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Thefourth Sermon. be defired,nay weeought ratherto pray againft fuch a name. Abd ifwee willpurchafe a good nameand beof goodrepore,t enlet vstake heedethat wefeekeitbygoodnetfeand TheJnf ftep to vertue,and then it will be a good name indeede. But let vs weighthelè things moreparti- agoodname, a cularly,and let vsknow that the fir&ftepto a goodname, is the carefull and continuati a- retigiouscare noydance of,euill,both outward and inward. In outwardandgroffe euils wee mull firft aga:nftopen bewareof all mill generally : which thing Styebe notcareful' todoe, thenwill ourgood outward name befooneim a red. "Second( weemuftnarrowl lookevntofomef cciallfinnes, fnnergreat p y li Y audfmall, whereunto our nature is more inclinable and fubie&: for asone dead flyecorruptetha Sonde. wholeboxeofoyntment,thoughitbemoft precious; fofome one finne doth often cracke Ecclefro.t. thecredit ofa man,though otherwilehe Isaacbeen very well reported of:Andif it behoo- uetheuery man thus neerely tolooke tohis wayes,thcn muchmore isit needful' that cue- tiechilde of God fhould fo doe. For the world, through the hatred it beareth to them, dealethwitis them as itdealethwith witches and Phifitions. The witchthough (be faile in simile. twentiethings,yetif fhe doefomeone thingaright, though it bebut fmall, the world lo- o<pte. ueth and commendethher fora goodandwife woman. Butthe Phifition,ifhe worke fixe hundrech cures,yet ifthrough thewaiwardnes ofhis patient,orfor thepunifhment ofhis patients finne hee faitebut in one, thatone fade dotsmore turne to his difcredie, then his manifold goodlyand notablecures doe get lampraife. In this manner doththe world deale with men, ifa worldly man saute but an outward gift of ftrength, of fpeeçh, or of comelines,ise (hallbegreatly praifedand counted a goodly man,thoughbee be an Idola- ter,or aprophane perfon,and thoughhefwimmeand flow ouerin allmanner ofvices.Bue letthe childeofGodbe truly zealous in true religion,lec.him be honeft and holy in con- The ?sdgement uerlation,yet iftherebe but oneinfirmitie in him,or if lice hauethroughweakens fallen ofthevveeld onceinto fomeone finne, that one infinnitie agamit which he ftriueth,or that one time ofthegodty. for which hee isgrieued,(hall drowneall thegraces of God inhimbethey neuerfo great, and the worldwill account him amolt wickedman. Seeing then thisistheemnitieofthe world agaiuft Gods people,how warilyought they towalke in focrooked and froward a generation? And hereof they mutt be fomuch the more carefull,becaufethe wickedby fuch flipsand infirmities,will notonly take occafion todifcredit them,buteuen to fpeake ofall their profe(Pion, yea and to blafphesne the gloriousword ofGod andhis eternal' truth. Then ifwee be careful' ofour ownegood naine, nayifweehaueany zealeofGods glorie,ifwehaueany carc of theword, ifweehaue any loue ofthe Saintsithen let vs care- fully (txunue all and euery infirmitie, wherebyGods name is difhonored, his glorious Gotpell blafphetned,his children grìeued,and we our felues difcreditedamongff the wic- ked. And thus muchfor the openand outwardfinne. Asopenfinne committed in the fight and view ofmen bathalwaies thepunifhincnt of Areligions an mill name ioyned with it : foalfoferret finnes which are hidden as it were in the darke care again ? cornersof our hearts,do bring vs out of fauour&credit withGod: andwhen we beonce lesser fmnes. out ofcredit with him,then doth lie make our ftnnesfurther knowne vntomen. For no- thin is fo bidden that (hall not bebrought tolight, andnothing fo fecret that Thal' not deoutofcod. g dieronhGod. be dtfconered in the fight ofthe world. And that we may the betterbe perfwadedofthis, let vsall know ofa furetie,thatthe Lord.hath manymeanestobring lath things to light: for hecauinake the fields to haveeyes to fee ourwsckedneflè, bee can make thewoods to bauecares coBeareourvngodty counfailes: yea bee cancaufe thewanesofour bedcham- bers tobeare witneffe againft vs for the finnes committedvpon our beds. If tinswill not ferue,he can gofurther,and caufe ourfriends tofall out withvs,and the menofour coun- failes to bewrayourwickednes.And though liehats notany fuch purpofe when wemake him priuie to our naughtic deuices,yet indifpleafure the Lordclods taufe himall atonce to lay open allourferrets. Yea rather thenthou fhouldeftbeare no reproch for thy fecret secretfatter faults,theLord willcaufe thineowne mouthto teftifieagain('thee, and thineowne words many%ayes (hall gettheedifcredit : foreither vnawares thou fhalt bewray thy felfe, or in thy tleepe resealed, roben by dreamesthou fhalt makethe thingknowne,or in thy fickneffe thou fhalt raueof it, or dvvitl in fome hrenfle thoufhalt vomiteit out, or elfe thetorment of thme own confciencc a,ff/títvr. (hall befo cuco tothine ownsfhatne thouflak confe(fethy fault. La(t ofall, when