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r oo Mr. N E A LAS Ii Vol. of the And this follows in his Diary, p. 44. (omitted by Mr. Neal.) ' But God be ever bleffed for it, found nothing againfl me.' Ned!, p. 188. One of the Bifhop's firft Attempts, after his Tranfation to London, was to flifle the Predeftinarian Controverfy; for which he procured the Thirty-Nine Articles to be reprinted, with the following Declaration at the head of them. Bibl. Reg. Se&. 3. N°. IV. How fairly he has tranfcribed it ; the Omiífions and Alterations inferted in Brackets, from the Book he refers to, will 'how. _= By the King ; " Being by God's Ordinance andour [according to our] jug Title, Defender ofthe Faith, &c. within t e [our] Dominions, we hold it [molt] agree- '= a to our Kingly Office, [and our own religious Zeal, to conferve and maintain the Church com- _= mitted to our Charge, in the Unity of the true Religion, and in the Bond of Peace. Bib. Reg.] " for the Prefervation of Unity and Peace, not to _= fuller any unneceffary Dfputations, [Altercations or Queftions to be raifed] in the Church or Com- _= monwealth : We [have] therefore [upon mature Deliberation] with the Advice of our Bops de- _= clare, [with the Advice of fo many of our Bi- ' 'hops as might conveniently be câll'c.i together, thought fit to make this Declaration following :] _= That the Articles of the Church ofEngland, which " the [have been allow'd and authoriz'd hereto- _' fore, and which our] Clergy generally have fub- _= fcribed [ unto ] do contain the two Do Trine _= of the Church of England, agreeable to God's " Word, which we therefore ratify and confirm ; re- _= quiring all our loving Subjects to continue in the uni- " form Profeffion thereof, and prohibiting the leafl _= differencefrom the fail Articles. [ Which to that end