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4 2 Mr. N E A is IId VOL b, fthe Rythme, and Tune? and whether a Voluntary be not as neceffary in 2'une and Words, as well as Mat- ' ter ? and, Secondly, Whether Metre, Rythme and. Tune be not quenching the Spirit ?' According to which Refolution of the new Se- paration, every Man, when the Congregation . fhall be met together, may firft conceive his own Matter in the AEt ofPraifing ; deliver it in Profe, or Metre, as he lifts himfelf; and in the fame In- ' ftant chaunt out in what Tune foever, that which. comes first into his own Head: which would be s:uclia horrible Confufion of Tongues and Voices, that hardly any howling or gnafhing of Teeth can be like unto it. Finally, as toForms ofGovern- ' ment, they declared thus, (or to this purpofe, at the leaft, if my Memory fail not) That as they ' which live under the Tyranny of the Pope, and Cardinals, worfhip the very Beaft itfelf ; and they which live under the Government of Archbifhops and Bifhops, do worfhip the Image of the Beaft; ' fo they which willingly obey the Reformed Pref hytery of Paftors, Elders, and Deacons, warship, ' the Shadow of that Image. To fuch ridiculous Follies are Men commonly brought, when once ' pefuming on foam new Light to dire& their AEtions, they fuller themfelves to be mifguided by the Ignis Fatuus of their own Inventions. And in this Posture flood the Brethren ofthe Separation, iinno i 6o6, when Smith firft published his Book' of the prefent Differences between the Churches of the Separation, as he honeftly calls them. But '` afterwards, there grew another great Difpute be- ' tween Ainfworth and Broughton, whether the Co- lour of Aaron's Linnen Ephod were of Blue, or a Sea-Water Green: which did not only trouble all the Dyers in Amfterdam, but drew their feveral Followers intoSides and Fa&ions, and madegood, Sport to all the World, but themfelves alone. By,