Grey - BX9329 G7 1736

138 Mr. NEAL'SWVOL of the tion, it is a very old one, being praais'd by 7a- cob, Mofes, and Hezekiah, &c. And were this Kingdom fuch, as would allow no Table fl-and- ' ing in its proper place ; yet would I vvorfhip God when I came into his Houfe.' And after- wards, he calls it, ' doing Reverence to Almighty God, but towards his Altar ; and Idolatry it is not, to worfl)ip God towards his Holy Table.' * ' After all (fays Collier) the Archbifhop was not fingular in placing the Communion -Ta- ble, and worfhipping towards the Altar: For Davenant of Salisbury, and Morton of Durham, two Bifnops altogetherunfufpeEled of any Biafs to- wards Popery, were of the fame Sentiment. For the purpofe, there happening a Difpute between the Parson and Churchwardens in Wiltfhire, a- bout placing the Communion-Table ; the Bufi- nefs was referr'd to Bifhop Davenant, who deter- ' min'd in favour of the Incumbent ; and by a Decree under his Epifcopal Seal, order'd the Table fhould Rand in the place of the Altar. In this Decree, are two remarkable Pairages : Fir/l, That by the Injunc'lions ofQueen Elizabeth, and G by the 32d Canon under King lames, the Corn- munion-Tables Ihould ordinarily be fet, and iland , with the Side to the Ea/l Wall of the Chancel. And Secondly, That it is Ignorance to think, that the Handing of the Table in that place, does re- lifh of Popery. Further, for Adoration towards the Table, Bifhop Morton's Teflimony is a fufficient Purga- tion. This Prelate in a `Ìra7 againft the Sacrifice of the Mafr, founded upon the Belief of Tran- fbbfiantiation, has thefe Words : The like dif- ference (fays he) may be difcerned between their Manner of Reverence, in their bowing towards e Collier, p. 76z'. Arc.Sbiftcp's Speech, °f{.ne, t6. ¡637- ' the