife in gouernment, prophaneandofno religion ; then willall men beafraide to haue any dea- lingwith thesis. Thofethings are oftenfound true in peace andprofperitie : but in aduer- fitie, as inthe timeofwarre, inthe timeof fickneffe, and in the time ofwantand pouertie, they be found molttrue. Willnot all the poore comminaltíe inthe time of warre, feeke forceaide at that Magiflrate, who in the tine of peace did good vnto them? Nay rather willtheynot all with one confent cometogether, tohelpe anddefend them euen with all theirmight, and with lifeit felfe, feeing thathebathvfed allgood meanesto fane andde- Captains. fend their lines ?Contrariwife, how many Kings, how many Captaines, howmanyMa- giftrateshameuen in their greateft neede been left and forfákenoftheir fubieasand foul- diers, becaufe they hauetoo Iharplyand vnmercifally ruled diem? Andwhich is more then this, the fubiebts liaiseeuen procured the death oftheir princes, Thefouldiers haue eviolent hands vpon their captaines,; and the tenants banebeen the firft that haue foughtthe deathof theirlandlords, becaufe noRide, no compaf$on,nofriendfhip and lo- uingfauour bath been (hewedvnto thetas. Againe, if Magiftrate,insnifter, maker, or any othersman by executing the dutiesalone, harevvonne the hearts ofthe people,andgot- ten agood name amongChem; then in his fickenelfe they will pray for hün,theywill vifite him, theywill beare with himapart of hisggriefe. Againe, what canbe morecomfortable Pfalm40.5. to a manthen this is ? this will glad him at theheart, and this will turnhis bedin ail hisfick- Godwsilisi e, neffe.Inpouertiealfohe is funnel and molt holpen whichbath the belt name, and bath fit' obtained throughvertuemoltfauour with men. For good mendoe confider their owne cafe