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56 Mr. N E A L 's IId Vol. ofthe Neal, Ibid. But the Parliament, not terrified with this high Language, went on fleadily in alerting their Rights ; and May 24. Twenty of the Lower-Houle relented a Remonfirance, &c. * Rapin's Words : ' The Commons evidently 4 perceiving what-the King had in his Thoughts; refolv'd ífrenuoufly to oppofe his Defigns, but 4 however it was no proper Seaton now to begin ; fuch great Bodies require forne time to form and execute their ProjeEs. They made therefore, as if they took no Notice of thefe Maxims the King would have eftabliíh'd, and granted a Subfidy, tho' much fmaller than he expeEfed ; this done, the Parliament having fat till the Month of yuly,. was prorogued to the 16th of Oelober.' Neal, p. go. To obtain a Spii+itual Charm ter, ftt- perior to the Order of Presbyters, it was necefary that the Bifhops eleEiJhould be confecratedby fogne ofthefame Order : For this purpofe, the King feat for three of them into England, (viz. Mr. Spotfwood, Archbi- fhop of Glasgow ; Mr. Lamb,Bifhop of Brechen ; and Mr. Hamilton, Bifhop of Galloway ;) and ¶iced ä Comm. ion under the Great Seal, to the Bi/h_ops of London, Ely, Bath and Wells, and Rocheífer, requiring them to proceed to the Confecration Of the a- bovemention'd Bj/hops, according to the En lith Or- dinal. They were confecrated (fxys Collier, p. 702, ' from Archbifhop Abbot's, Regifter, p. 4x4.) by ' George Bishop of London, Lancelot Bishop of Ely, Richard Bishop of Rochefler, and Henry Bifhop of T orcefler.' Neal, Ibid. [from Collier, p. 702.] Andrews B,i- Jhop of Ely was of opinion, that before their Conte oration, they ought to be made Priefls, becaufe they had not beenordain'd by a Bifhop. his the Scots Divides rvistin. p. 3 ^ -3 were